Monday, October 1, 2012

Pan Pacific Auditorium Flag Poles from Xanadu 1980

 Rolling in and opening up the spirit of the 1980s is the inspirational dance classic Xanadu.*  Of vexillological note is the Pan Pacific Auditorium.  Its 1920s art deco style shined all throughout the 1900s, and its grand final note was in a 1980s musical.

A key design of the building centered on very extravagant flag poles.  Usually flag poles are a few meters away from a building or hanging off the side.  But for the Pan Pacific Auditorium flag poles were melded into its architecture.

Inspired by the kiss of a Muse - Danny keeps being visited by a 'random' spark of creativity.  Here, the passion of creativity flows from his fingertips to the amazement of his surprised coworkers.  Have you ever been kissed by a muse?  Let it be known, you are reading the work of man who has.

In this picture a dream is under construction.  Really! Movies are like totally dreams come true.  Only the really good ones have a deep impact on our heart and inspire us.   

 Do dreams come true?  Sometimes, but first you have to believe.  Without that initial and faithful believing, no magic can happen.  And when the time is right, and when it comes from the right place, with enough patience, dedication, and hope they manifest.  

The Pan Pacific Auditorium with flags flying in its heyday. This building was first a dream in eye of man.  Then it came to life, and it became a hall of musical wonder all throught the 1900s, enchanting ears and hearts in Los Angeles.  But it fell unto ruin in the 1970s, but one last sparkle shined in the 1980s before it returned to the realm of dreams.**

**The Pan Pacific Building returned to fantasia in 1989 due to an out of control fire
*the movie that closes the 1980s see this link

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