Sunday, August 24, 2014

Constellation flag of Ara the Altar and the Crux the Southern Cross

Ara & Crux
The Altar and Southern Cross

Ara the Altar and Crux the Southern Cross are gateways to the spiritual dimension.  The cross was originally a method of execution, likewise ancient man often used the altar to execute animals and sometimes people for the Gods and God.  In this post, here they are bound together as the spiritual holy totems of the night's sky.  But to most astronomers they are simply a region in the sky.  Coincidentally they both have regions in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Crux the Southern Cross resides totally in the Milky Way, thus is non-partisan.  Ara is just slightly tilted towards the Southern Galactic Side, but mostly resides in the Middle Way Milky Way Galaxy Path.

 The Southern Cross is visible best during the month of April, coincidentally near Easter. 

The Altar is best viewed during the months of June and July in the Southern Skies.

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