Monday, September 15, 2014

Space Lego Logo

After over 30 years, they put My Lego Set in the Movie!  Aweeesssooome!!!!!!!!

Of vexillological note, the insignia of Space Lego Land featured a golden disc thought to be a planet withe red rocket ship breaking orbit. 

The Mystical Lollipop Vexilloid of the Master Builder Virtruvius

The wisest Master Builder from Lego Land - Virtruvius - throughout the movie holds a sacred totem in his hand from another dimension.  This mysterious object is a half eaten green lollipop from the realm of humans.

Little be it known, lollipops are magical talismans that capture the sweetness of sunshine and have the ability to transport the observer to happy land.  Usually children are best suited and emotionally prepared for this endeavor.  Unfortunately most adults however have forgotten how to access the lollipop bridge to happy land, likewise the creative joy of play creation is often forgotten by grownups as well.  Too bad, since humans in their adult stage prefer the cold and painful embrace of the Micromanagers. 


Flags in Lego Movie - 2014

 Several 'Lego Flags' appear in the Lego Movie 2014.  The first flag appears in the opening shot of the Lego City.  The flag looks like a horizontal tribar of sky blue, white, and sky blue.

Here in the surreal no-rules land of imagination - Cloud Cuckoo Land - you can see a flag off in the distance.
The Pirate Lego-Cyborg also has pennant Lego Flags on his back, wearing in similar style to old Feudal Japanese Samurai.  One flag is black and the other is gold.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flags at Sea - An Infographic by John Tissott


 This elegant and fascinating infographic was created by John Tissott of the East Freemantle Yacht Club in Perth Australia.  Please feel free to visit their website here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flag of Choam Company from the Moive Dune - 1984

The flag of the Choam Company the controls the mining of spice on the planet Arrakis features a golden background with central black disk slightly off center towards to hoist with red disc within the flag.

Choam Spice Mining Company Flag from Dune 1984

Here is the digitized version of the company responsible for mining spice on the planet Arrakis.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Analemma Flag

The Analemma Flag is composed of the colours blue, orange, yellow, and black.  The flag represents the sun crossing its path in sky.  The sun travels across the sky in a unique pattern and will only ever cross its path one day during the year.  It happens from about August 29th to September 1st every year.

You can often find an analemma on most globes, plastered somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It is one of those geographic facts that is hard to explain and often overlooked.

It is appropriate to fly the analemma flag during the last week of August until September 1, when the sun decides to cross its path.  Also note the point on Earth when the sun crosses its path and is directly overhead is at the 9th degree latitude north. Consequently it can be flown all year round by any nation that lies on the 9 degrees north - "Solar Crisscross Line."  It can also be flown on ships when they cross this special line of latitude.