Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Chinatown Flags from Gremlins - 1984

Gremlins 1984 starts out in a fictional Chinatown.  This movie is something of an enigma to classify.  It is horror?  A Christmas Classic?  A fable?  A comedy? Science fiction?  Or a coming of age movie?  No matter, it is an original script that is timeless and enchanting that holds up against the fancies of time, and recommended mandatory viewing for middle school students.  It qualifies as in league with the Wizard of Oz and Star Wars or a Christmas Story.
After the adventure, it leaves a well warm heart coco x-mas charm.  It gracefully and almost by accident hints how the enchanting Spirit of Christmas can be corrupted if handled with little care, greed, or irresponsibility.

The director Joe Dante showing us the vast set that was only used for a small fraction of the temporary Burbank Chinatown of 1983.  Several flags are blowing in the background. Luckily with Spielberg as the producer this film was allowed to get a class act detailed expression.

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