Sunday, October 23, 2016

Island of Stability Flag Ship Cartoon

The island of stability was made popular by one of America's finest scientists, Glenn Seaborg, who got an element named after himself: Seaborgium, element 106. Glenn was also a crew member on the USS Scientific D. Rsc. team that discovered 10 new atoms on the periodic table. 

The cartoon above that shows the Ion Ships attempting to land on the "Island of Stability" are shown.  The mast flags give away the elements that are shown.  A Calcium-Ca Ion ship is closest to reaching the predicted island, likewise a Zinc-Zn ship is in second place.

The periodic table of atoms, or rather periodic table of elements, has reached a full definition and shape for every element has recieved an official name.

Cartoon Image Credit: Island of Stability:

Monday, October 3, 2016

Car Door Greek Flag from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2002

In 2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding made a comforting splash in America.  As with any ethnic group in the USA, many Greeks love to display their flag.  The design is fatefully similar to the US flag, having a canton on a field of stripes.  But the field of stripes are blue and white.  In the canton is a white cross. You can also see the US flag hanging properly near the front porch.

The heroine, Nia Vardalos, of the movie comes out of her shell and exposes some of the insecurities of growing up Greek in America.  America has base root love affair with Greece via the study of classics and college social societies.  And every classroom in America dedicates it's classroom time to the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Irish, English, Scottish, Germans, French, Sub-Sahran Africans, and Native American civilizations hardly get a fraction of classroom time as compared to the Greeks.  Nonetheless Greek civilization is way cool, and remember to eat more Gyros.  

Note Gyros are properly pronounced with a hard G as in Greek!  "Ghee-Row"  not "Jai-Row!"  Although "Jai-Row" rolls off the tongue easier.  Most Greeks don't seem to care, it's the non-Greek armchair experts who make an issue of Gyros, who probably don't even know the Greek, or Jreek, Alphabet.

Greece is at the cultural nexus of the Old Word mixed up with elements of Asian, African, and European culture.  Interestingly Greece has a small part of her national territory East of Asia and South of Africa.  Thus Greece is only European Nation that can see all sides of the Old World Rubric.  Greece can look Westward at the East, Eastward to Europe, South at Africa, and North to Africa. 

Like many Asian nations, the Greeks have their own private alphabet.  For example the hallmark of an Asian family group is to maintain a unique alphabet: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Khmer, Sanskrit, Bengali, Nepalese, Mongolian, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Burmese, and Hebrew.  European nations have borrowed the Latin Alphabet or Cyrillic Alphabet.  There is no original English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, or Scottish alphabet.  Imagine going to colleges in America and finding fraterneties and sororities with three letter Hangul, Katakana, Arabic, Hebrew, or Sanskrit letters?

In any case My Big Fat Greek-Uruguay Wedding 3- Greeks Down Under in America would be a classic culture clash fun filled original movie. Since Uriguay's flag is the Fraternal Twin of Greece: both flags have 9 horizontal stripes of counter point colours of blue and white; and cross points in the canton.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

CBFA: Fall Meeting 2016

Yesterday the Chesapeake Bay Flag Association met at Sparrows Point, Maryland. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thin Blue Line Fallen Officer Flag & More

The most popular flag for fallen officers is the Thin Blue Line flag.  The stripe that underscores the canton is colored blue in honor of police officers.

The Thin Red Line flag honors fallen firemen who died in the line of duty.

The Thin Green flag honors fallen military persons who died protecting our freedoms here and abroad.

The Thin Orange Line flag is for fallen personnel in the rescue, life guarding, and coast guard duties who have fallen in the line of duty.  

The Thin Yellow Line flag is for fallen road, construction crew, and persons who gave their lives in service to transportation services in the line of duty, which includes school bus drivers.  

The Thin Violet Line flag is a memorial flag for persons who died or suffered great injury while in political office from the local to federal levels, due to political violence.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flag for Earth's Second Moon - 2016 HO3

2016 HO3, or rather Ho Ho Ho 2016, is a new moon.  Not a new-black, nor a new-empty, nor a new-non reflective moon; but rather a newly discovered moon!  A natural object placed in the heavens that is in orbit around Earth.  We humans became aware of this moon during the year of the Monkey and month of Taurus.  We could call it Monkey-Bull or just Monkey-Boo HO Cubed, or Mo-Bo Ho Ho Ho.  Note that it is the letter 'oh' and not a zero.  I know, so confusing that o,0,O can so easily get mixed up, especially when you write em'.

Note this moon will be in orbit around our humble abode for the next few centuries.  Interestingly, there is no lower size limit on moons.  A rock the size of your hand, could be a moon.  Perhaps the moon of an asteroid?  Yet there are size limits on planets.  Thus you'll never hear astronomers speak of a Dwarf Moon, or failed moon.  Sorry only planets and stars can fail.  Moons are special because they come in any size.  Unless... they get really big and become stars.  Thus the biggest moons are Brown Dwarfs, which are failed stars.

The colours of the flag and astrological associations are black, yellow, and blue.  Coincidentally the Astrological symbol for 2016 HO3 is in the canton area.  It is a fusion of symbols form the Western-Symbol for Year of the Monkey and the sign of Taurus.

Earth's neighborhood just got a little bigger this year. It used to be just the two of us: the Earth and the Moon.  But Earth also has a Trojan Moon and now an outer Moonlet.  How wonderful!

So here is the revelation, it not only orbits the Earth but also our Moon.  Thus our Moon also has a satellite, or rather 2016 HO3 is a moon of a moon!  Sort of, it does not directly orbit the moon but in follows an orbit around our Earth-Moon system.  Thus it does qualify as a type of a moon of our Moon, believe it or perhaps not!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The American Ethnic Flag, The Un-Hyphenated American Flag: Americans First Flag

Americans come in a variety of ethnic backgrounds and many people like to identify their American heritage as being of another nationality first, popular examples being Irish-American, German-American, Asian-American, or African-American.  This leaves the door open for just plain Un-Hyphenated Americans.

Un-Hyphenated Americans cherish their ethnic/religious backgrounds but primarily identify as Americans first, and yet they can enjoy their histoical heritage with pride and parades.   Since many American-hyphenated groups have flags, it makes sense to give Un-Hyphenated Americans a flag as well.

The official American flag should suffice, but the American Ethnic Flag distinguishes paramount identity to being American rather than some other nationality or a hyphenated-American.

The canton is a reflection of the legendary Betsy Ross Flag, the field of red indicates this person is a wholly red blooded American first.  Additionally the red field is an honor point to Native Americans, whose traditions, religions, and cultures are acknowledged and respected with this flag.

Persons of this American-first identity put America first in business, culture, politics, values, and of course rooting for the USA above all other nations even if they are at odds for the other team who just happens to be of their particular heritage. The white lower square under the blue canton brings balance to the traditional American colors, and represents the power of Providence or synchronicity.

This is not a flag for white-Americans, black-Americans, yellow-Americans, brown-Americans, peach-Americans, tan-Americans, or any other type of American...but for All Americans who identify as Americans first.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh My Dayum - Five Guys Logo in Augmented Video 2012

The Five Guys burger logo is visible on the cup that is being sipped.  This man, Daym Drops, has truly found a Cheeseburger in Paradise in the year 2012.  Although he was just making a simple Youtube simple critic video about a tasty burger joint, it turned into wonderful hit song on the Internet.