Sunday, March 24, 2013

Missouri Middle Max Flags for Nations on par with Missouri

Missouri is the first state in the Union to be in totality at both African and European latitudes, with regard to the continents.  California and Nevada are the only other two states to have this unique geographic point of view, meaning only these three states can legally geographically speaking claim to know a sweltering and sizzling hot African summer day, bitter European Winter night, and the gentle days of fall of autumn.

Likewise there are nations that fall into the Missouri Middle Max line of geography which is based upon the north south alignments of the continents of Europe and Africa. The nations of Japan, Korea, China, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan all qualify for a Missouri Middle Max Flag. A Missouri Middle Max flag has the 24 star circle imprint that originates from the Missouri Flag.  Thus these nations are the climatic know-it-all.  Like Missouri this gives them a deep gut gumption to do it their own way and in many ways.  And their worst enemy is often themselves, since they can have political jocks on extreme ends, I suppose.   What I means is that just as Missouri has extreme right wing agents that want it their way or the highway, and extreme left wing huggle-bears willing to do anything, and regular folk that just wants to be happy and left in peace.

Thus these states and nations have the 360 degree point of view, so they have been fated to get a star for each hour of the day, since these places can see the problem from all point of views.  So it seems.

Anyhoo, these flags are simply totems to 'show yous' that they are geographically similars like Missorui with a proverbial 24 hr/360 degree perspective on the earth or something like that.

 The China Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Chinassorui Middle Max Flag

 The Afghanistan Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Missorafistan Middle Max Flag

 The Japanese Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Japassouri Middle Max Flag 

 The Iranian Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Missourianian Middle Max Flag 

 The Turkmenistan Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Turkimissourinistan Middle Max Flag

 The Korean Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Korissouria Middle Max Flag 

  The Turkey Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Turkissouri Middle Max Flag

The Iraqi Missouri Middle Max Flag
The Missouraqui Middle Max Flag

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