Monday, July 28, 2014

Dartmouth Pennant in Superbad - 2007

In 2007 the next gen of high school movies crossed a new wall on the frontier of the lovable looser.  More chuckle busting than the brat pack, more sentimental that fast times, and finally more nutritious than stale American pie.  It showed us a new generation gap and level of thinking.  Superbad made fun at the weakness of high school immaturity and put a hero's halo on kids who were not popular ace-holes in school.   

Of vexillological interest is the school pennant of a prestigious school in New Hampshire, Dartmouth.  It can be seen hanging in Evan's room.  You can even see a pirate flag on this bulletin board.

This movie was made just before the outbreak of Facebook's domination on social studies.  Superbad was the last of its kind in the Era of American High School  before advent of social media dominance.

Link's orginal Coat of Arms from "The Legend of Zelda" and armorial banner - 1986

 The ultimate adventure game was established in 1986 with the legend of Zelda.  Who knew the popularity would carry on to now?  Adults and naysayers said video games were a fad, look at them now.

The heraldic banner is essentially a flag taken from the shield of a particular knight or person of nobility.  In this game Links original shield did not consist of the Triforce, rather a lighter brown cross on darker brown background was the original design.

Here is the appropriate banner for the shield of arms.  During game play, Link starts off with a smaller shield but he can get a bigger one, and the colours are the same.

Eventually Link can get a magical shield which has the same design but the cross is a slightly lighter brown, and almost white.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Yin and Yang in the film Serendipity 2001: a book and 5 dollars

Some call it Fate some call it Destiny.  You can even call it Luck, Providence, Synchronicity, Fortune, the Force, the Dao or Tao even Murphy's Law.  Certainly there is an immeasurable force in the Universe that binds people, places and things to each other, and plays with the outcome of events.

Know it is good that this force is immeasurable, otherwise science would have turned it into a weapon or toy, and marketing executives would be shoving it into your face to turn a quick profit. 

In the fall of 2001 the film Serendipity became the modern day calling card of this magical uncontainable phenomenon without being too flaky or too serious.  It was in that lustful Goldilocks position, palatable to all types of audiences.


   In the film Sarah attempts to test Fate when she makes Jonathan write his telephone number on a five dollar bill.  She then uses it to purchase Certs breath mints and argues that the five dollar bill with his number on it will come back to her if their love is meant to be. 

Jonathan finds this situation perplexing and bizarre, but he is able to argue back that she should write her number down on something to balance the equation.  Sarah decides to write her name and number in a book entitled Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Carcia Marquez. She will later sell it to a used book store somewhere in NYC. If it so happens to fall in Jonathan's hands, then will she allow their love to blossom.  


Several years pass and they are about to get married to other persons.  But then Fate steps in, and our adventure begins.

Tassels from Mystic Surrender in Serendipity 2001

John Corbett stars as Lars Hammond who is a cosmic new age Kenny G playing the Shehnai, and he is set to go on a world tour in Scandinavia. 

Serendipity sublimely goes where very few films can go, and go successfully, whereby it has a film within a film that helps in the revelation of the storyline.  The film within a film is like the moon of a moon, it is very rare thing and hard to pull off.

In this music video within this movie Lars uses music to soothe the proverbial savage beast.  In this case his enchanting music supposedly placates the warrior bound Vikings.  Of vexillological value are the tassels upon his instrument.  Although the trumpet is the ultimate carrier of the flag, the Shehnai is a choice item of the tassel. 

And on a langrian level, whilst the actors in the main story watch the video of Mystical Enchantment, we almost go down another layer when the makers of the video references Star Wars since one of the actors in the music video looks like Alec Guiness/Obi Wan of Star Wars

Not quite the third level down.  But I have yet to find a movie that has a movie within a movie within a movie that effectively moves the storyline, without being a novelty or art house.  The Simpsons and several cartoons have accomplished this feat, but not while having all three stories play simultaneously and never a major motion picture.  

But if you are a director they best way to do this is to have a stage play within a movie whereby they actors in the play within the film are watching a television show.  But the inner, inner tv show or movie must be original and an effective or essential device to the story.   Somebody call Christopher Nolan.

But back to the Serendipity, Lars feels that the video is counter intutive to the song's intention, but he lets his director have his way.  Ironically it ends up producing a backlash in Sweden and Norway, and they must cancel several shows.

The Shehnai with Tassels from Serendipity 2001

 John Corbett stars in Serendipity as a musical East meets West musician playing the Shehnai, which is like an India Clarinet, or rather the Clarinet is a European Shehnai? 

Of vexillological value are the tassels that hang from his musical instrument.  Tassels can be found on the official fully decorated and fringed flag of most nations and states.  Here tassels add an artistic grace to a musical instrument.

Jon Corbett plays as Lars as an absurd over the top New Age musician.  Serendipity effectively makes fun of New Age Mysticism while also being serious and paradoxically light hearted about it.  Serendipity is serious business for some folks, yet this film pokes fun at it while gracefully weaving an enchanting story.

John is a superstar on all things considered with serendipity, but he effectively plays third chair in the star studded movie worthy of a best supporting secondary man of the best woman.

Other Flags that Accidentally Appear in Serendipity 2001

A few random flags appear in the film Serendipity 2001.  Along the NYC street side we can see the flag of Switzerland.  Coincidentally the master of Synchronicity who invented the concept was from Switzerland - Dr. Carl Jung.
The flag of England appears in this movie.  Note that the flag of England is different from the flag of the United Kingdom.  Some people overlook that England is only a sub-national component of the UK which also includes Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

The flag of Germany just slips into the movie upon the back end of an airplane.

This first clip illustrates the phenomenon of Synchronicity in crystal clear film. 

Flags of the Background of the Best Buds in Serendipity 2001

 Molly Shannon and Jeremey Piven star as exceptional best friends to two star bound lovers in the film Serendipity 2001.

Molly stars as Eve.  Eve is a New Age charlatan from San Francisco who has given up on Destiny, in order to make profit.  Molly sees her customers as helpless chumps to obtain profit.  However her best friend Sarah has tricked her on a voyage to NYC to follow a groovy follow the signs adventure.  Eventually Eve comes back to her groovy sense of center and becomes an advocate of the mysterious path of synchronicity.   

Jeremy is the lead's wing-man, Dean, who accompanies Jonathan across the nation to see the mission through.  In the beginning Dean feels nothing and is simply a sounding board of reason, but then the challenge stirs his spirit and he becomes a changed man willing to push his comfort zone and follow Jeremy on his illogical adventure.  And resolves to chasing his own heart's Destiny.

Flags appear as background props, that just happen to fall into camera shot.  Eve's flags are hanging from various store fronts and are intended to inform the public on a sale or the on goings of the storefront.  Behind Jeremy are national banners.  The flag of Switzerland, France and two others can be seen gently flapping in the background.  

Molly and Jeremy give gracefully amazing performances worthy of an Oscar.