Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rhode Island Flags in Different Languages & Anchors

The Normal Achor, but in Basque

 The Rhode Island flag is very distinct, but anchors have come in many shapes before the cross design was put into fashion.  In honor of ancient anchors found along the diverse coastlines of the world, it is possible to make thematic Rhode Island Flags.

The first one is the an Anchor type found in the Red Sea. أمل is the Arabic word for hope.

 The round doughnut type of anchor was found in ancient China.希望 is Chinese for hope.

A popular anchor found across the Greek Isles is the trapezoid types. ελπίδα is Greek for Hope.
 An anchor found off the coast of Israel had a triangular/square shape.  The Hebrew for for hope is תקווה
Here is one style of ancient Viking anchor with a heavy rock tied to the center.  Hope is written in Runes to read as Hope.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

1588 Virginia Queen Elizabeth I Heritage Flag

If you didn't know, the state of Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth I...

In 1588 the Spanish Armada was about to restore the faith of Rome to England.  But alas, a divine wind (In Japanese: Kamikaze 神風) overtook the grand Armada of Spain.  Instead the Gods allowed the isle of England to reign supreme and in the wake establish 13 English colonies with a protestant tilt.   The storm that crippled Spain's great armada gave the English the confidence that they were in the favor of God's good grace.  The Japanese had a similar thing happen, twice, when the Mongols invaded Japan and were crippled by bad weather. 

Official State Flag of Virginia
This is a heritage flag for Virginia, whose namesake is taken from the Virgin Queen, Queen Elizabeth the I (Reign1558-1603).  The rise of this queen is tied to the rising of hardcore English pride, more so English than British and to an extent, Protestant Pride as well.  She was the last singly English Monarch, before official union with Scotland.

A title she held was Fedei Defensatrix, a defender of the faith.  Queen Elizabeth I replaces the Amazon stepping on the Roman Tyrant.  Instead, Her Majesty is stepping on a Spanish soldier and who has his helmet knocked off.

The story of Elizabeth's victory is retold in film every few years as to stoke English pride.  It is a lovely story to tell and has not been censored because it shows a powerful female monarch sticking it to the man/establishment.  It the classic David and Goliath story of the little guy (a smaller Queen) sticking to powerful establishment, kinda of like Neo from the Matrix 1999.  In this case the King of Spain, King Philip II, was the Agent Smith. 

The following video echos the primordial essence of the America before it was born, within the realm of an unborn nation.  In a way, Queen Elizabeth was the 'John the Baptist' figure for the 13 English colonies just before they were settled in...Virginia, in honor of the Virgin Queen.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Old Hampshire Meets New Hampshire—The Hampshire Heritage Flag USA to the UK

Fusion Old & New Hampshire Flag
Presenting the Hampshire Heritage flag!  It is a fusion of delight from the original "Old Hampshire" with New Hampshire.  Perhaps there are people around who have a mom from UK's Hampshire and a dad from the USA's Hampshire.  

The flag retains the USA's basic background and logo seal.  But the center has been replaced with the Hampshire's Rose and crown. 

Fatefully both Hampshires are coastal sub-national entities.  

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Indiana Indiana Jones Flags

Indiana Jones is one of most iconic heroes of cinema.  When you take that spirit and mesh it with the Indiana flag, this is what you get.  Most archeologists don't have the life and death adventures as such as Indy had.  But in a way the adventure of the mind does take place, and every once and a while archeologists get to travel to far off places and fight against tourists and local con artists. 

Here is another version of the Indian Indian Jones flag.  I guess on Indiana Jones Day they can fly this flag all across Indiana? The silhouette of the his iconic fedora with an internal silhouette can be seen.

 Here is a third version where you can see more of Indy's outfit and smile.

 Just for reference, here is the official state of Indiana flag.  You can see much of the design is conserved with the Indian Jones versions.  The Indiana word is conserved but it uses that exciting font that has become iconic of American Excitement.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hannah Montana Montana Flag

Growing up as a starlet is a challenge.  Here Miley Stewart was selected to be star from youth.  As a young starlet she was the evermore cheerful and positive force.  She has grown up as Miley Cyrus and is again making waves and sparkling with her own kind of magic.  Surely in her older adult remake, she will transform again to an awestruck public.

The Hannah Montana Montana flag simply takes her image upon the seal and adds her name.  No doubt this star will continue to grow, inspire and make a difference. 

North & South Dakota Heritage Flag

The United Dakota flag is based upon the flag of North and South Dakota with a few modifications.  Words in reference to North or South are missing.  In the canton is slightly modified North Dakota flag and in the field is a modified South Dakota seal.

This flag is for persons who just happen to have ancestors who hail from both states.  Just like North Carolina and South Carolina these states are so similar but different.  Just as both the North Carolina-Dakota are border states.  ND has slight Canadian flavor, as NC has slight Virginia flavor.  SC is in the deep south and SD is deeper in the heart of America.

North & South Carolina Heritage Flag

These are two states that have the same last name, Carolina.  Likewise there are certain people who share a heritage to both states.  If any of your ancestors stem from either North or South Carolina then this is your flag.

The Carolina heritage flag features the design of North Carolina, but with South Carolina's palmetto and moon taking up the space in the blue "tridrant." (a new word based upon quadrant)

The State Anthem of this would be state...