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US Flag for all 74 American Sub-Federal Districts: 50 States, 16 non-states, 8 undecided entities

Officially speaking there are 50 States.  But there are additional sub-federal districts that are not represented on the official flag.  The most popular sub-federal non-state of the USA is the District of Columbia, Washington.  However there are more, 15 more to be exact.  Thus this flag gives total representation to all official 66 sub-federal districts.  

The badge is a shield of arms that has sixteen stars, to represent the sixteen sub-federal non-state districts.  The stars only have four points since they do not represent fully fledged states.  The official sixteen sub-federal districts are:

51 - Washington, DC
52 - Puerto Rico
53 - Guam
54 - American Samoa
55 - US Virgin Islands
56 - N. Mariana Is.
57 - Wake Island
58 - Palmyra Atoll
59 - Midway Atoll
60 - Navassa
61 - Johnston Island
62 - Baker Island
63 - Howland Island
64 - Swains Island
65 - Jarvis Island
66 - Kingman Reef

Additionally there is a white diagonal that has eight smaller red four pointed stars that represent the undecided parts of the world with an unresolved US Claim or are in a Compact of Free Association with the United States.  The C.F.A is up for congressional renewal, if it is not renewed then this flag will have to be altered minus a few red stars on the bend.

67 - Serranilla Bank 
68 - Bajo Nuevo Bank
69 - Ducie Island
70 - Antarctica
71 - Alto Velo Island 
C.F.A. - Regions
72 - Palau
73 - Micronesia
74 - Marshall Islands

Thus this US flag has noted symbolism that represents all 74 sub-federal areas of the USA: the 13 original colonies, via the 13 red and white stripes; 50 official states, via the 50 five pointed stars in the canton; 16 sub-federal non-states, via the four pointed white stars; and finally 8 four pointed red stars in the white bend of the badge that represent the five undecided land claims and three nations that are under the C.F.A.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Guantanamo Bay Flag - The Official Seal on a White Background Flag

Guantanamo Bay is a twilight part of the United States.  The official seal is aquageotic since a brown map of Cuba is visible in the center.  Two palm trees can be seen sprouting out of the head. CUBA is written in gold capital letters, likewise under the island it is written GAUNTANAMO BAY with three waves underneath.  Around the map is chain link and then it is states that is indeed a US Naval Base and redundantly one more time that it is Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

 If you could imagine the shape of Cuba being a giant blue whale then in between the lead-hand flipper and head is where Guantanamo Bay is located.  The trees sprouting out also look like water sprouts coming from the whale. 

Flag for the possible Future 13 States of the USA - State #53 to #69

Currently the United States in composed of 50 States, but in the near future more states can be added.  If technological progress continues, it is possible the 'unorganized parts of the USA' could become more habitable.  Perhaps underground Sealabs-Seacities will become the wave of the future?

This flag is for the possible 'Future 13 States' of the USA; theoretical states #53 unto #69.  The flag has a blue canton with 13 stars. In totality there are 66 official sub-federal entities in the United States. 

Official 16 'Bonus USA Territories' are:

51. The District of Columbia, Washington
52. Puerto Rico
53. Guam
54. US Virgin Islands 
55. Northern Mariana Islands
56. American Samoa
57. Wake Island
58. Midway Island
59. Palmyra Atoll
60. Navassa
61. Johnston Atoll
62. Baker Island
63. Howland Island
64. Jarvis Island
65. Kingman Reef
66. Swains Island

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thirteen States Flag Map Chart

This 13 States Flag Map Chart illustrates which states have claims to each of the 13 stars and stripes edition flag.  The Original Betsy Ross Flag has a certain charm, but it only represents the original 13, so in honor of each group of additional 13 states, they get their own distinct Betsy Ross Type of Flag.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flag for Americans born in an unknown location

A flag for Americans who don't know where they were born.  This flag will be used most likely by orphans and other Americans who are distant with their parents.  It may seem odd, but there are several thousand Americans who don't know where they were born, or at least the documents of the birth were lost.

The flag for Americans of an unknown origin has 13 stripes - seven white and six red.  The canton is white with thirteen red stars.

Famous Americans who did not know where they were born:
James Michener
Peter Francisco - The Virginia Giant
Andrew Jackson
Little Orphan Annie


Sunday, May 4, 2014

The flag of Oceania and Australia Continent

This flag uses the colours navy blue, sea green, and white.  The canton is sea green and has a navy blue star.  The seven pointed star represents the seven continents. 

 This flag is for Australia and land masses within its radius.  Thus this flag is for the area on New Zealand, Howland and Baker Islands, Guam since they are closest to the continent of Australia.  This included the western half of Indonesia that is also closer to Australia than to Asia.

Flag for the Continent of Asia

The flag of Asia uses the colours yellow, black, white, and yellow.  The canton is black with a yellow star. The seven points on the star are a reminder that there are seven continents.

This flag can be flown anywhere in Asia from Jerusalem, Tokyo, Calcutta, Mecca, or Kabul.  It is also to be flown on islands that are closest to Asia such as Cyprus, the Isle of Rhodes, and the western isles of Alaska. 

Flag of the European Continent

The flag for all of Europe - East, West, South, and North uses the colours white, black, and yellow.  The canton is black with a white star.

It can be flown anywhere on Europe and with the Islands that are closest to Europe including the Scotland, Ireland, and Crete. 

Flag of the Africa Continent

The continental flag of Africa uses the colour black, yellow, and white.  The canton is yellow with a black star. The star is seven pointed to echo the fact that there are seven continents. 

This flag can be flown anywhere on Africa and any island that is closest to Africa such as Malta and Socotra.

Flag for the Continent of South America

The flag of South America uses the colours red, yellow, green and blue.  The canton is blue with a green star. Seven points of the star are a reminder of the seven continents.

This flag is for the entire continent of South America and lands within its radius.  Thus Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and Barbados have rights to fly this flag since they are closest to South America.

Flag for the North America Continent

The flag of North America uses the colours black, white, and red.  The canton is black with a red star. The seven pointed star represents the seven continents.  The star has seven points since there are seven continents.

This flag is for the entire of Continent of North America including Panama, Mexico and Canada and islands that are closest to North America. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flag Chart for Americans born Abroad

Not all Americans were born in the USA.  So in honor of those Americans born in foreign lands, here are flags to represent which continent they were born.  Note that these flags are for American Citizens born in a foreign nation, Americans who later became naturalized, and immigrants on their way to becoming fully fledged American Citizens.

These flags match in rank to the state flags of regular born in the USA Americans.  All Americans no matter where they came from are a part of the official American flag, but these are sub-federal marker flags.

Also note these flags follow the geographic distance rule.  Thus Cuba born Americans should use the Born in North America Flag while Trinidad born Americans should use the South American Born Flag.  But Puerto Rico born Americans should use the Puerto Rico Flag.  But if Puerto Rico declares independence from the US, only then should Puerto Rico born Americans use the South American born flag, since Puerto Rico is closest to South America.

Flag for Canadian Born US Citizens

This flag is for Americans who were born in Canada or Americans who were once Canadian and became official US Citizens.

Why does Canada get its own flag?  Well Canadians have a unique bond with the United States unlike any other nation.  The US and Canada are fraternal nations of sorts in the same manner Peru and Columbia are fraternal nations.

Canadian born, later to become American Citizens:
Jim Carrey
Pam Anderson
Michael J. Fox
William Shatner
Alex Trebek
Peter Jennings 
Tommy Chong

Flag for US Citizens born in North America - Except Canada

A flag for Americans born in North America but not born in the United States or Canada.  Canadian born US Citizens get their own flag.  Thus US Citizens born in Mexico, The Bahamas, Belize, The Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Eastern Kiribati, St. Pierre and Miquelon, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Bermuda, Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Greenland, Central America and the southern portion of Panama attached to Costa Rica.

Note, this flag is not for Americans born in the former US Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands since they already have flags.  

List of North America Born Americans:
Carlos Santana
Heavy D
Paul Rodriguez
Guillermo del Toro
Gloria Estefan
Andy Garcia
Ricardo Montalban - Khan from Star Trek II
Jose Conseco and many others in MLB

Flag for US Citizens born in South America

The flag for Americans born in South America has a white field and 13 red stars.  It is based upon the Easton Flag and has thirteen blue and red stripes in the canton. Since South America is "under" the US and mostly below the equator the stars and stripes are reversed with a striped canton and star field.

Americans who were born in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, The Netherlands Antilles, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts and Nevis, Martinique, Barbados, Dominica, Falkland Islands, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Paraguay, and the northern portion of Panama attached to Colombia.  

List of South America born Americans:
Mike Judge: creator of Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill- Born in Equator-Land, note that Equator-Land is a direct English translation of Ecuador (which means equator)
Rodrigo Santoro 
Jordana Brewster 
Horatio Sanz
Morena Baccarin
David Neeleman - JET BLUE Founder
John Leguizamo 
Alexander Hamilton - The man on the $10.00 bill, note that Nevis is closer to the South American Continent than the North American Continent.  So Mr. Hamilton is a part of the South American-American Heritage Community.

Flag for US Citizens born in Australia and Pacific Oceania

This flag may look like the Easton Flag, but note the Easton flag has stars with eight points and a 13th star in the center.  In this case, the Australian or Pacific Oceania born Americans flag use five pointed stars in a circle.

Since most of the countries in Pacific Oceania are down under, the stars and stripes have been reversed - such that the stripes are in the canton and the stars are in the field.

Rupert Murdoch Fox News Network Pharaoh
Rick Springfield - Singer of Jessie's Girl
Heath Ledger - Legendary Joker from Batman

Flag for US Citizens Born in Africa

The flag for Americans born in Africa has a red field and Betsy Ross Canton and one white stripe.  It can be flown by Americans who were legally born in Africa or later in life became US Citizens.

The red field is taken from the association of red with the mythical link of the South with the Phoenix.

Africa born Americans:
Jean Grae
Dave Matthews

Flag for US Citizens born in Europe

The flag for European Born Americans has a white filed and Betsy Ross Canton and one red stripe.  The white filed represents the ancient association of the mythical White Tiger of the West. This flag is for Americans born abroad in Europe or who later became US Citizens later in life.

The area of land also includes the European regions of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Water is used as they key dividing lines separating continents, rather than land-mountains, thus the division between Europe and Asia is based upon four rivers: the Ural River and Mass-to-Ob River for the East-to-West Axis ; and the Kura River and Rioni River with the North-to-South between the two continents.  Water is the key element that creates a natural separation between islands and areas of land.

Thus Americans born in Georgia north of the Rioni River can use this flag.  Likewise Americans born in Russia west of the Ural and Mass-Ob River to the western wing of the Mass River can use this flag.

The majority of Americans born under this flag are US Military Brats born on US bases all across Western Europe with a heavy concentration in the western area of Germany.

Famous Europe Born Americans:
Bruce Willis
Albert Einstein
LeVar Burton
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Flag for US Citizens born in Asia

The Asian Born American Flag has a blue field and red canton with 13 white stars and a vertical white stripe.  The blue field represents the ancient Old World paradigm of the East being associated with the azure color of via the mythical Azure Dragon of the East.

This includes US citizens from the nations of Western Asia also known as Middle Eastern Asia or by a few as Mediterranean Asia-which includes Israel, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Yemen, Cyprus, and Lebanon.  It also includes East Asia: Japan, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Singapore, Brunei, South Korea and North Korea.  Not to forget Central Asia: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. And finally the Asian regions of Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

Famous Asian Born US Citizens:
Keanu Reeves
M. Night Shyamalan
Ang Lee

13 States Group Flag Chart

Since the Original 13 Colonies had their own flag, it's only fair that each additional 13 states get their own Betsy Ross type of flag.  Here are three more flags for the other states that were not a part of the Original 13.   These flags have the distinction as the New, Newer and Newest 13 states.

A US Flag for the Last Group of 13 States from the Dakotas until Hawaii - USA PART IV (1889-NOW) THE NEWEST 13

This flag is based upon the Legendary Betsy Ross Flag.  Although Betsy's claims may be less than original, Ms. Ross was a part of the first group of pre-official flag manufactures to make flags from that era, before June 14, 1777, and help the Revolutionary Cause.

Although only 13 states should have the right to fly this flag either North Dakota or South Dakota can fly this flag since the order of their entry is unknown.  When President Benjamin Harrison signed them into official status November 2, 1889 as virtual twins, he purposely singed them without knowing who'd be the 39th or 40th state.  So either Dakota can fly this flag.  Thus all the states to enter the union after the Dakota Twins can fly this flag: Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii.  There is still room for three more states to fly this flag so unofficially it can be flown on Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Guam.

The flag has a red canton with thirteen white stars and four red stripes, three blue stripes, and six white stripes. The blue stripes denote states with a coastline: Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.  The red stripes denote states on the inside of America that do not have an international border: Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. 

A US Flag for the Third Next 13 Group of States from Florida to the Dakotas - USA PART III (1845-1889) THE NEWER 13

This flag is based upon the Legendary Betsy Ross Flag.  Although Betsy's claims may be less than original, Ms. Ross was definitely a part of the first of American Women to sew flags from that era and help the Revolutionary Cause.

This flag is for the next 13 states that joined the union after the first two groups of 13.  Thus the states of Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wiscosin, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virgina, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, and either Dakota can fly this flag. 

Although only 13 states should have the right to fly this flag either North Dakota or South Dakota can fly this flag since the order of their entry is unknown.  When President Benjamin Harrison signed them in on November 2, 1889 he purposely singed them in without know'n who'd be the 39th or 40th state.  So both Dakotas can fly this flag.

This flag has a white canton with 13 blue stars to represent the third group of 13 states, the twenty-sixth state unto the thirty-ninth state, and four white stripes, three red stripes, and six blue stripes.

The six blue stripes denote states that have a coast line: Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The three red stripes denote the three states born during the Civil War-Secession: Kansas, West Virginia, and Nevada. The four white stripes denote the other northern states: Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and either Dakota.

A US Flag for the Next 13 Group of States from Vermont to Michigan - USA PART II (1791-1844) THE NEW 13

Since the original 13 Colonies have their own flag, it is high time that other states get their own flag.  In this case the next group of 13 states have a right to fly this flag.  The states that entered the union from Vermont to Michigan.  Thus this flag represent the Next 13: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, and Arkansas have the right to fly this flag anytime anywhere.  It is also a temporal flag representing the time frame from January 1, 1791 until December 31, 1844. 

This flag is based upon the Legendary Betsy Ross Flag.  It has 8 red stripes and 7 blue stripes.  The canton is blue and there are 13 stars for the subsequent states that joined the union from Vermont in 1791 unto Michigan an 1836.

 The seven red stripes denote the southern states that were born in bondage while the blue stripes denote the northern states that were born free. 

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