Monday, March 11, 2013

A Western Flag for the Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Snake

Two major zodiacs are known to the people of Earth.  The Western World follows a 12 Zodiac Totem that is tied to a lunar tempo calibrated to the solar cycle.  However in the East, a similar yet very different 12 paced Zodiac congruently follows a solar tempo yet is calibrated to a lunar cycle.  This is a great lucky stroke of balance between the East and the West.

The East typically adapts its culture to the West and has 'invented' symbols to represent the Western Zodiac.  In balance to this cultural equation it is high time for the West to reflect back the honor for the Eastern Zodiac.  Thus this represents Earth's Year of the Snake.

The colour green represents the earthy elemental of the snake.  The symbol is a stylized representation of a cobra.  It should intuitively indicate a serpent of sorts.  Currently we are in the Year of the Snake.

Click Here to see the Flag and Symbol for the Western Adaptation for the Year of the Horse which will be next year in 2014.

the magical form of the Snake is the Hyrdra

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