Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sword Arms and Tassels from Gremlins - 1984

 Tassels are often overlooked parts of a flag. Nonetheless they are important secondary aspects of a flag or vexilloid that are often overlooked.  In 1984 in the pioneering work of art was written by, like his name would suggest, Chris Columbus, tassels appear in the film - Gremlins.
The most noticeable tassels appear on the family cross sword of arms.  As in real, working, teaching, and private world, people often give a half-glutious max effort to fix things that constantly break down.  In this movie, one of the swords easily falls down when people walk by.  Rather than permanently fix the falling sword, they simply hang it up until the next unsuspecting heavy walker knocks it down.

In the background is a red and green Christmas tassel-rope.  Billy's mom, Mrs. Peltzer, can be seen standing in front of a Holiday Rope.

Finally, Billy Peltzer with Mr. Wing - the original keeper of Gismo - another Christmas rope-tassel in the archway is visible behind Billy. 


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