Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flags from Man of Steel - 2013

Flags appear in the reboot of Superman Man of Steel 2013.  The state flag of Alaska briefly appears upon the 'masthead' of the fishing vessel along side the US flag.  The flags of the US and Canada also appear in the film.  The appearance of the Canadian flag is a tip of the hat to the original creators of Superman - brought us by a Canadian and American duet: Jerry Siegel of Ohio and Joe Shuster of Toronto.

Note the appearance of Canadian and US flags alongside each other.  It was an essential plot element of the movie, but accidentally honors the co-creators of Superman.  

The most unique flag explaining the 'Superman' Icon appears in the metallic virtua-chamber in the ancient yet advanced ship from Krypton.   Man of Steel digs deep in the American psyche and confronts face first the horrors of 9/11, patriotism, paranoia, and fear.  In the end, the theme of hope is presented as a universal force within the human race, allowing Superman to become a symbol and luminous beacon, radiating hope for the people of earth to follow.

Largest State in the Union Heritage Geographic Flags

 Before Alaska was the largest state in the Union, Texas was biggest and boldest.  Arguably Texas may still be the boldest but she ain't the biggest anymore.  Also note the basic design for the Largest Flag of a Geographic Group is based upon the state flag of Texas.

Even before Texas the title of the biggest state was held by Missouri.  Before Missouri, Virginia was the supersized state.  Before Virginia, Georgia was largest.  Before Georgia, Pennsylvania was the big boy.  And it all started with Delaware.

Delaware had a short five day sprint as the biggest state in the USA from December 7, 1787 until December 12, 1787.

Pennsylvania had a bit longer run for about three weeks from December 12, 1787 until January 2, 1788.

Georgia was the biggest state in the USA for half a year from January 2, 1788 until June 25, 1788. 

For 33 years from June 25, 1788 unto August 10, 1821 Virginia was the biggest kid on the block.  During Virginia's reign as the big chief of America, the first official Commander and Chief of the United States was coincidentally from Virginia - George Washington.  Furthermore when Virginia was the proverbial biggest big sister of America, she was also in charge most of the time under Virginian born presidents: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. Also note it was when Virginia was whole, before the US Civil War.

For a long 24 years Missouri was the biggest kid on the block from August 10, 1821 until December 29, 1845.  Unfortunately most people don't remember Missouri's role as the big man of America. Amazingly and coincidentally the state flag Missouri also has 24 stars, reflective of the 24 years when Missouri was Big Mo.

 Texas savored her 114 year reign as the big man on campus from December 29, 1845 until January 3, 1959.

Since Alaska is now the Big One of America, she gets fly this without any mark - you can see it here. But for Canada the unmarked version flag belongs to Nunavut, since April Fool's Day 1999, but its just a territory.   Ironically for Mexico this flag belongs to one of the most popular small dogs - the tiny Chihuahua , but in this case Chihuahua is the Alaska of Mexico by area.  For Russia this flag belongs to Sakha, sine its the biggest sub-federal subject of Russia. 

Most Northern State in the Union Geographic Heritage Flags

Before Alaska was the most northern state in the Union, Minnesota was King of the North.  Before Minnesota, Michigan was King.  Before Michigan, Maine was King.  Before Maine, Massachusetts was King.  Before Massachusetts, Pennsylvania was King.  And as always Delaware was the original King of the North.

For five golden days, Delaware was the most northerly state in the union from December 7, 1787 until December 12, 1787 - when her big northern cousin Pennsylvania took over.

For a nearly two months from December 12, 1787 until February 6, 1788, and for the first Christmas and New Year's of the American Government - Pennsylvania was America's North Star.

For about 32 years from February 6, 1788 until March 15, 1820 Massachusetts was King of the North.  She was unseated by her recently separated Siamese Twin - Maine.

 Maine reigned as Lord of the North for 17 years from March 15, 1820 until little brother Michigan cut ahead on January 26, 1837. 

Michigan was North King for a good 21 year run from January 26, 1837 until May 11, 1858 when big and tall Minnesota swept up the title.

For a cosmically balanced 101 years Minnesota was the Lord North of North of American States from May 11, 1858 until January 3, 1959.  In 1959 Alaska joined the club and took several titles away from several states including the tallest, biggest, most west, and most north.

Alaska has been the undisputed Cold King of the North for more than 52 years.  Since Alaska is still reining North King, the flag goes unmarked and looks like  this - here.  For Australia the state of Queensland has the rights to fly this flag.

Most Southern State in the Union Geographic Heritage Flags

Hawaii is the most southern state in the US as of now, but before then several other states were once Queen of the South.  Before Hawaii, Florida was Queen; before Florida, Louisiana was Queen; before Louisiana, Georgia was Queen; before Georgia, Delaware was the original Southern Queen of the South.

For nearly a month, 28 days, Delaware was the most southern state in the union from December 7, 1787 until January 2, 1788. 
For 24 years no state could limbo more southward than Georgia from January 2, 1788 until April 30, 1812, whence Louisiana lowered the bar just few more degrees.  
For 33 years Louisiana sat on the bottom southern seat of America from April 30, 1812 until she was unseated by Florida on March 30, 1845. 
For the longest time - 114 years - Florida became the most Southern State of America from March 30, 1845 until August 21, 1959. Hawaii slipped into that most southern of southern grooves, by hanging it extra loose.

There is no Hawaiian flag because Hawaii is the reining Queen of the South, so that flag flies clean without the numbers and letter.  You can see it here.  The same flag see there is also appropriate for Pele Point in Canada.

Most Western State in the USA - Heritage Geographic Flags

Right now the most western state in the union is Alaska, but before Alaska, eleven other states once held the title as Wise One of the West.  Going backwards before Alaska it was once Washington State, Oregon, California, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and finally Delaware.

From quick five days Delaware was the most western state from December 7, 1787 until December 12, 1787.

For three weeks the West Side Story of America was centered in Pennsylvania from December 12, 1787 until January 2, 1788. Thus the west coast was Lake Erie. How's that for a wierd fun fact?

Like a four year college Georgia was the most western state in the US from January 2, 1788 until June 1, 1792.

Like Georgia, Kentucky had a four year collegiate run as the first state to have the first west coastline.  And back then it was not upon the Pacific, rather France was across the body of water rather than Japan from June 1, 1792 until June 1, 1796.  In case you're wondering the 'coastline' was the Mississippi River.

Like amazing clockwork exactly four years after Kentucky was the most western state, Tennessee held the title of most western state from June 1, 1796 until April 30, 1812.

For 19 years Louisiana owned the West Coast Title of the USA from April 30, 1812 until August 10, 1821.

Just as Missouri has 24 stars, for 24 years Missouri was the Wise Man of the West from August 10, 1821 until December 29, 1845.

Texas was King of the West for relatively short 5 years from December 29,  1845 until September 9, 1850.

For 9 years from 9/9/1850 until Valentines day of 1859, California was truly at the western end of the United States of America - as the most western state in the entire union.

For a smooth 30 years from February 14, 1859 until November 11, 1889 Oregon was the Wise One of the West

For a full lifetime of 70 years, Washington State was the west end of America from November 11, 1889 until January 3, 1959.

Since Alaska is the most western state in the US, it gets to fly this flag without letters or dates - see it here.

Most Eastern US State Heritage Flags

Right now Maine is the most eastern state in the Union, but this was not always the case.  Five states once the held the title of The Most Eastern State in the Union.  These are heritage geographic flags that remind us who they were.  Since Maine is the reigning Early Bird of the East, there should be nothing written on the flag.  Click here to see it

For 32 years the Early Bird special was dominated by Massachusetts from February 6, 1788 until March 14, 1820.  In 1820 Maine subsequently took over this luck spot.

For almost a month from January 9, 1788 until February 6, 1788 Connecticut was the most easterly state in the union.

For the first official New Year's and Christmas of the American Government under President Elect Washington, New Jersey was the most Eastern State in the Union from December 18, 1787 until January 9, 1788. 

For a quick six days Pennsylvania was the most eastern state from December 12, 1787 until December 18, 1787.  She quickly lost the title to New Jersey.

For five golden days Delaware was the most Eastern State in the Union. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Heritage Geographic Flags for the once tallest states in the USA

Every 5th grader knows that the tallest point in America is Mt. McKinley in Alaska.  But this was not always the case.  Before the admission of Alaska, California was the tallest with Mt. Whitney.

Likewise before California, Texas was King of the Hill.  But it doesn't stop there. If you trace it backwards unto the Constitutional Era there are several states that missed out their bragging rights as the tallest of the tall. 
In total seven states were once proverbial reining Kings of the Hill, before Alaska.  Before Texas, North Carolina was the King of the Hill for 56 years with Mt. Mitchell from 1789 until 1845.  But that darn upstart Texas knocked North Carolina off the hill with Guadalupe Peak. Before North Carolina, New Hampshire was King of the Hill.

For more than a full official year from June 21, 1788 until November 21, 1789 New Hampshire was by providence the tallest state in the Union with Mt. Washington while a special Mr. Washington was the official first president of the United States.  And just in time for the first 4th of July under president Washington. 

Before New Hampshire, Georgia was King of the Hill with Brasstown Bald from January 2, 1788 until June 21, 1788.

Before Georgia, Pennsylvania was King of the Hill with Mt. Davis from December 12, 1787 until January 2, 1788.  Thus during the first Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Year's Day of the new American Government, Pennsylvania was the tallest state in the union.  Albeit a union of two.

And finally before Pennsylvania was King of the Hill, the first King of the Hill was Delaware at Ebright Azimuth.  From December 7, 1787 until December 12, 1787 for five days Delaware was the tallest state in the "United State of America."

Also note since Alaska is the reigning King of the Hill of the USA, its King of the Hill Flag is to be flown without anything written upon it.  Click here to see the unblemished Reigning King of the Hill Flag.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Other Flags and vexilloid like items from Gremlins - 1984

Christmas lights play a similar role to bunting and flags as a decoration that signals to a community the Spirit of Christmas is welcome to this house.  In Gremlins the Spirit of Christmas shined bright in the imaginations of the world.

Hard to see, is the Irish flag crossed with the American flag on a white license plate on the wall.  The US flag is on the left, the Irish on the right.

Although gremlins may be fictional, mean old grumpy powerful women willing shove others out of their way and stomp on humble clerks, tellers, and receptionists are real.  Here Mrs. Deagle plays the role of one of America's finest and real monsters* to roam the towns big and small of America.  
*Also note there are male versions of the monster, and they come in a  variety of colours and ages

Arcade Pennants from Gremlins 1984

A relatively short lived kind of vexilloid is in the background that advertises an electronic game cart arcade.  Just as penny arcades had their time in history so did the quarter 25 cent arcades of the 1980s. 

Video game carts appear in the film during the bar scene and after some of the Christmas gifts are opened.  It almost impossible to make out the games in the bar. But the 1980s home version of Donkey Kong can be seen with Stripe playing while his wing men fuzzy buds are hanging on.

After breaking the most deadly rule of feeding the Mogwai after midnight - they turn into unruly intelligent mischievous monsters.  Here they are playing the original Star Wars arcade game.

Bunting on the movies within the movies of Gremlins -1984

 Movies appearing in movies is an old gag, but sometimes it is an effective device helping reveal the story.  In Gremlins it was a key plot device.  Director Joe Dante takes this idea and warms up the audience with It's a Wonderful Life 1946.  By mere coincidence Holiday Season Bunting can be seen hanging from the store walls and windows.  Oddly George Baily, Jimmy Stewart, is counting his blessings and greeting the inanimate objects with a Christmas Cheer, as if they were alive.  Also note that vexilloids are often imbibed with spirit since people revere, worship, and sometimes talk to flags.In another scene Gismo is watching To Please a Lady - 1950.  Again bunting can be seen moving by the breezes in the stadium.  Although not so much a Christmas Classic, it subtly foreshadows an upcoming scene. Becoming a part of Christmas Classic in its own right within this film.