Sunday, June 30, 2013

Harvey Birdman Lawyer Flags

 Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is comedic reboot of a 1960s cartoon superhero - Birdman.  In this adult oriented cartoon Birdman is a lawyer whose court cases deal with certain social issues cast with wild off the wall humor.

The show often takes modern hot button political and legal issues and sugar coats them with humorous outtakes without the extreme vulgarity of modern cartoon or being too upfront.  It is often the case that hot button topics not directly talked about, rather many of the jokes are to be read in between the lines. Also the tempo of jokes flies at the viewer at light speed.

In the original courtroom the flag of the United States is clearly visible but there is another flag whose identity is not clearly identifiable.

The mystery flag is most likely the state flag, but no state in the union uses such colors in such a pattern of yellow and blue. 

 The yellow and blue striped Harvey Birdman State colours can be seen in the background.  The unknown state flag seems to vary in the number of stripes? 
Here Harvey Birdman is holding the American Flag.  He is trying to find an outlet of where a certain robotic device is plugged into. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

DS9ers Baseball Pennant - Star Trek Deep Space 9

The baseball pennant of the Deep Space Niners appears during one of the episodes of Deep Space Nine.  The commanding officer of the space station Deep Space Nine is Benjamin Sisko, played by Avery Brooks.  In an old college-colleague rivalry Sisko takes up the challenge of playing the logical Vulcans on the virtual Holi-deck, which is basically like a walk in 3D holographic video game.

The pennant of the Niners has a blue blackground with the logo of the team - which is a baseball with a red outline of the space station.  Although the space station is not of human design it has been adopted by Captain Sisko.  The Niners team is made up of mostly humans but the team also includes a Klingon, Ferengi, Trill and two Bejorans. 
Sisko is able to recruit ball players from Deep Space Nine to play baseball against the ruthlessly logical Vulcans.

 Score board of the Deep Space Niners home filed.  It looks like the Niners will not win this one, nonetheless they are are able to celebrate the small victories against the Vulcan Logicians team.
 When Jake is on the pitching mound the flag of the Federation can be seen in the background.  The flag of the United Federation of Planets consists of a blue background with the logo of the Federation.  By current vexillological standards it is a 'bad flag' or 'S.O.B.'  But since I go against the grain of most vexillologists, in my estimation it is fine and fantastic flag.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

State Flag Proposals of Bart and Lisa Simpson

In the 294th episode of The Simpsons, Lisa and Bart propose a new flag for their state.  Lisa's proposal uses the motto "To Fraternal Love."  However Bart decides to alter the flag to spite Lisa for bad mouthing his name to mom.

Bart's altered proposal brings it down a notch and uses a less than elegant motto "Learn To Fart."  Bart has corrupted the happy sun rise/set flag into a derriere, and the two people are no longer holding hands but jumping in joy or agony to escape the noxious fumes from the thundering sun-but.

When Bart and Lisa get lost in the woods, Bart covers Lisa with his "Bart-Mangled Banner."  But here, the flag has been edited back to the original more classy standard as originally designed by Lisa Simpson.

All by mere accident, Lisa Simpsons's flag echos upon my 'Fraternal Flag Partner Idea.'

Flags in the Governor's office from the Simpsons - 2002 Season 14, Episode 294

Did you know the state where the Simpson's live has its own unique flag?  In one episode when Bart and Lisa visit the State Capitol not only do we see the state flag of the Simpson's State, but there are two others flags in the Governor's room.  It looks like the other flags are reserved for persons of high office.  The flags have the same design as the state flag but differ by colour.

This is actually how it really is as for many states.  The governor's flag for Pennsylvania and Michigan use the same design as the official state flag but with differing colours.  Thus the same thing seems to be happening in the imaginary Simpsons' state.

It makes sense to assume one is for the Governor and the other might be for the Attorney State General or Governor General.

State Flag from The Simpsons - Season 14, Episode 294 "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade"

The state flag America's most longest running fictional TV family was revealed to the public in 2002.  The inspiration for the flag most likely came from the design of Arizona.  But instead of a copper star in the center, there is a Confederate Battle flag.

We learn about the Simpsons' state flag when Bart and Lisa visit their state's capital.  The subject of the most popular imaginary Springfield State flag is brought up when the one of its citizens requests for a new design since the state is a Northern State.

Flag of Kurume Chikusui High School Japan

Kurume is a middle sized city in Japan, not to big and not too small.  The flag of Kurume Chikusui High School is typical of most school flags.  It has green field upon it with the Chinese Kanji Symbol for High or Upper in yellow with an emblem of three leaves on white.   The name of the School is printed in Japanese along the hoist.  It also has a rich golden fringe.

 Here the flag is flying on the school campus with the national flag of Japan in the center and the flag of Fukuoka on the right.  The flag of Kurume Chikusui High School is green on the right less the fringe. 

Kurume Chikusui High School is a technical school with five different  courses of study: Biotechnology, Food Processing, Land Scape Design, Culinary Arts, and finally Social Welfare.

you can visit the official school site here or upon it rather limited English Language Page Here

Here is the school song.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

True Colors Vexilloids - Cyndi, Phil & Kodak

 The True Colors song was originally written by William Steinberg and Tom Kelly, but the theme became famous under the guidance of Cyndi Lauper, Kodak, and Phil Collins.  All three entities and the original songwriters have gained abundantly.

Several vexilloids appear in the three versions of the song.  First in Cyndi Lauper's version the tassel on the elderly professor qualifies as vexilloids.  Every high school graduate knows of this badge of academic brilliance.

 During the building of the sand castles little flag poles made out of sticks are inserted on the tops, and invisible flags are to be imagined flying.

 In Phil Collin's rendition of True Colors white kites flying up top above the 'devil' boy have decorative white streamers.
 Finally probably the most known flags-vexilloids associated with this song, stem from the 1980s classic Kodak commercials.  In one version there were made in honor of Olympic Pride.

The flag of rhythmic gymnast is beautifully portrayed in the background.  She is holding a long colourful rainbow streamer flag.

The most flaggy of the vexilloids to appear in a Kodak True Colors Commercial appear during the scene of the little girl by the beach with "Rainbow School" Flag that has a blue background and free style rainbow upon it.

All that's missing now is children's book!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Love Catcher Vexilloid - Shift 2009

In the film Shift 2009 unique vexilloids appear at the wedding party.  This special vexilloid can be described as a 'Love Catcher.' 

These vexilloids are white ghost-like flags with a red heart attached to the center.   It seems that a Love Catcher has the ability to absorb the spirit of love and amplify it with the power of the wind.

These special vexilloids appear at the 'before wedding' reception and on the beach surrounding the wedding party. 

The Shift 2009 features the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer who gives advice to adults to develop a deep and rich meaning minus the judgemental ego.  

A Love Catcher is in between the bride and groom.  Perhaps the most wonderous and magical of vexilloids, which expands the power of love with a gentle breeze.

Arms of the Academy of Magic - Howl's Moving Castle 2004

  The Academy of Magic is partially run by the government in Howl's Moving Castle 2004.  In this universe magic is practiced openly and used by the government.  One of the leads in the movie has been drafted by the military because of his powerful magic, but he has become draft-doger and refuses to become a part of the war machine.  Thus he hides in the wastelands so the Magical War Queen does not get a hold of his powers.

The arms of the Royal Academy of Magic features two winged lions holding up a shield of arms of the national colors - pink and yellow.

The movie centers on a girl who becomes aged by a wicked witch.  Here the old-girl travelst unto the Royal Academy of Magic to petition the Magical War Queen to defray military service.  Howl's Moving Castle is like the reverse of the Frog Princess but so much more, in this case a beautiful young girl turns in to an elderly woman and must help a dropout talented wizard get back on his feet so she can become a young girl again.

Kinda' like Harry Potter, but in this universe Magical People are out in the open and used by society.  In a way science is no different to magic since these people manipulate the matter of the universe to also make war chariots and enchanted weapons of mass destruction.  

Here a guard hold a vexilloid fashioned of military-ceremonial manner. 

This is the Japanese Harry Potter, a must for fans of Anime and Magic. The Magical Test scene with the Queen is just mind blowing - you have to see it in the dark and with your full attention, it will blow your mind.

Military Flag's From Howl's Moving Castle - 2004

 During the parade scene in Howl's Moving Castle - 2004 several colouful military flags can been seen in the town parade.  Although a Japanese film, the storyline takes place in a fictional European like setting of somewhere in the fantastical Meiji Era, when Japan had awoken to Western Civilization.

In this time frame of Japanese History was seen as a glorious ear, before WWII.  When Japan like all the other nations of the world had the legal right to use military force. 

 One flag features three black birds facing the hoist on a field of red.  Another has a red cross fimbrated in white on a green field with a yellow frame, another has pink Canadian Pale with the national arms in the center, one has a red satire with yellow fimbration on light blue, another feature a bend in purple fimbrated in yellow with a rich red-purple background matched to another flag with a purple bend with white fimbrations on a yellow background, finally a navy blue flag with the upper white stripes with yellow fimbrations can be seen in the parade.

Flags from Howl's Moving Castle 2004

 In the epic work of moving art Howl's Moving Castle 2004 by Hayao Miyazki, flags make a pronounced appearance in the film. 

Miyazaki is the Walt Disney of Japan, or rather Walt Disney is the Miyazaki of the United States?

 Coincidentally Miyazaki's Japanese based films have been exclusively distributed by Walt Disney in the American Market.

The flag of the fictional Euro-Asian nation uses a seven horizontally striped flag of yellow and pink.  But there are two versions as one has the national arms on it while another does not.

The national arms consist of a white cross on blue with a red border and small coronet at the helm.

Here the parade flags from the military decorate the streets.  The drapery like streamers also carry the colors of the nation - officially called bunting.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

North Carolina Flag in the moive Nell 1994

Nell 1994 was a real life version of Edward Scissor Hands.  Starring Jodie Foster as a virginal backwoods woman whom grew up isolated from society in the pristine hills of North Carolina. 

She is challenged by the approaching money hungry press of the modern world and egghead scientific community, that want to study her like some kind of E.T.

Nell asks us to take a look in the mirror and ponder our own realities and biases of the moment.  Since it takes place in North Carolina, we gets to see the North Carolina flag flying high in the sky just below the US flag the local courthouse. 

Some of y'all may recgonzie that the ol'North Carolina flag strikes a similar fancy to the state flag of Texas?  Again this aint no accident in my estimation, it is the footprint of whatcha' one calls 'Providence.'  All these things be happinin for good reason, and sometimes you are not supposed to know how but just feel it, your thoughts be doing a no good at many time.

But didja' ever wonder what English sounds like to a Chinese Person who never heard a lick of English?  It's hard to fathom, but I reckin' Miss Nells be a speaking is maybe kinda' like that? 

If you wants to see a movie that'll make you think, or rathers feels of the beaten path and are tired of the craptauclar big budget fireworks cartoon Hollywods movies, check this one out - and go outside for God's Sake!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Haiti Flag in the 'Dollar Bill' Song - Sweetest Girl 2007

 In the video for the song Sweetest Girl 2007 by Haitian American rapper Wyclef Jean. The flag of Haiti appears several times.  In the background of a tent and worn on Wyclef Jean's head as a bandana.  The song also features vocals from Niia and Akon, as well as rapper Lil Wayne.

 Notice the Haitian Flag along the far wall of the tent.  The song is a virtual film within a song.  It touches on the themes of greed, pride, and rule of law.

The things people will do for money - kill, fight, and sell their bodies and souls.  When people live so good and making a living is so hard, not so friendly cultures can emerge in the wake of such avarice.

Astrological Royal XIII - East merges with West Capricorn and the Year of the Goat

The Zodiac of China and Rome align easily with a few signs like Leo-Tiger, Ox-Bull, Sheep-Ram, and Snake-Scorpion.  But Capricorn and the Year of the Goat are the odd balls.  They are both Janus-faced signs that align with two Zodiac Signs. 

Coincidentally both the Goats from the Eastern and Western Zodiac have two forms.  In the West we have a Goat and a mythical Seagoat.  Which is correct?

It seems the debate will go on forever, but the key is that there are two forms for Capricorn.  Amazingly in the Eastern Chinese Zodiac the same thing happens with the Year of the Goat, which is often referred to as the Year of the Sheep.  Which is correct the Goat or Sheep?

Ask an astrologer from the East and you'll be caught in the same conundrum as it is with Capricorn.  Some will pick a side, some will say both, some will say it depends, and some will say it does not matter.

But in the big picture, the harmonious synchronicity is that the essence of the goat exists in both the Eastern and Western Zodiac.  And a second layer of synchronicity is added that both goats and have two 'competing' forms.  With this layer of charm, Capricorn has been blessed with two Zodiac Royal partners: The Year of the Goat/Sheep and The Year of the Pig.

From the other Eastern point of view, the animal positioned in between The Year of the Monkey and The Year of the Horse also has two Royal Partners: Capricorn and Aries.  How harmonious is that?

Thus a person born during the Year of the Goat-Sheep and under the sign of Capricorn or Aries is an Astrological Royal - by being an Aries Royal or Capricorn Goat Royal, respectively.  

But in order to distinguish between the two types of Capricorn Royals a slight variance in name is in order.  Capricorn to Year of the Pig Royals are simply Capricorn Royals, but Capricorn to Year of the Goat matches should be called Capricorn Goat Royals. 

Famous Capricorn Goat Royals include: former UN Boss Javier Perez de Cullar, Martin Milner of Route 66, Dian Fossey who studied the Gorillas in Central Africa, Joseph Cardinal Zen a Chinese Cardinal in East Asia, Dabney Coleman, singer John Denveractor Ben Kingsley, president of Sudan Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, Led Zepplin lead Jimmy Page, boxer Joe Frazier, Shelley Fabares, fomer leader of Australia Paul Keating, actor director Mel Gibson, Iron Chef Chen Kenichi, talking head Bill Maher, actor David Caruso, leader of Georgia the Nation Mikheil Saakashvili.

Other famous stars include: Patrick Dempsey, Diego Luna, rapper Yelawolf, Richie Faulkner, actress Rachel Nichols, actress Zooey Deschanel, Jason Segel, Eden Sher, Chloe Bridges, US Olympian and Dancing with Stars Champion Shawn Johnson, Logan Lerman, and Kaitlyn Maher.

Coincidentally as the actors who play Spock and Captain Krik are Astrological Royals, fate has it the doctor of the Enterprise, DeForest Kelley is a Capricorn Goat Royal.  Thus all three main characters of the original Star Trek television series are Astrological Royals - and all three are Royals under the Janus-faced Year of the Sheep/Goat.  Finally one more original Star Trek Astrological Royal - Sulu, played by George Takei is a Taurus Royal.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Astrological Royal XII - West meets East Pisces and the Rat

The last sign of the Western Zodiac makes a harmonious whole is the first sign of the Eastern Zodiac - the Rat and the Fish, or rather the Rodent and Twin Fish, Pisces.  They mark the beginning and ending of both cycles.

The rodent, in this case a squirrel, is an ancient organism as ancient as the fish.  The spirit line, or genetic line of the squirrel has been around since the age of fishes during the Divonean period some 420 million years ago.  Although the body form of the rat or squirrel was nowhere to be found, an element of their being was one in one with the fish.  Indeed all fish today from sharks, to sunfish, to minnows like the squirrel have a great great great......great grandfather and grandmother who was swimming in the oceans back then.

However the squirrel spirit line has chosen to leave the waters and hold on to its cunning and playfulness, refusing to become a slave to others, while the twin fish are in essence the Western Version of Yin and Yang or rather - boy fish and girl fish.

Pisces Royals include: former South African Leader F. W. De KlerkBilly Crystal, Elaine Paige, Adam Clayton of the band U2, Shaquille O'Neal, Xing Huina, and a woman who lives up to the name Pisces Royal Ye Shiwen.

A living Pisces Royal, who is also an official Royal, is Crown Prince, Naruhito who is in line to become the next Emperor of Japan.  But of course, the most famous of all Pisces Royals to ever climb a tree or swim in the water was none other than the first President of the United States of America: George Washington.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Astrological Royal XI - East meets West Libra and the Dragon

The Zodiac is an ancient custom perpetuated from long ago, and alive in its own form as serious and lighthearted business.  No matter how much the modern world tires to overlook its significance, it has been a constant force through the ages.  There are two primary Zodiacs alive in the human consciousness - one from the East and one from the West.  Both Zodiacs uses 12 totems to represent their divisions.

It is such that every person has two Zodiacs: one from the East and one from the West, but every so often there is a harmonious alignment whereby the signs match in a special partnership and create an Astrological Royal.  The East-West high harmony partner for Libra is with the Year of the Dragon.

Libra and the Year of the Dragon are the two emblems that are rather distinguished from the others.  In the Eastern Zodiac the regular animals often found on the farm or nearby jungle are included, except for the mystical Dragon.  Likewise in the Western Zodiac the signs are all alive: as either people, animals, or mythical beasts.  However Libra the Balance stands a part as a non-living totem, in a parallel rhythm so to does the semi-mythical Dragon does with the Eastern Zodiac.

Libra is the hallmark of Western thought that represents mathematical precision, science and technology.  While the Dragon is another point of power for the Eastern Mind, and represents the invisible intuitive mind.  Libra represents the rational mathematically measurable reality all around us, from computers, money, temperature, and numbers.  On the other hand the Dragon represents the irrational passionate feeling side of reality all around us, and not just within us.  The mystical immeasurable forces are the essence of the Dragon.  Dragons exist but come from a different reality in the immeasurable realm of mind, in the end no one will ever be able to measure the Dragon, but rather only feel its essence.  

Here is a short list of famous persons born as a Libra Royal with a natural inclination for both the passionate intuitive Eastern Dragon Spirit, nicely balanced with the technologically precise balanced calibration of being: former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, writer Elie Wiesel, Chinese leaders Li Peng and Zhu Rongji, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Beverley Johnson , Clive Barker, actor Jeff Goldblum, writer sitcom creator Chuck Lorre, actress and comedienne Janeane Garofalo, Phish front man Trey Anastasio, singer Chang Chen, actress and singer Yoon Son-ha, actor Ryan Reynolds, rapper ASAP Rocky, model Ragasya, basketball player Kevin Durant, and singer Frankie Jonas.

Perhaps the most powerful leader, singer, and thinker of the modern world, born a Libra Royal, who was a leading voice of the Western Cultural Revolution - front man of the Beatles: John Lennon.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Astrological Royal X - East meets West Capricorn and the Pig

The Year of the Pig's astrological partner in Capricorn the Seagoat.*  The Year of the Pig is the last sign of the Eastern Zodiac marking the ending and beginning of a new cycle.  However Capricorn marks the end and beginning of the Western Calendar - Capricorns rest on both sides of the old year and new year.

The Year of the Pig is the sign of enjoyment, to live it large and scrape up the leftovers in a kind of celebration, just as the end of the year is a time to kick back and enjoy dwell upon the fruit of labor, pain, and joy of the ending year.

Capricorn Royals include Max Roach drummer, Ted Lange of the Love Boat, the singer Kenny Loggins, movie director John Carpenter, singer Ronnie Van Zant, actor Carl Weathers, singer Tracey Ullman, actor Val Kilmer, singer Micheal Stipe, singer Ricky Martin, singer Dido, and actor Zach Mills,  

*Capricorn and Year of the Goat?  More to come! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Astrological Royal IX - East meets West Virgo and the Rabbit

The feminine essence of Virgo the Virgin is reflected in the Year of the Rabbit.  Thus when it is the Year of the Rabbit and a person is born a Virgo, she or he is an Astrological Royal.  The rabbit is a symbol of fertile abundance with a feminine temperament. Soft and docile like the persons who are Virgins to experience.

Virgins represent the purity of innocence, like a baby or gentle rabbit.  Ignorant of the harsh truths that may await a persons path, the path of the Virgin and rabbit is usually non-agressive. Out of all the wild animals in a forest, the rabbit maintains its dignity and spirit to run free - no horns, no claws, no rabid teeth, nor any loud barking noises or roars.  The peaceful and docile rabbit is a good match for the non-jaded uncorrupted innocent Virgin.

Likewise Virgo usually holds a grain in her hand - may it be wheat, barley, rice, or corn, it is a symbol of abundance, likewise the rabbit is a signal of abundance and positive directions.

Virgo Royals include: movie star Lily Tomlin, star from East  Michael Tao, rapper Easy-E, baseball player Randy Johnson, Richard Marx, Peter Ho, Liu Yifei, actress Evan Rachel Wood, rapper Wiz Kalifah, Tyler Hoechlin, actress Danielle Panabaker

A real official royal who also happens to be a Virgo Royal is Prince Nikolai of Denmark.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Astrological Royal VIII - East meets West Aquarius & the Dog

The Water Bearer, Aquarius, is partnered with the Dog as an Astrological Royal.  The association between Aquarius and The Year of the Dog may not seem so obvious, but they have some common elements.  One is master to man, while the other is master to the King.  The Kings cup bearer must be a loyal subject since he gives the live sustaining element of water and has the ability to assassinate the King.  Likewise the Cup Bearer is the most loyal of servants to the royals.  

Aquarius Royals are hard to come by since the Chinese New Year overlaps at different times during the sign of Aquarius.  Currently the most famous Aquariuses Royal are talking head Keith Olbermann, actress Linda Blair, actor Blake Clarke, Chinese Writer Lao She, singer Adam Lambert, comedian Dick Martin, NBA Star Jameer Nelson, rapper Gorilla Zoe. The man from the 'Loyal Half of Virginia' who broke the sound barrier Chuck Yeager.