Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flag from Le Voyage dans La Lune: A Trip to the Moon 1902

In the first of first science fiction classics Le Voyage dans La Lune 1902, A Trip to the Moon.  A flag is present at the launching of a space vessel to the moon.  The flag is a vertical tri-bar of pink, yellow, and pink.

This film would stir the imaginations of generations born in the 1800s.  Little did they know that many who saw this film would live to see science fact follow in the wake of science fiction.  A year after the films official release the wright brothers would build a flying machine. And 67 years later mankind did indeed send a ship with men to the moon.

Earth Flag from Le Voyages dans la Lune 1902

This film was produced and directed under the creative genius of George Melies who accomplished a spectacular work with the limited means of his times.

In the closing sequence which predates 75 years plus, the Star Wars classic celebratory scene.  In the upper left hand corner we can see a varied collection of flags.

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