Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geographic Flags - States Flags with a Tennessee Tilt

 Geography is everything. Geography effects the economy, culture, and eventually the political situation.  Just ask anyone from Tennessee.

Thus these flags unite certain states that have a 'Tennessee Outlook.'  What I means, is that they match in geographic terms in similar manners to Tennessee.  By which, their southern counties are all on par with Africa.  It is a fact that most of the Southern Counties of North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are totally at the same latitude of Africa.  Legally speaking these southern counties see eye to eye with Africa and do not match in climate with the continental realm of Europe.  Yet none of the Tennessee Tilt states reach into the purely European Sphere of geography.  In a ways these states are the natural counter balance to states with a Virginia Tilt.

All the northern counties with Tennessee Tilts are on par at the narrow intercontinental gap where Africa and Europe are parallel - between 36 degrees north and 37 degrees and nearly a third somethin' north.

The Tennessee Tilt flags are based upon the state flag of Tennessee.  Tennessee is a state that was a most  divided by geography by east to west, north to south, and mountain to lower valley.  Tennessee folk understands how the lay of the land played a pivotal role in shaping the course of politics.  Just ask any Tennessee Student of History about the US Civil war and you'll get an in depth speech how the land spoke though the people, as to which sides their ancestors a been fightin' on. 

The Texas-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Tennessee like Texas is geographically speaking much like Africa when it comes to latitude. 

The Arkansas-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Also note that Arkansas is the 'fraternal twin of Tennessee.'  Both states have mountains and low valleys.  Also note during the US Civil war the more mountainous a county was in Arkansas the less likely to lean towards the Confederacy.  Since Arkansas goes a bit more Southern than Tennessee it had an equally much heavier pro-Confederate tilt.

The North Carolina-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Didja' ever notice Texas and North Carolina have similar flags?  And on top of that they both have Tennessee Tilts.  North Carolina Tilt don't sound so nice and a Carolina Tilt is too confusing since South Carolina is 100% all on par with the continent of Africa, and hases a total incapacity to see it geographically speaking like they do in Europe.

The Oklahoma-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Only the added colour of blue to cancel the sameness is in honor of Tennessee.  Also the red background harkens back to Oklahoma's original flag that was red with white at its center.  They changed it because it looked too commie-like.  Ironically just as the commies in Russia were keen on movin' people who were in the way of national objectives, many a Oklahoma family was forced to reside in this state at gunpoint.  Nonetheless Oklahoma and Tennessee are sisters of similar geography.

The New Mexico-Tennessee Tilt Flag

A nice blend of the New Mexico Flag with the flag of Tennessee.  It preserves the essential elements, yet looks like something thing entirely new.

The Arizona-Tennessee Tilt Flag
Finally the Arizona-Tennessee Tilt flag.  Although Arizona is a longs way off from Tennessee it certainly has a southern hitch abouts its self.

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  1. I just stumbled onto your site and wish to applaud your clever work. As an East Tennessean I have always believed our flag has particular merit in terms of its design.