Thursday, June 27, 2013

State Flag Proposals of Bart and Lisa Simpson

In the 294th episode of The Simpsons, Lisa and Bart propose a new flag for their state.  Lisa's proposal uses the motto "To Fraternal Love."  However Bart decides to alter the flag to spite Lisa for bad mouthing his name to mom.

Bart's altered proposal brings it down a notch and uses a less than elegant motto "Learn To Fart."  Bart has corrupted the happy sun rise/set flag into a derriere, and the two people are no longer holding hands but jumping in joy or agony to escape the noxious fumes from the thundering sun-but.

When Bart and Lisa get lost in the woods, Bart covers Lisa with his "Bart-Mangled Banner."  But here, the flag has been edited back to the original more classy standard as originally designed by Lisa Simpson.

All by mere accident, Lisa Simpsons's flag echos upon my 'Fraternal Flag Partner Idea.'

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