Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ren and Stimpy with the American Flag

 Before the talking yellows sponge and wacky crab cake burgers, there was Ren and Stimpy.  Wacky doodle chuckles from the 1990s that recycled art from nearly every decade of the 1900s.  Wacky bulb noses from the 1930s, recycled and charmed art from the 1950s.  Ren and Stimpy became an iconic animated duo during the 1990s decade.

Ren and Stimpy go against the grain as best befriended friends of a cat and a dog.  The cat has the big blue nose while the dog has the long floppy ears.

The American Flag makes several appearances in the show.  On of the best examples is the 'banned' episode with Mr. Liquor who had pet fish that smoked.  A unique 35 starred flag with ten stripes is featured in this episode.

The red and white US stripes are also seen in the background when our amazing duo explore the outer reaches of space in zap nackered original parodies of Star Trek and other 1950s sci-fi.

In one introductory sequence they can be seen saluting the American Flag Planet, whose geography has been altered to look like a US Flag, or perhaps the planet has been covered with the a really really really really really large flag.

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