Monday, July 6, 2015

Lazarus Flag from Interstellar - 2014

 A unique flag appears in the movie Interstellar 2014, directed by Christopher NolanOf vexillological insterest is the Lazarus Mission Flag.  In this movie theoretical physics meets Hollywood under the smooth starlight of Matthew McConaughey. 

A tattered Lazarus flag can be seen beneath the flag of the United States on one of the mysterious planets.  Its poor condition is due to flying nonstop for over a decade in some distant galaxy far from Earth.
The mission patch for LAZARUS IV is on the right arm of Dr. Hugh Mann.  The story of Lazarus is related to reviving life after death.  Note that the resurrection of Lazarus after his death is accepted as Divine Truth by Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Mormons, Moonies, Sikhs, Druze, and Samaritans. However those of Hindu-Buddeic, Janian, Jedi, Pagan, Shinto, pre-literate faith, and athiest creeds need not accept it. 
In the conference room the 12 bravest persons to go on a Lazarus mission can be seen with the US flag on the left and what seems to be the Lazarus flag on the right.  Coincidentally 12 men have walked on the moon and 12 is semi-mystical number for all the races of Earth. 
The best close up of the Lazarus flag that is intact, but in a saggy indoor stance. Here the two heroes of the story are seen here hugging each other.  In the end, gravity and love are connected in the film as one of the greatest forces in the Universe, or is it a Multi-Verse? 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greek Societies in Revenge of the Nerds 1984

In Revenge of the Nerds 1984 several unique flags appear in the film.  During the Greek Games festival hundreds of pennants can be seen flapping in the wind.  Some are decorative while others denote the Greek Societies with their organizations' colours.   Fraternities and Sororities are social clubs that are renowned for their exciting parties, social bonding, and enriching student life.  The founders of the Lambda Lambda Lambda formed by a rag tag union of socially awkward young men who were pushed together by the misdeeds of the an arrogant fraternity.  The Tri-Lambs came about due to the arrogance and aggression of the Alpha Betas.     

The Adams College Greek banner can be seen heralding the opening of the Greek Games.  The faculty is seen here dressed in business attire, while the athletic director relaxes in a disrespectful manner as played by John Goodman.

Trumpet banners are seen in the opening ceremonies of the games.  The flags in this show are fringed in white.  The background is red and the writing is gold.  The writing is hard to discern, it would have been a good idea to outline the golden letters in white for better contrast.

The scoreboard shows who is winning.  Note that two Greek teams are never shown competing: fraternity Delta Kappa Gamma and the sorority Gamma Kappa Tau.  However several pennants and a sign can be seen waving in the background of these social organizations at the Greek Games.

Adams College Banners and Pennants from Revenge of the Nerds 1984

Adams College is the fictional University of Revenge of the Nerds.  The school livery is red and white. 

Here a student is wearing the school logo with school mascot which is Adam's Atoms.

Reversing the colours of the school is a common practice.  In this case the pennant is white and the print is red for Adam's Atoms. 

Here an athletic banner that plays on the theme of smashing atoms at Adam's.   In this case the 'O' of ATOM has been replaced with a standard model drawing of an atom.

Other Flags in the original Lambda Lambda Lambda Fraternity House - Revenge of the Nerds 1984

All kinds of flags appear in the Revenge of the Nerds film from 1984.  Flags are used as house decorations to set a festive atmosphere as social signal joke banners. The upper flag is the married signal joke flag.  It has a red background with a white ball and chain.  Not a slavery flag, rather it indicates that the persons here can not go out and party because she or he is married.

The other flag is the Beer Mug flag.  It has sky blue background and filled mug of freshly poured draft beer.  It indicates that a party is going on and persons are enjoying a festival for persons over 21 years of age, at least in the United States.  You can
also see the school pennant for Adams College in this shot.  It is a red pennant with the schools coat of arms. Another alcoholic flag can be seen on a bulletin board - the glass of wine flag.  It has white background with a red wine glass upon it.  It is visible when the pigs are let loose at the Lambda Lambda Lambda probationary party.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fraternal Livery of the Lambda Lambda Lambda - Revenge of the Nerds 1984

Long before the television show about a Big Bang Theory, snapper chat, digital avatar uploading, or the mass hypnosis of hand held silicon laden communication devices, there was in 1984 the revenge..... Revenge of the Nerds.  More than just a movie about bullying and misfits, it was destined to become Art Inspired Reality with the formation of an actual fraternity modeled after this film - Lambda Lambda Lambda.   The first real fraternity of Lambda Lambda Lambda was established in Connecticut on January 15, 2006 at the University of Connecticut.

The livery colours of Lambda Lambda Lambda are black and white, which are seen as the black and white streamers. At a party when the Tri-Lambs are having their probationary fraternity party, the black and white livery can easily be seen. 

Coincidentally the Machine Nation of ZERO ONE uses the same colours of black and white, as seen the Matrix animated prequels.

Here the racing pennant of the Tri-Lambs can be seen with their supporting sister sorority - Omega Mu.  The colours of the pennant are black with white writing, while Omega Mu's pennant has a pink background and white writing.

USA Flag in Revenge of the Nerds - 1984

In 1984 the world of academia was rebooted in favor of the technologically skilled. And greatest of all "N" word movies hit Hollywood.  Revenge of the Nerds 1984 is the classic original "N" word movie.  The flag of the USA appears in this film several times.  Its most centered scene takes place when we see it hanging in the makeshift gymnasium-dorm above the robot and next to the epic underdog heroes of the film Lewis & Gilbert, played by  Robert Carraoine and Anthony Edwards respectively seen in the photo above

The US flag also appears during the Greek Council room.  It can be seen hanging on the port side of the Greek Hall.

The US flag also appears as an arm patch on some of the college competitors before the beginning of the Beer-Tricycle Race.  It can be best seen on the blue and red dressed members of the race.

All through the 1980s techie movies were unleashed into the public sphere before the main launch of the internet in the 1990s.  Other such techno-computer oriented movies included Real Genius, Weird Science, and War Games.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chris Rock's South Carolina Heritage Flag Proposals

The winning design was presented to then South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges.  The flag featured the stars replaced with stars from the WB network.

 In a satire to replace the Confederate Flag, Chris Rock went to the streets of South Carolina to ask people what they think about different flags to replace the Confederate Battle Flag.

This is the Silly Saltine on the blue background flag.
 This is the Malcolm X flag.
 This the odd South Carolina OKKK flag.

Another absurd flag is the OJ Simpson with female Caucasian flag.