Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Vexillological Trainline

The Vexillological Trainline is a flag arrangement from national to the ultra-micro political level.  Officially speaking the township/city/borough flag is the lowest political level of the US.  But below the township are several more personal levels: the Quadrant, Blockship, Hutship and Partship.  

Here we have a map of the world with two Vexillological Trainlines showing two "Engine to Caboose" flags from the personal ultra-micro political level up unto the national level.  On the West Coast by Los Angeles is the Vexillological Trainline of a fictional character from the Big Bang Theory Show.  On the East Coast is the Vexillological Trainline of a friendly neighborhood blogger. 

To quote Joseph Ridgeway Grundy, "If a man does not have pride in his own hometown, he isn't likely to give a rap* about his own country."

 *sometimes a letter 'C' can be placed in front of the 'R' when appropriate

Link to Grundy Quote:

Montgomery County Flag of Pennsylvania

The flag for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania consists of a horizontal tri-bar with the county seal in the center stripe, centrally placed.  It is your standard American Heraldic style.  The shield features a train passing a city and an arm holding several bolts of lightning.  On the hoist is a female supporter, while on the fly is a male supporter.  In the crest position is a heraldic headband with a balance held up by a human arm.

Quadrant Flags of Pasadena, California

Nations are ranked as a level 10 geographic division, then states are level 9, then counties are level 8, then townships and incorporated cities and boroughs are a level 8.  So what is below?  A level 7 division parcels the basic unit of a community into quadrants, as is done with galaxies. 

This the second example of a city, Pasadena, CA, being factored into separated quadrants.  Each quadrant gets its own flag based upon the level 8 flag or emblem.  Typically alpha quadrant flags use a red colour, beta quadrant flags use a yellowish colour, gamma quadrant flags use a green colour, while the delta quadrant is typically blue.

 The Pasadena Alpha Quadrant flag has a red field and white rose in the badge area.  Pasadena's Alpha Quadrant is where the Rose Bowl takes place.
 The Pasadena Beta Quadrant has a yellow field with a red rose.  It was here that a matching filed of quantum probabilities showed us the apparent roof of The Big Bang Theory Show.
 The Delta Quadrant Flag of Pasadena has long out stretched arm that reaches towards the mountains.  The filed is indigo and it has a pink rose as its badge.

The Gamma Quadrant flag has a field of green with a yellow rose with a black stem.  It is the smallest quadrant of Pasadena. 

Flag of Pasadena, California

The City of Pasadena became incorporated during the first round of the Grover Cleveland administration in June 1886.  The city seal features a royal crown with a golden key driving through the middle.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Continental Landmass Flag for the Super Continent Old World

Asia, Africa and Europe are usually counted as separate continents.  But in a certain sense the "Old World" is simply one enormously shaped island.  Even before the creation of the Suez Canal, Africa was linked to Asia or rather Eurasia.  Thus we have the Old World Super Continent Flag.

In this case yellow represents Europe, blue represents Africa, and green represents Asia.  Since yellow and blue make green, likewise Africa and Europe are both connected to Asia.  The three seven pointed stars honor the three names of the traditional continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Continental Body Flag for the North and South America

Since the "American Hemisphere" is interconnected as one large mass of land, from a certain point of view it can be thought as one really really really big island.  Even though the Panama Canal has cut it into two neat pieces this super island deserves a flag of its own.  Thus any nation or island that is closest to the Americas can fly the Americas Super Continent Flag. 

The red portion represents North America while the blue portion represents South America.  The seven pointed stars refer to the seven continents.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Partship Flag

The Partship is a micro-political unit concerning the locality commonly called the home.  The first Partship flag was presented to mainstream consciousness on The Big Bang Theory Show as shown on CBS.   Basically the Partship is the apartment unit where Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Leonard Hofstader live at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California.

But note, this show's actual address in our reality seems to be at 215 South Madison Ave, Pasadena California.  The apparent mix up of addresses is due to quantum multi-verse shift in apparent reality.  Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his gang do not exist in our normal universe but CBS studios has been able make contact with this nearly parallel meta-TV universe, as captured and produced by CBS television studios with the Screen Actors Guild.  Note the actors guild are something like the Navigotor's Guild as depicted in Dune who have the capacity to fold space and time, to travel without moving.  But in this case the American Screen Actors Guild are able to fold fields of apparent reality from multiple 'Multi-Verses' which get packaged into television shows.   

Long story short, the flag of Sheldon Cooper's Partship is composed of a yellow rampant lion.  Coincidentally in our local universe the flag of this blogger's apartment is a reciprocal counter charge: a blue lion on a yellow background.  

In the following clip of The Big Bang Theory Show you can see Sheldon Cooper "hang" the "Partship Flag" upside down.  Hanging a flag upside down is the standard procedure for help or distress.