Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Northern State in the Union Geographic Heritage Flags

Before Alaska was the most northern state in the Union, Minnesota was King of the North.  Before Minnesota, Michigan was King.  Before Michigan, Maine was King.  Before Maine, Massachusetts was King.  Before Massachusetts, Pennsylvania was King.  And as always Delaware was the original King of the North.

For five golden days, Delaware was the most northerly state in the union from December 7, 1787 until December 12, 1787 - when her big northern cousin Pennsylvania took over.

For a nearly two months from December 12, 1787 until February 6, 1788, and for the first Christmas and New Year's of the American Government - Pennsylvania was America's North Star.

For about 32 years from February 6, 1788 until March 15, 1820 Massachusetts was King of the North.  She was unseated by her recently separated Siamese Twin - Maine.

 Maine reigned as Lord of the North for 17 years from March 15, 1820 until little brother Michigan cut ahead on January 26, 1837. 

Michigan was North King for a good 21 year run from January 26, 1837 until May 11, 1858 when big and tall Minnesota swept up the title.

For a cosmically balanced 101 years Minnesota was the Lord North of North of American States from May 11, 1858 until January 3, 1959.  In 1959 Alaska joined the club and took several titles away from several states including the tallest, biggest, most west, and most north.

Alaska has been the undisputed Cold King of the North for more than 52 years.  Since Alaska is still reining North King, the flag goes unmarked and looks like  this - here.  For Australia the state of Queensland has the rights to fly this flag.

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