Monday, September 9, 2013

Celebratory Wedding Drapery Flags from - The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2005

Flags are not only nationalistic emblems of pride.  In the comedic hit The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2005, celebratory wedding flags can be seen in the background.  Flags of this nature follow a natural flow of beauty and often have a romantic flare.  Here soft floral colors can be seen in the background.

 Courtship rituals in the modern world are a fancy subject of talk in private, in public, and on the street.  Often times it can descend into touchy dimensions, and can lead to harmful and abusive situations when handled with little care.
 In this film a man with deficient courtship skills becomes the hero in this original comedy that is a key snap shop of culture in the 20-ohs.  Wacky, honest, low brow, and pure in its intention - it pokes fun at the drama between men in women in a wonderfully charming light.
 At the end of the film we are granted an amusing musical number that wholly fits in the ethos of the movie, summarizing the tone of the new millenium to come.

Using humor to address the courting rituals in America at the dawn of the second millennium, The 40-Year-Old Virgin became a trend setting movie of its own make.  The recipe for this film is: three full bodied aged to perfection cups of humorous root-beer, two spoonfuls of sweet romance, sprinkled modestly with rainbow bitter low brow giggles, and topped with musical cherry!  It is a must see for adults young and old.

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