Friday, January 31, 2014

Display of the Fraternal Flag Partner Phenomena - 2007 Doylestown Arts Festival

It was on September 9, 2007 at the Doylestown, Pennsylvania Arts Festival that the general public at large was exposed to my fraternal flag partner concept.

With special permission from the Univest Bicycle Coordinator and renowned cyclist, John Eustice, I was able to hang my flags in pairs on the potted plant street lamps that line the streets of Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  Right in front of my old apartment on Ashland Street are the flags of Ghana and Ethiopia blowing in the background.   

In the upper right hand corner is the so similar pair of Italy and Mexico. People often compare the flag of Ireland to Italy, and its well enough.  But a more harmonious overlap exists between Mexico and Italy.  The only major difference are the national coat of arms on Mexico's flag. 

 It a bit of a challenge to see but on the left side street lamp are my flag pairs hanging on either side of the flower baskets.

The winner of the face was from Italy - Mattia Gavazzi.  I surrendered my Italian flag unto him as a congratulatory gift.


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The flag of Germany and Belgium are Fraternal Partners in the upper left side
If you participated in this race the link to the placing results are here

First Photo of Ghana & Ethiopia


Link to the Doylestown Arts Festival Organizers

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Boo Boo Village - So That Other's May Party Flag

The Boo Boo Village flag was recently sent to me by a reader.  The flag is a play on a child's choice word for a physical injury - boo boo.  This flag belongs to a first aid group that helps people at social events. 

This flag was made by Nurse Obi Wan. Since this group operates under a First Aid setting, the Republic star is replaced by a Red Cross. Boo Boo Bear has a copyright tag to keep Warner Bros a little happier.  The bear is a symbol of strength, healing and family, which is what the medical teams strive for when serving festival communities. The motto is "So That Others May Party" which makes up the acronym S.T.O.M.P.

All the medics camp around the venue.  Allowing Boo Boo Village to be close at hand and support the participants and each other.  Generally they have their own cooking area, to dismis worries about any unwanted chemicals.  Boo Boo Village is a very real community of healing and hope.  So if you get a boo boo at a festival, look for the Boo Boo Village flag waving in the distance, they will help you! 

This blog post was co-written by me and Nurse Obi Wan.  If you have any flag ideas please send it to me!  I'll post it when I get the chance.   

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vexilloids in Cast Away - 2000

 In the year 2000 Tom Hanks starred in Cast Away.  Traditional flags do not appear in the film but vexilloids appear in non-traditional ways.The most noticeable vexilloid is the golden wind marker.  Like a flag this device communicates an idea for the observer.

The movie takes us to Russia, Tennessee, Texas, and Tahiti.  Cast Away is another grand slam hit from Robert Zemeckis  who can make opposite polarity 'Touch Stone-Disney Movies.'   Animated Disney movies are made for children on the surface, but adult themes give them an appeal for grownups.  Likewise Zemeckis makes movies for adults on the surface, but yet his movies often have an appeal for children and teens.

A close up of Chuck Noland examining the 'hoist' of his wind riding wind vexilloid.  It was originally made from a girl's dress.  It's purpose is for him alone to note the time for his exodus.

Another makeshift vexilloid in the film is Wilson's VHS video tape streamers.  In the movie Wilson is a volleyball that has become Mr. Noland's virtual companion.  Just as people talk to television during an athletic tourney, cars when driving becomes a challenge or toys, Wilson has become a virtual buddy of Charles.

Usually a mailbox has a metal red flag to indicate that something is ready to be picked up by the US Post Office.  However in this film it has been replaced with a metal feather.   In the background are the iconic feathers of hope that enchanted Chuck Noland to leave his dreadfully lonely tropical paradise.

Cast Away was more than just a survival film on a lonely island, it was a survival film for the human heart.  After the proverbial personal tower of the ego was smashed to pieces was Noland able to find an inner grace and strength to move forward.  


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flags from movie The Secret 2006

 In 2006 the world was given a glimpse into the working of the magical and magnificent universe in the book and movie The Secret.  Mind over matter is an ancient paradigm, but the matters discussed in The Secret reveals a very real law that is beyond science and the traditional means of measure - the Law of Attraction.  Most important to this blog are the vexilloids that appear in this inspiring work and message to all.

In the emotional indicator chart of monitoring ones thoughts, scroll like streamers appear.  When your mood is on the wrong track, a shift in the mind to generate the right emotions is critical, otherwise more of the negative may come your way.  

Flags appear in a few of the short transition montages.  Here, a protest is taking place.  In the context of Law of Attraction, it is important for demonstrators to get their message out the right way.  Instead of partaking in an anti-war protest or anti-hunger rally, it is better to expend the effort in a pro-peace or pro-food abundance movement.  Note that this is not simply a relabeling of words to promote an idea, but rather a shift of the intention to meet a higher goal. 

The US flag for a short instant appears in The Secret and can be seen on the naval ship upon the right.

This delightful heart inspiring movie and book was written by Rhoda Bryne.  It puts great value on intention and the methodology of attaining ones dreams.

Note that Rhonda did not invent nor discover the Law of Attraction, but she did orchestrate a wonderful symphony of established individuals who bring life and expound upon the unlimited possibilities of properly using the Law of Attraction.


Another idea illustrated in The Secret was to create a vision board.  In this vision board a multitude of people from all over the world, are able to look past their differences, and feel the happy.

Will this come true?  According to The Secret as told by Rhoda Byrne it must, when we enter with the right intention, motivation, and action.  Many people stall on the action part, allowing fear, skepticism, or worry to hold them back.  But when a positive intuitive nudge pops in your head - JUST DO IT, ACTION, JUMP IN, GO, NOW! 

Why are all these people excited to read my book, because it's a groovy idea that illustrates synchronicity in action or rather it is objective proof of providence. At this point of my writing career I can testify that looking at things with a positive perspective does indeed cause a shift in more positive outcomes with the individual. 

Right now the vision of the book is complete and when my book, The Fraternal Flag Twins of the United States: an Illustration of Synchronicity and Providence, manifests in the material world, this blog post will become a sparkling shadow adding a golden nugget of truth that this 'Secret Stuff' aka The Law of Attraction really works.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flags and other Vexilloids is Deepak Chopra's The Rabbit Hole Series: Journey to Englightenment

 Flags can be briefly seen in the internet short upon the Chopra Well on Youtube: Journey to Enlightenment, The Rabbit Hole with Deepak Chopra, uploaded on May 20, 2013.  Flags appear in the scene were cosmic consciousness is explained, during an overlay image of fisherman and a jungle.  The outline of several flags appear upon the fishing boat on the right, but it is nearly impossible to make out any detail.

Another vexilloid that is popular with its associations with youth is the hand held pinwheel wind catcher.  A rainbow coloured pinwheel vexilloid is held by a young boy who is full of joy running though a wheat field.

These series of videos, The Rabbit Hole, hosted by Deepak Chopra expounds upon the various ideas and ways to expand into higher and happier states of being.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Artistic Dream Vexilloid Projections - 1990 It must have been love by Roxette

In Pretty Woman 1990, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, distinguished vexilloids appear in the video for It must have been love by Roxette.

The song was originally written in 1987 as a Christmas Song by Peter Gessle.  But some songs get a second life, and this is one of them, becoming a world wide phenomenon.

Mirroring the essence of a flag, sheets wave in the back-and-foreground with images from the film, reflecting the ever so ethereal and whirlwind path of love.
Like the waving of political flags, the waving sheets in this video have the hearth to stir the heart.  Certainly they reflect the flowing feeling of Marie Fredricksson.  

In the wake of broken hearts, mysterious seeds of fate crystallize in the soul.  A demotion on the sunny side of public spaces, yet it is also a promotion unto the midnight eclipse of wondering stars.  As such, it is a rare invitation, an invitation to join the unbounded troop of enchanted artists of the night.   

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

US Flags in video for Dennis Leary's Song A-hole 1993

In 1993 the US flag made several spotlight appearances in Dennis Leary's official video Asshole. Using a charmingly jaded humor, Leary pokes fun at the American Dream with this song.

Leary is a comedic master at delivering over the top ranting reverse sarcastic humor that seems offensive and mean, but often comes with a positive and hopeful message, sometimes.

The video opens with a vain display of self absorption.  Several table top US flags lay next to silicone chest augmentations.

Here Dennis parodies a scene from the film Patton 1970, about what he thinks America should do to get itself back in a proper patriotic posture.  However the priest thinks General Leary is  going too negative and falling off the deep end.

Dennis Leary makes good upon his word by exercising his freedom by wiping his mouth, or maybe his nose, with the American flag.  Notice that there are several half eaten cheeseburgers in the windshield, presumably from McDonald's that were apparently packaged in the old fashioned non-biodegradable Styrofoam containers.

Flags in Voices of Babylon video - 1989 The Outfield

In the video for the Voices of Babylon by the Outfield - 1989 semaphore flags manifest in artistic cinematic overlays.  In one part, a gas masked director wielding what looks like a deuce of semaphoric flags as seems to direct winged troops, slaves, or perhaps unconscious sleeping workers.

As the song invokes the spirit of Babylon, an ancient solid echo of what looks like a master commanding a servant is speaking with some kind of vexilloid or flag upon a primitive engraving.

The song speaks of political and historical ties, yet the prose - lyrical dissonant - as in this post - is highly non-conventional and superfluously encoded to a feeling, and little to natural direct common meaning. Making it almost nil to logically impossible to perceive normal prosaic intention.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flags in the Lost Boys 1987

  A few flags appear in the ultimate 1980s teenage vampire movie The Lost Boys 1987.  Made in the heart of the 80s before the 1990s and far enough from the 1970s it is a flashback for the last generation to grow up before the internet.

Californian's are extra proud of their state flag and it's easy to spot in many a movie based in California.  It appears at the seaside amusement park of Santa Clara next to the American Flag at the top of the roller coaster.

Sales pennants appear in the introductory montage  sequence at the Fun Food Shack.  As the lights sparkle at night, pennant flag garland are the days natural balance.  Here the California and US flag are visible at the tippy top of the roller coaster.  A coming of age movie, peer pressure say no to drugs kind of movie.

Perhaps one of the best introductory sequences of the 1980s that introduced the younger half of Generation X to the Doors, in more ways than one.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Three Man American Flag Outfit - That '70s Show

Using the American Flag as clothing is officially against the quasi-legal US Flag Code.  But the code has never really stopped anyone from doing so.  Even during the 1800s, early 1900s, and today in the 2000s business often manufacture and promote clothing based on the motif of the US federal flag.  

One particular unique kind of American Flag Outfit was the 'Three Man-Flag' as shown on That '70s Show in late '90s.  In the episode when President Ford comes to visit the local town in Wisconsin.  The man in charge in coordinating the meeting decides to wear the three-man flag outfit, with his family. 

The father - Bob Pinciotti - is in the center wearing all stripes, his wife - Midge Pinciotti - is in stripes along the fly, and their daughter - Donna - is wearing the canton of stars.  Mr. Pinciotti also had them wave back and fourth, as if waving in the breeze. 

It is too bad that there are too many stripes, but that leaves the door open for another multi-flag man outfit. Perhaps a family of four or five is the best fit for such an outfit?

The styles of the decade change and fallout of the cool so quickly in the United States, but everyonce in a while a wonderous flashback is brought to attention in way retro-superior coolness.  That '70s Show is one of them.  Feeling nostalgic for the late 90s, 00s tv show?  Click here ---

Perhaps if you're a student?  Watching old TV shows will become a part of social studies-English class in the future?  A report of the Flying Nun or Andy Griffith show will certainly turn heads of the teacher. 

The Soda-Pop Can Streamer - from That '70s Show

 The soda or pop-can streamer is a home made craft vexilloid.  It is an accidental kind of vexilloid whose length is determined by the thirst of the person or persons who create it.  Like most other vexilloids it is not very useful, but is a kind of merit badge that somewhat accurately reports the beverage consumption of the persons involved. 
 Here Ashton Kutcher, Michael Kulso, adds another link in the line of soda-pop tabs.  An interesting side note is that when people throw a hissy fit over calling it "POP" or "SODA" they are not interested in coming to peaceful accord.  Rather they enjoy the mental-emotional skirmish of mentally wrestling.  If you are tired of such an inane and nearly pointless debate - it is best to call the pop-soda in question a carbonated beverage beforehand.
The gang of teenagers hanging out in the basement, notice the length of the soda can chain.  Note that beer, sparkling cider, seltzer, or carbonated water can tabs can be used in this manner. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Area is Below Sea Level Flag

A flag to indicate that an area is below sea level.  Thus this flag can be flown by the Salton Sea, Furnace Creek, California and most of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Photo Credits: Back Ground

Shark: White_shark.jpg: Pterantula (Terry Goss) at en.wikipedia  Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, August 2006. Shot with Nikon D70s in Ikelite housing, in natural light. Animal estimated at 11-12 feet (3.3 to 3.6 m) in length, age unknown.

Dolphin: Pantropical Spotted Dolphin = Category:Stenella attenuata, NOAA 2007

A geographic flag for the lowest point

A flag for the lowest point of particular area.  In this case it can be flown at Death Valley, which is 86 meters below sea level, that like 9 telephone poles deep.  The flag has blue field and white rectangular canton.   This flag can also be flown at lowest point of particular nation, state, sub federal district, or continent. 

Thus for each continent, it can be flown at:
- Lake Assal in Africa, 153 meters below sea level
- The Dead Sea in Asia, 423 meters below sea level
- Lake Eyre in Australia, 16 meters below sea level
- The Caspian Sea in Europe, 28 meters below sea level
- Bad Water, Death Valley, 86 meters below sea level
- Laguana del Carbon of Argentina in South America, 105 meters below sea level

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taxi Meter Flag from Who Framed Roger Rabbit -1988

The taxi meter flag is classic example of a useful flag with a heavy utilitarian purpose rather than referring to some group, corporation, or political agency.  Usually these flags are made of metal and indicate that the customer is being charged at the moment.

An animated taxi meter flag appears on Benny the Taxi Cab in Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988. Roger Rabbit was ground breaking cinema that also broke corporate barriers allowing Daffy and Donald Duck to appear in the film together.  It can be enjoyed by children on one level, kids on another, and finally it has plenty of mature humour.  The only thing left to discuss, is a sequel coming out?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flags in Legally Blonde - 2001

Happy New Year!!!  What better way to start the new year with happy vibes - ergo Legally Blonde........

Thirteen years ago Reese Witherspoon starred in the serious comedic courtroom drama - Legally Blonde 2001.   Notice the Harvard school coat of arms on the pillow. This court room dramedy, has several serious messages delivered in a light hearted manner, in a kind of angelic manner.

The first mantra which never gets old is to have faith in yourself!  Cause, it is so easy to dobut oneself, it's like a bad habit worse than smoking, that so many people can not quit.

Secondly, helping others sets off a karmic chain reaction that only ends up helping yourself in the long run - so freaking help others when your heart makes its little tingle.  If you don't know what that feels like, then think about low brow peoples who get tingles all the time like when they are 13, so...... the same thing happens in your heart all day - freaking follow it!!  A duh!?  Unlike low brow bottom tingles, heart centered tingles will always come back to you! 

Thirdly, Harvard is not all dry stuffy, snobby jerky wads on ego trips.  Yeah we, got em' there but a good percentage are like awesome people!  Besides jerky snobby people are like from any kind of college or work space.

Oops! forgot that like a bunch of neat flags show up in the movie.  The flag of Massachusetts appears a lot, as does the USA flag.  More original and obscure flags include a Harvard Law School pennant and the Harvard Gonfalone.  FYI (For Your Information) a Gonfalone is a big flag that is  usually hung from the topside and has a jagged cut bottom.

Oops time two, another important message of this movie is that just because I have pretty blonde hair dosen't mean that I don't care, I'm stupid, or self absorbed.  Finally, don't be afraid to be happy or nurture happy vibes.  Surely sadness has its place, but in the end we can turn that frown upside down!

New Years Day 2014

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