Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Big Apple Flag & Zesty Tomato Flag

Once upon a time, someone coined the term The Big Apple.  Well, right next to the Big Apple is New Jersey.  People in NYC often look down at Jersey, making New Jersey the quintessential underdog.  Even though western Connecticut is just like Jersey it dose not have the same reputation, being a concrete jungle spiked with pollution and outspoken pushy people.  But it is not always a rivalry.  When New York and New Jersey team up, they are an unstoppable force linking the upscale and downscale, white collar and blue collar, the plain Jane and fancy Nancy.

Likewise New Jersey prides herself on the Jersey Tomato, thus it is fitting that this original fruit from New Jersey totally represents America more authentically than say a large apple.  Reason being, apples are from the Old World, while Tomatoes were cultivated in the New World by "savages"---NOT!! in the Americas.  So you can enjoy All American Apple Pie, from New York or a Zesty Pizza Pie from New Jersey.  Sorry, New York...but it is a fact that New Jersey has better pizza!  As a consolation, people prefer apple juice over tomato juice 10 to 1, but Jersey Pizza Pie is America's Best.  Likewise nothing can beat a home baked New York Apple Pie.

Yeah, New York is famous for its flat pizza, which beats down Illinois's Chicago Pizza by a mile, which is more akin to a Pizza Quiche.  Don't get me wrong, NY flat pizza is delish!  And cah-go' pizza is unique treat everyone should try. But you can't beat out Jersey's fresh tomatoes.

And remember the Statue of Liberty, technically is within New Jersey's borders.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Flags in the Thing 1982

The hero of the story is seen here standing amongst black flags at the Antarctic base.  A threatening environment with a threatening life force, from beyond.  Or maybe an ancient life form?   This movies is a hybrid classic that lightly traces the original seed to The Thing From Another World 1951 and Who Goes There? 1938 novella by Don A. Stuart.

Sci-fi horror from the 1980s by John Carpenter hit a high note in a reconstituted version, made more real and visceral than the lighthearted romp of the, now cheesy by today's standards, 1950's The Thing.  However, both films effectively capture the unknown and paranoia in a bottle, and release it unto the public. Black  flags can be seen next to the US flag in draped-tie mode.  Also visible is an orange pennant upon the tractor.

This movie is a grotesque masterpiece, that does not end like a typical horror movie, with a tiny bit of dread mixed with a drop of hope.  It is a counter note to E.T. which was also released in 1982.  This is one alien that you don't want touching your finger.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The State of New Jersey Looks like a Pharaoh's Bust

The secret is out! 

The shape of New Jersey looks like a Pharaoh's bust, when you put it upside down.  There is a New Egypt, New Jersey after all.  The fire department of New Egypt, New Jersey even uses an ancient Egyptian camel on its banner.  It's one of the few American fire departments to use Middle Eastern designs, Station 39.

New Egypt, New Jersey is in Burlington County, in Plumsted Township, as an unincorporated community.  This is the part of New Jersey that puts the garden in the Garden State! 

Really! This part of New Jersey looks like Nebraska and they grow the best tomatoes and blueberries.

All-doe' New York may be da' Big Apple, New Jersey is da' Zesty Tomato!  The A to da'  Z of America!  

For youz who don't understand wit' da' dense skull... da' A represent da' A in Apple for New York, and da' Z represent da' Z in Zesty Tomato for New Jersey!  Capeesh? Like' da' Alpha and Omega?   And a don't forgidit!

  Interesing fact is dat' apples... are a from da' Asia, and da' tomato is a from da' America!!
(...and so dida' Ala'berta Einstein)

So Watta'  you likes betta' ... Apple Pie or da' Pizza Pie?  You like da' Pizza' ... you like da' New Jersey! New Jersey a litta' mor' cheesy dan' a New York.  Yeah, apple pie is a sweet and good, but a nutin' like a Jersey Pizza Pie!  

Don't believe me?  You go to da' Jersey Shore, and trya' Manco see, its'a very good!  And a rememba'  New Jersey is a home to da':



Thursday, July 5, 2018

Flags in the Adjustment Bureau - 2011

Notice Unique Yellow Water Taxi Flag

Sometimes it feels like there are persons or entities out there that work against your intended desires and dreams, blocking your path on its intended purpose.  

For instance, when five random extra-ordinary events happen in one day that change your destiny.  Imagine if when you go to your dream job interview, and then, a car accident happens, followed by a construction crew that appears soon afterwards, after you pass the accident.  This makes you late for the interview, of your dream job,  you end up missing it, and you are denied entry into the building. 

Is this a Miracle on 48th Street? And Notice Italian Flag
Or the one time you forget your cell phone because you were helping somebody in need, and then you miss a very important call for the deal of a life time! Are there spirits blocking your path?  Angels?  Or higher beings?  Well, this is the plot of the Adjustment Bureau -2011.

Striving for your Destiny is common story telling device
Surely in the near future such technologies will allow people to play judge and jury as the gatekeeper to your ultimate destiny.  As most youth already post nearly everything of mild to no importance online, an AI will be able to calculate your points of destiny and map out your life, without your consent, likewise everything you do online is absorbed and used in a multitude of ways with out your consent.  It already happens with texting with the auto-fill spelling options.  It's only a matter of time when machines are able to predict every permutation of human behavior.

Nonetheless, the Adjustment Bureau is thought provoking film that takes on these themes.  Well made, it is a small treasure on the nature of human life.  Part fantasy, yet it can be considered science fiction.  This movie takes this the theme of path-blocking, and turns it into a homily of happiness.

((WARNING ENDING SCENE: Please watch the whole movie first))

Homestead Logo from Passengers - 2016

The Homestead logo from the movie Passengers 2016 features a kind of bee hive like hexagonal structure.  It has 38 hexagons in three different sizes.  In a way it reflects the class system of passengers upon the ship, large sizes for higher classes near the center and small sizes for classes on the outer rims. 

Class is an ancient structure of society people.  In the modern day many try to ignore and attempt to make it disappear.  But the need the separate and judge others according to ability and awareness seems to be natural phenomena, be it academically, by physical capacity or by organic nature with identity politics.

Often, children especially relish judging others by their capacity to be athletic or intelligent, demonstrating the human need to put others in different classes, subsequently forming different cliques or "classes."  As with identity politics, wolf packs or any type of colonial insect, people are born or grow into different castes.

Previously, social perspectives would take decades ferment and cause effective change, as younger generations would judge their ancestors as prejudiced-backwards thinking persons.  However as we go forward, the restructuring of social class class dynamics has accelerated to about a five year span, whereby view and opinions from 2013 are deemed old fashioned by updated by socially progressive leaders.   Perhaps in the near future the dynamic will shift to yearly cycle?  Whereby, last years viewpoints are deemed inappropriate?
The logo of the homestead company, which is shipping Earthlings on a one way trip to another planet, can be seen on a screen.  The hero/bad guy's name is seen on the screen, James Preston.  

An officer is awoken to help rescue the ship.  Only after a high ranking member is awoken can change be made.   On his right arm, the logo of the Homestead company can just barely be seen.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

US Flag in Needtobreathe - Something Beautiful

Music is a strange type of speech that is mix of prayer, chant, and release of spiritual energy.  In the Needtobreathe's Something Beautiful, the hopeful enchantment of this song mixes into land of prayer, making it a kind of Sprayer or Sprong?

Is that Mr. Seagull, Johnathan L.?  With one of his disciples?  

The US flag appears in this song several times. Likewise there are also fireworks in this video.  Making this so so appropriate for today's holiday, the 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mercer County, New Jersey - Looks like a King's Head

Mercer County, New Jersey has a humble flag.  It is a green tree on a buff background, with ribbons announcing its name and established date, 1838.  But there is something neato about the shape of the county.  It looks like the head of a king! 

The crown portion is mostly Hopewell Township, which runs into Hunterdon County.  If you can imagine this king with a beard, then the city of Trenton is where the ear would be.

But the best association is, that, the nose is where Princeton Township is located.  This is so appropriate since many (but not all) academic egg heads are snooty and stick their noses up at common folk who do not have a substantial amount of letters that follow one's name like Ph.D., M.S., LL.M., S.J.D., or MD. If you can't find the nose, it's sniffing Somerset and Middlesex Counties.   Rumor has it the King of Mercer County is looking at NYC, in admiration, or is that jealousy?

As for the eye-ball of the Old King of Mercer County, it would be the area on the southwestern side of Mt. Rose, New Jersey.  Specifically the three roads when you line them perfectly outline the eye: Carter Road, Elm Ridge Road, and Pennington Rocky Hill Road.  Thus if you run around this area, you have run around the eye of King of Mercer County.