Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Western State in the USA - Heritage Geographic Flags

Right now the most western state in the union is Alaska, but before Alaska, eleven other states once held the title as Wise One of the West.  Going backwards before Alaska it was once Washington State, Oregon, California, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and finally Delaware.

From quick five days Delaware was the most western state from December 7, 1787 until December 12, 1787.

For three weeks the West Side Story of America was centered in Pennsylvania from December 12, 1787 until January 2, 1788. Thus the west coast was Lake Erie. How's that for a wierd fun fact?

Like a four year college Georgia was the most western state in the US from January 2, 1788 until June 1, 1792.

Like Georgia, Kentucky had a four year collegiate run as the first state to have the first west coastline.  And back then it was not upon the Pacific, rather France was across the body of water rather than Japan from June 1, 1792 until June 1, 1796.  In case you're wondering the 'coastline' was the Mississippi River.

Like amazing clockwork exactly four years after Kentucky was the most western state, Tennessee held the title of most western state from June 1, 1796 until April 30, 1812.

For 19 years Louisiana owned the West Coast Title of the USA from April 30, 1812 until August 10, 1821.

Just as Missouri has 24 stars, for 24 years Missouri was the Wise Man of the West from August 10, 1821 until December 29, 1845.

Texas was King of the West for relatively short 5 years from December 29,  1845 until September 9, 1850.

For 9 years from 9/9/1850 until Valentines day of 1859, California was truly at the western end of the United States of America - as the most western state in the entire union.

For a smooth 30 years from February 14, 1859 until November 11, 1889 Oregon was the Wise One of the West

For a full lifetime of 70 years, Washington State was the west end of America from November 11, 1889 until January 3, 1959.

Since Alaska is the most western state in the US, it gets to fly this flag without letters or dates - see it here.

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