Friday, June 24, 2016


New Flag after the Brexit - Europia Colonial Flag

It's official the UK has declared its Independence! 

Who would have thought the USA would witness a "UK Declaration of Independence!?"

Were so used to the American-USA 1776 Declaration of Independence.  Now we have the 2016 UK Declaration of Independence.

So is Europe now a British Colony?  Can we call it Europia or: Euroland, Euorlandia, Eurostein, Euromania, Euormania, Euroberg, Euroweden, Eurolavania.  Many hard line right wing Englishman wanted to leave because the didn't want be become a part of "Europistan."

Certainly, Russia is just smiling with sweet confidence now.

Is this the start of WW IV?  Note the Cold War was WWIII, which was fought all over the world on the seven seas, seven continents, and outer space.

Will Greece, cut and run?  This is certainly an affirmation that change is on the way, and heralds a Trumpet for Trump. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flag for the Challenger Deep the Deepest part of the Oceans

Currently the deepest part of the Ocean belongs to the United States of America - the sea bottom leagues below Bikini Bottom: Challenger Deep.  It is with Guam and the Mariana Islands that the USA lays claim to an ultimate title of geographic titles.  With a depth of ~10,900 meters or ~35,900 feet, the USA can limbo lower and longer than any nation on Earth, thanks to Guam and the Mariana Islands.  Challenger Deep is more than 10 Kilometers below sea level and 20,000 leagues lower than the Dead Sea and a greater distance- than to the top of Mt. Everest. 

This flag is a geographic flag that indicates the latitude and longitude of this special spot on planet Earth at 142 Degrees East by 11 Degrees North.  The yellow pentagon in the center indicates that this place is in the Eastern Hemisphere.  The tribar of red, green, and orange indicates the number 142 which is the longitude of this area.  The two red five pointed stars indicates the number 11. 

The key below explains who these type of flags are read.  The central stars are coded to the latitude while the tribars is coded to the longitude.  The colour to number code is based upon the order of the rainbow.  Since red is the first colour it represents 1, orange is the second colour that represents 2, green is the fourth colour which represents 4. 

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Apollo 11 Landing Coordinates at 13°N 169°W

The men from the Apollo 11 mission landed at 169 Degrees West by 13 Degrees North.  This flag is coded to colours that indicate this position.  See the key below.

Latitude Longitude Metric Grid flag for the Titanic: 49 Degrees West by 41 Degrees North

The resting latitude of the Titanic is at 49 Degrees West by 41 Degrees North.  This flag represents those coordinates.  See the key below to make sense.

Metric Grid Flag for Rome: 12 Degrees East by 41 Degrees North

This flag is coded to colours and degrees.  It is 12 Degrees East by 41 Degrees North . 

Flag for Trindade and Martim Vaz: 79 Degrees West by 20 Degrees South

Trindade and Martim Vaz are small isles in the middle of the Atlantic owned by Brazil.  This is the Metric Grid flag for their latitude and longitudes coded to colours.  It includes the colours orange, white, pink, and black.  The tribar of white, orange, and pink indicate a longitude of 079 degrees.  Its Western designation is indicated by the central white pentagon.  The dominant five pointed star that is orange indicates 20 while the lesser white star indicates 0, thus the latitude is 20 degrees.