Saturday, February 25, 2017

Monsterpiece Theater - Original UK Title Card

Monsterpiece Theater combined artful adult stories charmed to the simple tellings of thy Sesame Street.  Usually starring the blue fuzzy beings, lessons of numbers and words where its guided purpose.

The original title card featured a letter P with a UK flag.    he show was hosted by Sir Alistiar Cookie.  Mr. Cookie gives a simple introduction.  He also stars unwittingly in the poem-visual-movie based upon the poem The Cookie Thief by Valarie Cox.

Vexilloids in Tracey Ullman's - They Don't Know 1983

A song sung by Tracy Ullman by Kirsty MacColl made it the top charts in 1983 They Don't Know.  Tracy Ullman was one of those stars that burned bright in the 1980s.  Stars come and go, be every once and a while a unique flame can catch the attention of the world, as did Tracy in the 1980s.

Of vexillological note, there are UK flag socks and several red supermarket banner in the background.

First Flag in the Game of Thrones - The House of Stark: The Direwolf

Game of Thrones is modern day retelling of the collective past, mixed somewhere between reality and fantasy.  The story takes elements of the middle ages and creates something completely new.  Zombies, witches, knights, kings, and queens.  It is truly deserves the word EPIC as it tells the story of life in the supposed middle ages.

Banners and flags make many appearances in this series, the first is belongs to the House of Stark, whose emblem is the white Direwolf.  These quasi magical animals are larger than life wolves that can be tamed.

The banner of House Stark can be seen in this Highlander like atmosphere.  It is swallow tailed and the Dire Wolves head can be seen with an open gait in the mouth. 

Fun Flag for Element 69 - The Thulium Flag

Thule is a place somewhere in Scandinavia.  Its exact location is a mystery, but many places assign Thule to Norway, Iceland, and Even Greenland.  Consequently a mixed up Scandinavian flag symbolizes this element.  Thulium was discovered by a Swedish scientist, consequently its easy to see elements of the Swedish flag in the fun Thulium flag.

Since the atomic Z number is 69 the Yin and Yang atomic symbol is appropriate, it uses the colours of Greenland, which are white and red. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

English-Albania Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Albania Heritage Flag combines the flags of Albania with England.

English-Montenegro Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Montenegro Heritage Flag combines the flags of England with Montenegro.

English-Serbian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Serbian Heritage Flag combines elements of the English flag and the Serbian flag.