Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fun Lutetium Flag - Element 71 Lutetia-Paris Elemental

Since Lutetium is the Maiden Name of Paris, we have the fun Paris-Lutetia Flag for Element 71.  Why they didn't just call it Paris-ium is a mystery.  Lutetium gets its namesake from Paris's old name - Lutetia.

The flag of Paris is a blue and red, minus the white.  A modified coat of arms based upon the city coat of arms of Paris is used.  Instead of a sailing ship we have the symbol for Alchemy.  This symbol is the basis of the Philosopher's Stone, which was recently popularized by the Harry Potter books.  It deals with the old mathematical impossibility of squaring a circle.

Also, instead of a yellow fluer-de-lis we have yellow atoms.  Likewise the medals have been replaced with the Three Primes of Alchemy according to Paracelsus.  On the left blue side is a symbol for sulfur, which represents the soul.  On the right red side is the symbol of mercury, which represents the spirit.  And in the middle is the symbol for salt, which represents the basis of matter and the body.  Definitely weird stuff here.

Enjoy the video below!

Morse Code Flag for the Letter L - Lima . _ . .

The Morse Code Flag for the letter L has an orange background.  Reason being, L is the 12 letter in the alphabet, and the background is based upon the one digit value of a letter.  The tens digit place value is ignored.  As orange is the second colour of the spectrum, we have an orange flag with black as the contrast indicator.  Since star are coded to DOTS and stripes are coded to DASHES, this is the subsequent pattern revealed.  It coincidentally looks like a leopard pattern, so you can think L for the Leopard from Lima. 

Morse Code Flag for the Letter K - Kilo _ . _

The Morse Code Flag for the letter K is vexillologically natural, looking more like the flag of a nation-state.  But the stars and stripes of Morse Code Flags are coded to DOTS and DASHES.  Since these flags are read downwards, it spells out K in Morse Code.  Additionally K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, this makes the background red since the background colour is based upon the ones value of the letter. 

Morse Code Flag for the Letter J - Juliette

Morse Code Flags have stripes and stars that reflect the DOTS and DASHES of Morse Code.  Consequently the one star and three stripes for the letter J flag reference the one DOT and three DASHES of J in Morse Code.

Morse Code Flag for the Letter I - India . .

The Morse Code Flag is pink with two blue stars.  The two blue stars represent the DOTS in Morse Code.  Since this letter does not have any DASHES there are no stripes.  Also pink is coded to the number 9, so the background is pink. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Morse Code Flag for the Letter H - Hotel: . . . .

The Morse Code flag for the Letter H has four stars.  In this case, stars represent dots.  Likewise there are no dashes, subsequently there are no stripes.

Morse Code Flag for the Letter G - Golf: _ _ .

The letter is in Morse Code is a DASH, DASH, DOT.  This translates to a STRIPE, STRIPE, STAR.  Since violet is the 7th colour of the spectrum and G is the 7th letter of the Alphabet we have a violet, or purple, flag.