Tuesday, August 25, 2015

USPS Zip Code Flag Color Key

Zip Code Flag for 16802

Zip Code Flag for 19446

We gotta' launch it from here, or else!

Zip Code Flag for 19454 - North Wales, Pennsylvania

Zip Code Flag for 19140 - North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

19140 was the original zip code district seat of Multicultural Academy Charter School.

Zip Code Flag for 18106 - Wescosville, Pennsylvania

It was at 11:30pm that Jamie drew a not square or triangle but a circle, that pool and cardboard fort was finished with love.

Zip Code Flag for 19464 - Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Prussia Hill was a good movie. But not quite as good as Puss in Boots by Dreamwerks.  Keeping it simple and straight with two animals: dog and monkey sit side by side to make a 35th century monkey.