Saturday, April 6, 2013

Geographic Flags - Trinity Flags for Estonia, Uganda and Saudi Arabia

 What do Estonia, Uganda, and Saudi Arabia have in common?  They typically eat, sleep, cry, love, hope, and pray in the same general time zone.  More or less their circadian rhythms are all in sync as they all have territory that is aligned by the direction of north to south.

Because of the geographic artifact they all privy to a Trinity Flag where Asia, Africa, and Europe come together at the same time.

Uganda is south of Estonia, huddled along the rift valley on the shores of Lake Victoria. 

 Mecca is in the Trinity Zone but at the latitude of Africa and Asia only, and unfortunately does not have her sacred waters flow into the Mediterranean Sea, but fortunately her waters do flow into the Ocean of Mystics - the Indian Ocean. 
Estonia is nominally a part of Eastern Europe and due north of Asia and Africa. No part of Europe proper has head waters in the Ocean of Mystics but Europe does have her own private European Only 'Northern Mediterranean Sea' which includes the Baltic and 'Germanic Sea' which is officially called the North Sea.

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