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Love Boat Officer Emblem

Captain Merrill Stubing is perhaps the most enchanted captain from America's fantasia.  Captain Stubing sailed the Pacific Princess unto many voyages into the depths of the American Heart.

This was no ordinary voyage into regular space but rather to the many and varied and enchanted isles of love and emotion that the heart can get stuck or stranded upon.

There was something magical about the love boat cruses that put cupid and his buddies into overtime.

The emblem of the officers consisted of a semi-heraldic icon.  It is composed of a golden wreath along the supporter sides, a golden crown at the helm and in the center, a golden anchor at an angle upon a quartered X flag of white, red, yellow, and blue.

The Care Bear Mast Head Pennant

The mast head pennant is usually flown from the tallest sail point of a war ship.  But in the Care Bear's 1985  movie, this special war ensign was made a new into a caring ensign.  Although the Care Bear's originate in the imaginations of America Care Bear's are a non-partisan elite corps of non commissioned caring spirits that help kids from all nations and of all religions.  Whenever kids are in trouble they send unlimited beams of caring energy for kids who need it the most.  

 The mast head pennant of the Care Bears is pink and swallow tailed.  However it has a triangular cut out along the hoist.

Close up of the Care Bear mast head with most of the original Care Bears in company.  Note the empty hole near the hoist repeats the swallowtail fly end. 

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Flags for states with a "Missouri Middle Max" point of view

Missouri is the first state in the Union to be pan-geographic with respect to Africa and Europe. Missouri like several other states is parallel to both continental Africa and Europe with respect to geography.

The Missouri difference is that it crosses over beyond the intercontinental overlap of Africa and Europe. Thus Missouri has soil in both regions that are wholly European and wholly African. Two other states in the class of the Missouri Middle Maximum are - California and Nevada. Thus these states get Missouri Middle Max Flags.

 The essential element of a Missouri Middle Maximum flag is that it have the 24 starred ring of the Missouri State Flag, which is a number of wholeness since there are 24 hours in a day. So like a semi-famous Mr. Cooper A., Missouri Maximum States can see things from many - supposedly an all sides - points of view.

The Nevada Missouri Middle Max Flag
Nevada has more area on par with Europe but her southern counties are even to North Africa and Algeria.

 The California Missouri Middle Max Flag

California is the proverbial Yin and Yang State since it has the highest and lowest points of the United 48 States. Likewise she is balanced between Africa and Europe - LA being on par with Africa while San Francisco is on par with Europe. 

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Geographic Flags - States Flags with a Tennessee Tilt

 Geography is everything. Geography effects the economy, culture, and eventually the political situation.  Just ask anyone from Tennessee.

Thus these flags unite certain states that have a 'Tennessee Outlook.'  What I means, is that they match in geographic terms in similar manners to Tennessee.  By which, their southern counties are all on par with Africa.  It is a fact that most of the Southern Counties of North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are totally at the same latitude of Africa.  Legally speaking these southern counties see eye to eye with Africa and do not match in climate with the continental realm of Europe.  Yet none of the Tennessee Tilt states reach into the purely European Sphere of geography.  In a ways these states are the natural counter balance to states with a Virginia Tilt.

All the northern counties with Tennessee Tilts are on par at the narrow intercontinental gap where Africa and Europe are parallel - between 36 degrees north and 37 degrees and nearly a third somethin' north.

The Tennessee Tilt flags are based upon the state flag of Tennessee.  Tennessee is a state that was a most  divided by geography by east to west, north to south, and mountain to lower valley.  Tennessee folk understands how the lay of the land played a pivotal role in shaping the course of politics.  Just ask any Tennessee Student of History about the US Civil war and you'll get an in depth speech how the land spoke though the people, as to which sides their ancestors a been fightin' on. 

The Texas-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Tennessee like Texas is geographically speaking much like Africa when it comes to latitude. 

The Arkansas-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Also note that Arkansas is the 'fraternal twin of Tennessee.'  Both states have mountains and low valleys.  Also note during the US Civil war the more mountainous a county was in Arkansas the less likely to lean towards the Confederacy.  Since Arkansas goes a bit more Southern than Tennessee it had an equally much heavier pro-Confederate tilt.

The North Carolina-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Didja' ever notice Texas and North Carolina have similar flags?  And on top of that they both have Tennessee Tilts.  North Carolina Tilt don't sound so nice and a Carolina Tilt is too confusing since South Carolina is 100% all on par with the continent of Africa, and hases a total incapacity to see it geographically speaking like they do in Europe.

The Oklahoma-Tennessee Tilt Flag

Only the added colour of blue to cancel the sameness is in honor of Tennessee.  Also the red background harkens back to Oklahoma's original flag that was red with white at its center.  They changed it because it looked too commie-like.  Ironically just as the commies in Russia were keen on movin' people who were in the way of national objectives, many a Oklahoma family was forced to reside in this state at gunpoint.  Nonetheless Oklahoma and Tennessee are sisters of similar geography.

The New Mexico-Tennessee Tilt Flag

A nice blend of the New Mexico Flag with the flag of Tennessee.  It preserves the essential elements, yet looks like something thing entirely new.

The Arizona-Tennessee Tilt Flag
Finally the Arizona-Tennessee Tilt flag.  Although Arizona is a longs way off from Tennessee it certainly has a southern hitch abouts its self.

Geographic Flags - State Flags with a Virginia Tilt

 Six states in the Union have a  Virginia Tilt.  A Virginia Tilt means that they follows in a sense the climatic and geographic positions of ye' Virginia.

Virginia is geographically aligned in between the two great continents.  Virginia's northern counties are parallel to Europe only while her southern parts are parallel to North Africa.

Seven states, including Virginia, can legally claim to enjoy both 'hot African summer nights' and know 'a chilly winter's day as it is in Europe.' The design of the flag is based upon design of Jamaica and final design of the Confederacy with adjusted colours and style of the modern state flags. 

 The Kentucky-Virginia Tilt Flag

Kentucky is a near match in climate to Virginia.  The southern counties are on par with North Africa, while her northern counties match to Spain.

The Illinois-Virginia Tilt Flag

Believe it or not the southern part of Illinois is much like the South.  Some cities in Illinois are even more southern than Richmond, Virginia. No doubt General Washington would've found the southern tip of Illinois to be mosts like home.

Illinois also has the most northern reach of states with a Virginia Tilt.  Also, the northern part of Illinois is on par with Canada.  Illinois is of the proverbial middle states to know both the climate of Canada and the Confederacy.

 The Kansas-Virginia Tilt Flag

Yep, the southern counties of Kansas are on par with Algeria.  It's no wonder the original immigrants thought it was a desert.  But thanks to rain water and productive use of water Kansas is an American bread basket.

The Colorado-Virginia Tilt Flag

Just as the Atlas Mountains of Morocco pierce into the sky so do the Rockies of Colorado.  

 The Utah-Virginia Tilt Flag

Utah is the last state to have that semi-unique way of knowing with African and European climate, at least at high altitudes.

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The Colours of the South Pole

The South Pole Vexilloid is similar to the North Pole but with different colours and more stripes.  The South Pole is mostly black.  The next largest stripe is orange with a smaller yellow stripe below it and and even thinner red stripe above it with a small black space.  The colours of the South Pole were decided by the penguins.

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Flag of the Pacific Princess - The Love Boat

 In honor of Valentines Day 2013, here is an appropriate flag - the flag of the Pacific Princess.

This is a one a once in a lifetime television series that magnificently harmonized up comedy, drama, romance, and action all into one.  Offering up insights, ups and downs on the human heart.  It was the proverbial 'Sea Trek' of the human heart.

Hangs ups on love, life were a main stay on the Love Boat.  A classic series that rode the wave of drama in waves of absurd sitcom humor balanced with serious heartfelt footnotes.

Much of the charm rested in a diverse crew balanced with a healthy infusion of new stars minor and major.

Flag of the Pacific Princess featured the stylized outline of woman's head blowing in the breeze.  The colours of the flag were white, green and blue.  The background was white and the head was blue as was most of the hair.  Small dashed of green accentuated the hair.

The Love Boat was flagged under a red British Ensign. 

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US Flag with Powdered Toast Man

 Powdered Toast Man becomes the US President during one of Ren & Stimpy's episodes.  The US flag can be seen behind his desk in the oval office.  Additionally the coat of arms for this fictional cartoon land America features an unusual seal.
 Powdered Toast Man leaves shiny 1960s shimmering vapor trail that smells of fresh toast. Note that powdered toast is filled with vitamin F, that gives it that something extra.
Here the powdered Toast Man sits at the desk to ensure the rights of the people are overlooked.

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Matthew and Hunter Island Flag

Matthew and Hunter Island are in between France's Australia (New Caledonia) and Vanuatu.  Likewise its status is disputed.  Thus this flag includes the colours of France and the design of Vanuatu. 

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The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Flag - from Ren and Stimpy

 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Flag was featured in Ren & Stimpy.  The background is the popular green tartan.  In the center is red hockypuck like device with the yellow letters C, K, and Y.  Superimposed is a green letter R.  The letters stand for Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen.

Ren & Stimpy like the Pet Detective are from Canada.  The original artist, John Kricfalusi, who thought up these two loveable and refreshingly original characters is from Quebec. 

Here a close up of the flag.  Notice is has yellow English cross and the red hockey puck thing is crested with yak horns.  Along the bottom are two cross olive like branches of a lighter shade of green.

In this episode John K. shows struts his Canadian heritage, and many of the jokes in this episode are for Canadians rather than Americans. 

This cartoon was for children and adults.  The adult humour is not so obvious, yet the cartoony humour is on the spot.  Instead of repeating all the gags of yesteryear, John K. was able to effectively create something new that would influence the next generation of cartoon to some subsequently.

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The Royal Candian Kilted Yaksmen Flag - Black & White Version

In the episode of The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen of Ren and Stimpy.  A black and white real version of the flag appears in the title sequence.  It slightly differs from the coloured animated version seen in the episode.  The major difference is that in the b&w flag an outline of Yak can be seen with British Crown on the crest and the motto of the organization in the compartment upon a scroll.  To see the coloured animated version see the next post or click here.

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Heraldic Flags from Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry 1984

In the one thousandth, eight hundredth and eighty fourth year of our lord, the barriers of love bended and swirled, for love smashed the hardened chains of tradition.

Once a man shall find his lode star of love, may no force of reason or object of false reality hold him back.

Garnered by every cell and atom in his body, he shall follow their will and change his universe.

In the wake of love, love at its end and love from behind will follow.

Yes indeed we all applauded Sir Steve Perry on his journey to love!

For it is written that the good of purest heart of man will abandon all riches and lusts of power to behold the power of love.

As so was heralded in 1984 by the men of stain glass banners upon thy horn.

  Rather not think, better to feel the tender and powerful phoenix of love from within, than the external yearning for loves approval. 

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