Monday, August 25, 2014

Constellation flags of Lacerta the Lizard and Chamaeleon the Shapeshifter

Lacerta & Chamaeleon
The Normal Lizard and The Strange Lizard

Only two reptiles were able to gain official IAU recognition as one of the Elite 88 Official Constellations

Funny thing is that every constellation has a harmonious partner.  Like something of Noah's Ark, we have two crowns, two triangles, two lions, two bears, two snakes, two centaurs, and two lizards.  However the lizards are different species.  Nonetheless a plain lizard matches effectively with the hardly shape shifting chameleon of Madagascar.

The chameleon is not really Earth's best 'chameleon;'  rather the octopus is the best of the best Earthly Chameleons, that happens to live in water.  Unfortunately the octopus's ability to change colours and its shape has not enchanted any storytellers.  Maybe because their ability is so good, consequently it has been undetected to mainstream consciousness?  Instead its eight arms is what gets artists and storytellers buzzing.  

Both types of lizards are rooted to the Southern Galactic Team, but Lacerta the Lizard crosses into the Milky Way in the Northern Skies. The colours of Lacerta's Flag includes blue, green and yellow. 
Chamaeleon the Shapeshifter crosses in the lowest of low in the southern 80s so its celestial longitudinal band is navy blue, since it has black in the field.  The Astrological Icon coincidentally has a 'shape shifting ability' as it can be read two ways: either as the body of this lizard looking towards the hoist with its tail curled under, or as an open mouth with its long tongue stretched in curl.   

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