Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Red Flag in Carl Jung's Red Book - "Liber Novus"

In the first illustration of Carl Jung's personal, mystical and poetic confession The Red Book: Liber Novus a ship with a red flag appears near a harbor.  Liber Novus is a hand written book by one of the leading and pioneering scientists to explore the human mind from a modern point of view.

The coincidence of a ship with a red flag in the first image of the The Red Book is a classic example of what Dr. Jung would call "Synchronicity."  But if you rewind the timeline 200 years earlier to the 1600s they would call this phenomena "Providence."  Perhaps in another 200s years in the 2200s another mind will repackage this idea with slightly different details?

Mr. Jung was of that gifted generation to grow up in the 1800s live through two world wars and witness the dawn of Earth's space age. He lived in a time of transition from horse and buggy to the age of space ships and when texting was simply dots and dashes. Unfortunately this generation has all passed and now we are born surrounded by technologies that direct our civilizations.

You can also see what seems to be the flag of France in a small border illustration near the top. The illustration is of a war scene. 

This is the first page in Dr. Carl Jung's very personal narrative.  It was published in 2009 forty eight years after his death in 1961. 

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