Thursday, March 5, 2015

Laniakea Super Cluster Flag - The Super Dooper Galactic Cluster Association Flag

The Laniakea Super Cluster is an association of galaxies that form a network in the cosmos.  The common feature to this galactic association is gravity.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Holland Australia Heritage Flag

What might have been?  What if the Dutch would have invested some of their Indonesian Riches to establish a colony in Australia?  Perhaps New Holland would have been the name of the 6th continent instead of Australia.

This flag commemorates that fact that Australia's maiden name was New Holland before she was married to the UK and get her 'proper' name - Australia.  From the early 1600s until about 1828, the Dutch had a tenuous foothold on The Sixth Continent, but by 1829 all Dutch dreams of nation down under were dashed.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Red Hero Flag of Rhonda Byrne 2014

 The Hero Flag as portrayed in the Rhonda Byrne book Hero is a red pennant.  Here it is artistically positioned onto of a mountain.

Magic Eye 3D Flag

In the 90s the Magic Eye became a hypnotic phenomena.  In this picture here you can see a race car cross the finish line and more importantly you can see a flag being waved.  If the 50s had the hoola hoop, and Rubik's cube was it in the 80s, then the Magic Eye was it of the 90s.

Does your brain have background OS?  If you can see the flag here, they you do!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Central Asia Solo Flag

The Central Asia Solo flag is a geographic flag.  It can be flown anywhere in the longitude in between the most eastern point of Europe and most western point of Australia.

Eurasia Solo Longitude Flag

The Eurasia Solo Longitude flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the longitude where Asia and Europe overlap, beyond the east coast of Africa.  It is a narrow band and its definition depends.  The western boundary is the most eastern point of the African continent, while the eastern boundary is set by the most eastern point of Europe.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Asia, Africa, Europe equal longitude overlap flag - The General Trinity Zone Flag

The General Trinity Zone flag is a geographic flag.  It represents the longitude where Asia, Africa, and Europe all overlap.  Essentially a time zone of itself of the United Continents of the Old World - UCOW.  Green represents Asia, blue represents Africa, and yellow represents Europe.

Note Africa and Europe do not touch, but Asia touches both Europe and Africa.  This fact is represented  through the green triangle.  The red portion represents that no matter where a person comes from their blood is still red.

This flag can be flown anywhere between the most western point of Asia and most Eastern point of Africa.