Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flag for persons born on US territory before it was the USA

A temporal flag for persons born in the USA before it was a part of the USA.  It may seem strange but there are people who were born in parts of the USA before it was US soil.  Most of founding fathers were born in the British Empire, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. 

The pattern of the flag is based upon a lost flag that is currently attributed to John Hewson of Philadelphia, who was a calico printer during the Revolution, soldier and patriot for the American Republic in its infancy.  The lost flag is called the Martha Washington flag, and was one of many early unofficial flags created at the earliest phase of the US revolution.

Also note the General who lead the Mexicans to victory at the battle of Puebla, Mexico on May 5th 1862 is commemorated under this flag.  This is because he was born in what is now the USA.  General Ignacio Zargoza Segun was born in Goliad, Texas.  So in a weird way it was officially speaking a Texan who defeated the French at Puebla back in 1862 on that fateful May 5th.  Texas just got one more bragging right! 

Just one more reason for Americans to celebrate Cinco de  Mayo.  But note General Zargoza was officially a Mexican citizen at the time.  Yet-but, he was an Original Texan or Tejano who was born on pre-US soil who let his natural Texan fighting spirit triumph on that most important of Cinco de Mayos.  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Glaive Banner from Krull 1983

Excalibur meets Star Wars, spiced with two teaspoons of Dune and a hint of Willow and The Dark Crystal - walla' we have the movie Krull from 1983. The Glaive is a five pointed cutting weapon that responds to the controllers thoughts, kind of like a drone-boomerang.

A classic Sci-fi movie that just opens the imagination.  A movie worthy of reboot!

Colwyn's Flag from Krull 1983

The 1980s saw cosmic forces assault the imaginations of Earth.  In the wake of galactic dreams to awaken, it was from the United Kingdom came the fantastic movie Krull 1983.

 This movie took the fantasy genre to a new level of lore mixed with romantic notions of history.  Of vexillological note the hero of the movie, Prince Colwyn, is seen carrying his banner.  Although his culture is modeled from the Far Western style of camelot, the flag bears an Eastern samurai design.  It has black, red, and white colours with a trailing long top pennant and smaller trailing streamers.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

USA Rebel Stripes Shirt plus Legs & Breast Banner with George Wendt 1986

Gungo Ho 1986 starred America's favorite Norm - George Wendt.  He is wearing the original Rebel Naval Jack of 13 red and white stripes, with USA written in blue. 

The Legs and Breast banner is a supermarket broadside advertising a special at the local Hadleyville supermarket in the film Gung Ho 1986.  Here Michael Keaton fights George Wendt over work related tensions in Gung Ho 1986.

Gung Ho truly is a grown up movie that your average man-child would find boring.  Ron Howard effectively captures the tensions between workers, leaders, men, women, and foreigners.  Although Japanese and American trade tensions are low, trade tensions will always manifest across the world among the nations. 

US Celebratory Flags in Gung Ho 1986

Truth may set you free, but sometimes there is a shock and period of waiting, especially in the wake of a jarring revelation.  The truth can hurt or lead the soul to a sad and angry place.  But with a little faith, teamwork, and cooperation the hand of destiny can guide you right.  Sometimes you'll have to wing it weather you like it or not.  At the moment America still has to greatest power to wing it, but believe me you have to fail many, many, many, many times before your really get your wings - before you can really wing it.

Here the blue collar Pennsylvania auto workers are congratulating Hunt on standing up to the Japanese Executives.

Union Banner from Gung Ho 1986 - Local 3099

Hadleyville, Pennsylvania  is where the movie Gung Ho 1986 takes place.  Labor unions are a natural consequence of working for wages in the modern world. 

Perhaps the most popular North American labor union are the Teamsters. Unions usually protect society from slave and sub-human wages.  A slave wage is the basic amount of salary that pays for standard use of utilities, a car, medical insurance, and nothing is left over for savings or pleasure.  However there are wages that are "sub-human" that is lower than a slave wage, which a 40 hour working week wage can not cover these basic expenses.  People in these situations are often forced to work a second job or third job, rely on the government and charity for additional benefits, or live in sub-standard living conditions.   

 The workers union banner Local 3099 is visible when Hunt Stevenson, Mikey K, gives speech on how he can take the Japanese auto executives.

 Hunt uses sports metaphors to explain his plan.  Although cheesy, it really is a good way to relate to deep blue collar workers.

Welcome Parade Banners from Gung Ho 1986

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Gung Ho 1986 reiterates the Karate Kid 1984 champion Japanese-American teamwork ethos on an adult level with serious grown up issues.

 Here the people even strung out carps along with balloons for the welcoming event of the Japanese auto executives.

 Here people have made an love banner for Assan, because the want to keep their automobile jobs.

The homemade welcome banner shows a occidental worker with yellow hat shaking the hand of oriental business man with glasses.