Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Four Corners Flag of The United States of America

Once you have sat, stood, or had each limb in the Four Corner's spot of the United States of America, you can fly this flag.  This is the one place in the United States where four states meet as one - through Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

The Four Corner's Flag takes four important symbols found on each state flag, uniting them in one grand flag  An interesting note is that this area is inbetween the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe - where they are all at the same latitude of 37 degrees north.

The Four Corners Flag geographically illustrates how the states meet on a typical map.  It is at the south-eastern corner of Utah, the north-western corner of New Mexico, the south-western corner of Colorado, and north-eastern corner of Arizona where America meets as a 'quadrinity.'

Only one symbol is taken from each flag.  In Utah's case only the beehive with circle are used with a variance in the color of the circle from yellow to red.  In New Mexico's case the Zia Pueblo Cross is saved.  From Colorado's flag the red letter 'C' is saved.  And finally for Arizona the bronze star is used in this special geographic flag that one can earn by traveling to this most unique and quite bizarre spot in America.

Although an enchanting spot of America it totally resides under the care of Native Americans on a reservation - the Navaho Nation

Photo Credit: Photo by Jan Kronsell, 2006

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