Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flags from movie The Secret 2006

 In 2006 the world was given a glimpse into the working of the magical and magnificent universe in the book and movie The Secret.  Mind over matter is an ancient paradigm, but the matters discussed in The Secret reveals a very real law that is beyond science and the traditional means of measure - the Law of Attraction.  Most important to this blog are the vexilloids that appear in this inspiring work and message to all.

In the emotional indicator chart of monitoring ones thoughts, scroll like streamers appear.  When your mood is on the wrong track, a shift in the mind to generate the right emotions is critical, otherwise more of the negative may come your way.  

Flags appear in a few of the short transition montages.  Here, a protest is taking place.  In the context of Law of Attraction, it is important for demonstrators to get their message out the right way.  Instead of partaking in an anti-war protest or anti-hunger rally, it is better to expend the effort in a pro-peace or pro-food abundance movement.  Note that this is not simply a relabeling of words to promote an idea, but rather a shift of the intention to meet a higher goal. 

The US flag for a short instant appears in The Secret and can be seen on the naval ship upon the right.

This delightful heart inspiring movie and book was written by Rhoda Bryne.  It puts great value on intention and the methodology of attaining ones dreams.

Note that Rhonda did not invent nor discover the Law of Attraction, but she did orchestrate a wonderful symphony of established individuals who bring life and expound upon the unlimited possibilities of properly using the Law of Attraction.


Another idea illustrated in The Secret was to create a vision board.  In this vision board a multitude of people from all over the world, are able to look past their differences, and feel the happy.

Will this come true?  According to The Secret as told by Rhoda Byrne it must, when we enter with the right intention, motivation, and action.  Many people stall on the action part, allowing fear, skepticism, or worry to hold them back.  But when a positive intuitive nudge pops in your head - JUST DO IT, ACTION, JUMP IN, GO, NOW! 

Why are all these people excited to read my book, because it's a groovy idea that illustrates synchronicity in action or rather it is objective proof of providence. At this point of my writing career I can testify that looking at things with a positive perspective does indeed cause a shift in more positive outcomes with the individual. 

Right now the vision of the book is complete and when my book, The Fraternal Flag Twins of the United States: an Illustration of Synchronicity and Providence, manifests in the material world, this blog post will become a sparkling shadow adding a golden nugget of truth that this 'Secret Stuff' aka The Law of Attraction really works.

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