Sunday, January 17, 2021

Thin Red Line Flag


The thin red line flag is a flag that is dedicated to fallen firemen.  You can see it here next the US flag with the state flag of Pennsylvania. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Lunar Twilight 2020 - the last night: Shima Uta


And then there was one. Tonight the last glimmer of 2020 streaks across the heavens.  Look up because the last Moon of 2020 fades to darkness.  After a day of waiting, on January 14, 2021 will the first Moon of 2021 begin. 

Since we started with a Japanese artist to contemplate Lunar Twilight, it only makes sense to close with another.  The follow song stems from men from Yamanashi Prefecture.  It is on the other side of Mt. Fuji.   However, this song stems from a folk song from Okinawa as converted into modern music in 1993.   

It is sad song of love and letting go, as we transition from one year to the next, it is more than appropriate.  This is an accumulation of the themes for Lunar Twilight 2020.  

Monday, January 11, 2021

Lunar Twilight 2020 - the eleventh night: Aha! the reprise with Deadpool

Lunar Twilight will be gone in a night or two.  The final embers of yesteryear is upon us.  When the last Moon of 2020 finally fades from the night sky on January 14, 2021, the first Moon of 2021 shall being anew with 2021.  

Of vexillological note in Deadpool 2, the ionic national symbol of Canada can be seen in the background: a red maple leaf on white. 

Coincidentally the scene is reflective of the original Aha! video where a man of artistic dimensions crosses over into another reality to invite a lovely lady upon a wonder lust adventure of the heart.  Although the hero of graphic novel will be gone in a day or two, they share a special moment in this realm of stories. 

Thus it is of perfect concord that a comic book movie should reprise for that ever enchanting song from 1984.  It is song that beckons us to follow our hearts and make that leap to the other side of mystery and the unknown.  Although danger may be present, this unreal dream of art is able to make an impression more real than reality itself.  

Like memories past that gain a certain gravity after they are gone, Lunar Twilight is that extra goodbye kiss from yesteryear that can sooth the aching heart.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Lunar Twilight 2020 - tenth night: Enya Only Time

Lunar Twilight 2020 is almost ended.  We have less than five more days until the first Moon of 2021 is created.  Right now, the last Moon of 2020 is nearly at an end. 

In Enya's video Only Time, there is some writing and what looks like several crosses and or other symbols.  As Enya walks through the seasons you can see direct symbolism with her song.  

Much of Enya's work harmonizes totally with the Spirit of Lunar Twilight.  Enya's music is especially appropriate during Lunar Twilight. 


This song resonates especially with Lunar Twilight.  A crystal clear resonance is conveyed with Enya's poetic rhythms painted hypnotic tones of pondering grace.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Lunar Twilight 2020 - the ninth night: Suspended in Time — Xanadu

The final approach 2021's first full night in upon us.  On January 14, 2021 will then only the nights of 2021 begin in earnest, since the first cycle of the Moon will start on that evening.  Until then, after sunset, the knights of 2020 trespass into the New Year.  

Time Suspension Crystals - a symbol?

During this transgression of yesteryear, one can savor the graces and gifts of long lost memories.  It is also a time of clemency and to say goodbye.  Never forget about the gleaning, gems of the past.  To pine for the past upon wishes granted during Lunar Twilight, is good.  For dark times of the now, allows their echoes of previous wonders to cast a spell upon memory.

 Cherish with loving detachment all of yesteryear's good.  Amen.   

Friday, January 8, 2021

Lunar Twilight 2020 - eighth night: Goodnight Moon


Wishing You a Lovely Lunar Twilight!

Above this the Lunar Twilight Candlemast.  It is starts out as row of candles at different lengths.  These candles countdown the remaining nights of last years Moon.  Ya see, for the first few nights of January, the nights is revert back to the 2020 after sunset, because first Moon of January is always born in December, unless there is a New Moon on New Years Eve. 

It will not be until January 15, that the first Moon of 2021 will begin its cycle.  So at the beginning of Lunar Twilight, which starts on the first evening of January 1, 2021 at sunset when it gets dark, the entire candlemast is lit.  Until the shortest candle burns out, then all the candles are blown out till the next evening.  Thus the first few nights of January always revert back to yesteryear, allowing extra time for clemency and to say goodbye. 

Lunar Twilight is a time to reflect and ponder that gift that was yesteryear.  2020 was a lovely year, although a tragedy for some it was blessing for all.  Things can always get worse, and the gift of each year of life is something to cherish, no matter what.  

 Of vexillological note is the one flag that appears.  In the picture of the cow jumping over the Moon, one can see a little mailbox with flag.  Also notice that the artwork is of the shapeshifting type, that varies page by page, as if the book were like a dream.  

 2020, I got your back!  You were the best year yet, Good Night 2020!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Lunar Twilight 2020 - the seventh night: Wash It Away by Black Lab

The last Moon of 2020 is in its final phase.  Although by the solar point of view, 2021 has become.  Yet at night, a remaining fraction of 2020 lights up the night sky.  Reason being, the first Moon of January was created last year on December 14, 2020.  Until, this last ember dissolves from the night's sky, then the days of and nights of 2021 will begin anew. 

In the video of the live performance at the Mercury, you can see a video watermark in the lower right hand corner.  This little design is an indicator of ownership.  In this case, the video mark is a lower case b to represent the band Black Lab.  

In this video, the song Wash It Away is performed.  This song beseeches Grace.  One of the most uncomfortable trials of life is that of regret and attaining the skill of simply letting go. Consequently this is a deep theme, to touch upon, during any Lunar Twilight.

In the end, some jewels of the human experience are forged in misery.  Upon a certain time, they are released and healed by mysterious forces.  What it becomes is something beautiful, precious, and powerful.  For, to attain these blinding jewels, one must suffer a humiliating, dreadful failure.  This humiliation can not be artificially forged, but comes upon the smile of the Fates, and delivered only whence the proper choice is made. Father Time and the Mother of Graces stand by to allow such tragedies to crystalize into something good.