Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Royal Chess Suit, an Expansion on a Deck of Cards - THE ROOK, THE KNIGHT, and BISHOP

An expansion pack on a deck of cards based upon the game of chess: The Rook, The Knight, and The Bishop.

The Rook is represented by the letter I, likewise the Rook moves in straight lines like the capital letter I.  The Rook looks like the castle tower that starts in one of four corners of a chess game.  In the expanded Chess Deck, the Rook ranks above the Jack yet below the Knight.

You can see the first ever made Rook of Spades here.  Subsequently there is also a Rook of Hearts, Rook of Diamonds, and Rook of Clubs.  Adding these cards should make game play more interesting.

Rook originally meant a chariot, so the Rook represents a Charioteer holding the harnesses of the horses of his chariot. Likewise the attack of the chariot is certainly a powerful forward punch, as in chess and as it was in real life.

The Rook always has his helmet open and never holds a weapon, only the harness for the horses.  

The Knight Card is represented by the letter G.  The Knight Ranks above the Rook yet below the Bishop. 

The knight's face guard is always closed and can hold any number of weapons.  Typically the Knight of Diamonds holds a battle axe, the Knight of Clubs holds a Ball and Chain Mace, and the Knight of Hearts holds a spear tipped flag. 

The Bishop is represented by the letter Z.  Here we have the Bishop of Spades.  The Bishop ranks above the Knight but below the Queen and King.

Thus we also have a Bishop of Hearts, Bishop of Clubs, and Bishop of Diamonds. 

Finally there is one more card to add in a Chess Deck, the lowly Pawn, which you can see here.

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