Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dharma Welcome Banner and Logo

 First there was Gilligan's Island, where a merry bunch was kept on an island. This was the first generation of the wonderful fantastic American Islands from imagination.  Enchanted by the rich and silly characters the show, it touched a timeless spot in the heart of America transcending generations of the television age. Its timeless chant would "Skipper!" as uttered by the lovable and hair brained Gilligan.

Then there was Fantasy Island.  Somehow the spirit of this island of American Dreams would pit karma and lessons of life and love into a nightly drama that warmed the soul and address matters that were therapeutic for all to see. Its catch phase would be, "Dee Plane, Dee Plane."  It was on this island, issues of the heart would come to expression and resolve under the guidance of a mysterious island - Fantasy Island. 

In the third great epic of American Islands from afar, is Lost.  Mature, serious, sometimes silly and oftentimes heartfelt. This island mixed up all the original elements of drama, love, action, fantasy with a heavy dash of mystery.

 Destiny?  Chance? Do we choose to be suckers or is their a higher calling for a spiritual purpose?  The running signature line of this fantastic island is "If we can't live together, we are going to die alone."

In the background of these pictures you can see the Dharma Logo and welcome banner when some of the passengers from flight Oceanic Airlines 815 are transported to 1974.  The Dharma logo would vary in the middle position to denote the status of each person as worker, security, officer, etc.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Northampton County Flag

The Northampton County flag of Pennsylvania has the Easton flag on its shield.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mr. Cluck's Restaurant Flag from Lost Television Series - 2010

Mr. Cluck's Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture - Mt. Fuji
 On the Lost television series produced on abc, a unique flag appears during the final season.  The flag is based upon a restaurant called Mr. Cluck's.  Something like Popeye's Chicken or KFC.  In this show a person by the name of Hugo become leading CEO and climbs the planet placing his franchises all across the world. 

 Here the CEO of Mr. Clucks is Hugo Reyes, better known as "Hurley."  Hurley wins the lottery and is able to take over the Mr. Cluck's franchise.  Hurley was played by Jorge Garcia of Nebraska. 

Here the livery of the corporation's colours can be seen.  Hugo initially started off as a lowly front line man on the registers who took orders from the mean-hole boss.  But fate stepped in and changed his life forever.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Temporal Badge Rank for 11,400 Years

The Sedna Rank uses red and navy blue.  Ancient artifacts by ancient peoples have earned this rank.

Temporal Badge Rank for 4444 Years

2012 vp Angel Rock uses the colours indigo and white.  Roughly the age when the Pharaohs Reigned.

Temporal Badge Rank for 558 Years

The Eris Rank Badge uses black and white colours.  In the year 2334 the USA will finally earn an Eris Rank.

Temporal Badge Rank For 248 Years and 246 Years

The Pluto rank uses purple, black, and green.  This badge is for entities that have been around since 1767.  The United States has not yet earned this badge.  But the United States of America will age to a Plutonian Rank in the year 2024.  Nice thing is that it was an American that discovered Pluto in the first place as the 9th planet.  At the moment the Old World has near monopoly on the Plutonian Rank.

The symbol for the Anti-Pluto planet Orcus 90486 is based upon the symbol for Pluto reversed.  It just beasts out Pluto by 2 years, or nearly so.  It's orbit always puts it on the opposite side from Pluto.  As Pluto gets nearer Orcus goes far away, but vice verse when Orcus is near, Pluto is far.  From Orcus's point of view is rather the Anti-Orcus planet.