Saturday, December 8, 2012

Insiginia of Phoenix - Star Trek First Contact 1996

 Notice the Skylab Mission insignia
 along the wall
In The Star Trek - First Contact 1996 several original and official space insignia appear in the film.  During the bar meeting in Montana the crew of Star Trek meet of the soon to be legendary Zefram Cochran.  
You can also barely make out what is supposed to be a green wing of a phoenix on the side of the hull of ship when Data and Captain Picard make first hand contact with the Phoenix. 

 Here first officer Commander William Riker gazes at a primitive moon devoid of cities and bright lights. Since he is from the future, the moon is populated with visible cities and lights.  Thus a 'new moon' is no longer completely black in his time, rather city lights twinkle on the moon like a Christmas Tree, in his timeline.

Zefram with his ships insignia on his left shoulder. Zefram had no idea his ideas would have such deep impact upon the future.  In many ways were are the lucky-middle civilization that lives before 'first contact' and void understanding of the mysterious dominion of stars. 

The Phoenix was originally made to be nuclear missile but fate saw that it was to usher in a new age of peace for humanity and the cosmos.

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