Friday, March 29, 2013

Geographic Flags -Trinity Flags: Russia, Israel, & Ethiopia

Trinity Flags are for nations that reside in a special geographic zone in between all three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. This region of earth is defined by the most western point of the Asian Continent in Turkey and the most eastern point of Africa in Somalia. 

In this longitude all three Old World Continents are in alignment.  It is here that Africa, Asia, and Europe eat, pray, work, live, love, marry, and dream together since the first written word of time.

The design is reflective of the geographic overlap of Europe, Asia, and Africa.  The triangle by the fly represents Asia, the upper trapazoid represents Eruope, and the lower trapazoid represents Africa.

Ethiopia is due south of Europe and Asia, thus it qualifies for a Trinity Flag.  Ethiopia's Trinity flag uses the same colours of its official national ensign.

 Coincidentally Israel is in the middle of it all sandwiched in between Africa and Europe, yet an essential part of Asia.
Russia is lies at the top of this special geographic corridor where a trinity of continents meet in between 26 degrees east to 51 degrees east.  It really is basically 25 degrees of separation.

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