Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Eastern US State Heritage Flags

Right now Maine is the most eastern state in the Union, but this was not always the case.  Five states once the held the title of The Most Eastern State in the Union.  These are heritage geographic flags that remind us who they were.  Since Maine is the reigning Early Bird of the East, there should be nothing written on the flag.  Click here to see it

For 32 years the Early Bird special was dominated by Massachusetts from February 6, 1788 until March 14, 1820.  In 1820 Maine subsequently took over this luck spot.

For almost a month from January 9, 1788 until February 6, 1788 Connecticut was the most easterly state in the union.

For the first official New Year's and Christmas of the American Government under President Elect Washington, New Jersey was the most Eastern State in the Union from December 18, 1787 until January 9, 1788. 

For a quick six days Pennsylvania was the most eastern state from December 12, 1787 until December 18, 1787.  She quickly lost the title to New Jersey.

For five golden days Delaware was the most Eastern State in the Union. 

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