Sunday, August 24, 2014

Antila the Air Pump and Fornax the Furnace

Antila & Fornax
The Air Pump and The Furnace

The thinkers of the Rennaisance allowed mankind to develop new mastery over fire and air.  More than just sauvy manipulation, humans develloped a sharper mathematical understanding upon the elements beyond the poetic and spirit realm.  Rather the logical center of mind became witness to the birth of modern science which unleashed powerful tools of creation and weapons of mass destruction. Science would also hijack and occult the ancient and romantic notion of the "Elements" for its own mysterious perogatives.

Here the Furnace and Air Pump are matched as they represent a potent mastery over the elemental forces of Fire and Air.  Their flags are on similar celestial latitudes, but the Air Pump just nibbles in the 50s.

 Notice the hidden letter A in the symbol for Antila the Air Pump? 
 Can you find the hidden F in the symbol for the Furance?  Luckily both the Greek and English word begin with the letter F. 

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