Friday, January 24, 2020

Dawn of Life - Lunar Twilight

At the hour of our darkest night, when the there is no Moon, when it is called New and only the stars light up the night sky.  Oh what to do?  Imagine a New Moon on the Winter Solstice in conjunction with an eclipse?  In such dark days, some will turn to fear, but a few will turn to the inner light that can not be broken.  On such dark days the select are tested, and move on the bring in the light of the future.   For there is a required waiting, a waiting of the transition as the cast and crew all dressed in black set a new stage...a stage that will surprise and enthrall....

For on morrow's night we welcome the first Moon of 2020.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tears in the Rain - Blade Runner 2019

The final night of Lunar Twilight is upon us, for the last sliver of 2019's final Moon shall pass tonight.  The last cycle of 2019 started on December 27, 2019.  Almost at a maximum of Lunar Twlight, which happens when there is a New Moon (Empty Moon or Black Moon) on a December 30th.  There is no Lunar Twilight when the New Moon falls January 1st, because the first Moon of 2020 and the solar cycle are in sync.  The shortest Lunar Twilight happens when there is a New Moon on January 2nd; the Candlemast will only have one candle upon, which should be lit after midnight until the last time crosses into the New Year: Howland and Baker Island of the USA.

The electric glow on neon acts like a flag, to signal awareness and attention.  If attached to a corporation, the neon lights have specific colours and specific design, like a flag code.

In the closing scene, where the artificially cloned human is set to expire, the neon lights are visible in the background.

This powerful scene reminds us of the precious gift we receive each year of our living.  The protagonist of the story Harrison Ford, has normal, long, and free life compared to industrially created short lived slave unit.  The long lived normal human was assigned to terminate the rouge  units, but he, the repo-man lost the fight.  When the repo-man is about to fall to his death, he chose  scorn and contempt as to spit in the face of the genetically altered humanoid.  However the humanoid slave unit chose to save the repo-assassin man's life.  This scene demonstrates the mechanism of salvation with regard to the wake of mercy, and hope of holding grace at the moment of one's death.  Such grace in legend or reality is always worthy of honor within our collective memory.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Starman - How to Say Goodbye

Lunar Twilight is a time of transition when the echo of yesteryear can be seen and felt.   This is because the lunar cycle started last year on December 27, 2019.   On January 24, 2020 the first lunar cycle will commence and then the nights and days will be in sync with 2020.

What is a flag to an alien species?  Perhaps they are made of lights or created with lasers?  In Starman, starring the Dude, we can only imagine.

Nonetheless, the final goodbye scene in this film is like the final passing of 2019 during Lunar Twilight.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

You Are the Love of Live Life - Castaway Lunar Twilight

The elements of sadness fit as the scene is set at night, with a heavy downpour, no wind, and two broken hearts that must be separated... this theme of turning the corner and letting go is captured in film Castaway 2000.

Love within a life, is sometimes pushed a part, but in a way it is endless and only transforms into something greater.  Of vexillological importance is the license plate of our hero Jack, who was stuck on an island.  Auto tags, or license plates are public notices to all and the authorities of the operator of a vehicle, be in the air, water, space or somewhere else.

The scene fits perfectly with the spirit of Lunar Twilight when letting go with grace is present.  Sometimes we are force to let go at death, and other times while we are still alive.  Broken hearts are a part of the winding path of life, that can produce an elegant afterglow.  Take refuge that you are not alone in the universal passage of life.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Ghost - Goodbye

Lunar Twilight is a time of transitions.  When yesteryear is given an extra chance to say good bye.   The current Moon was created December 27, 2019.  Thus at night, a light from the past shines on our departure to the future.

Demi is wearing vexilloid like objects known as earrings.  Like flags, earring dangle and flow in the air.  They also send out messages on the wearers mood and feelings.

Like the scene in Ghost 1990, Lunar Twilight is a ghostly return of 2019 that allows for a smoother transition into the New Year.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Je Voyage - Lunar Twilight Theme

Lunar Twilight is a time of transition when 2019 makes a transient reappearance in 2020.  Reason being, the current Moon was created last year on December 27, 2019.  Since the New Year is a celebration of the Solar Cycle, we use Sun as the dominant counter to year.  But the Moon is the 'ruler of the night,' thus an echo or rather the last light from 2019 shines on in the early January when the Sun is not looking (night time).  The first Moon to be born in 2020 will be on January 24, 2020.  Until then when night falls, a faith echo of 2019 returns.

At the core of Lunar Twilight is the Candlemast, which counts down the last over lapping lunar cycle of 2019.  Each night all the candles are lit, until the smallest burns out.  Then all the other candles are blown out, and relit the next evening after the setting of the Sun.  The cycle repeats until last candle burns out that is synchronized to the last sliver of yesteryear's Moon.

Charles Aznavour's song Je Voyage steps into the romantic and soft beats of Lunar Twilight.  In a way a voyage is like the transition to the new year, since things as they are, are left behind, resulting in a bittersweet crossing of time and space, unto the new and unknown, as is the case for ever new year.

In the background are faux stars.  Note that stars are a popular device in flags.  Additionally they are used for decorative purposes, as in the video below.

Doubling up due to copyright strikes, 404, and random Utoob deLeTioNs

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gladiator Theme - Lunar Twilight

The theme of Gladiator 2000 plays well with the musical essence of Lunar Twilight.  As the movie ends, or as the hero surrenders, so to does the passing year end.  But three more nights of 2019 shall re-visit us in 2020.

Lunar Twilight counts the remaining cycle of last year's final Moon.  Officially it is 2020, but upon nightfall for first few nights of January an unofficial return to 2019 returns for a short while.  This is extra time to say goodbye to 2019 and savor the feels of yesteryear.

Each night all the candles on the slanted Lunar Twilight Candlemast are lit.  But when the shortest candle burns out, they are all put out until the next evening, until none are left.  This marks the birth of the final lunar cycle that was started in 2019.

In the concert performance of the closing theme of Gladiator, the lead female soloist can be seen wearing a black dress with tassels, which are vexilloids of certain manner that often add flair to flags, but are not always required.