Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989

The opus magnus key note that captures, closes, and yet opens the spirit of the 80's - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - 1989.

"Be excellent to each other," Bill S. Preston Esquire
"Party on" Theodore - Ted - Logan

Notice pennants and arms
Sandimus water park

The film centers on two fun lovin' high school students with big dreams. Their hearts are in the right place but their heads are way off the beaten path. But a glimmer of their destiny unfolds at the foot of the Circle K convenience store where past, present, and future collide. They are given a choice to go forward or be left behind - they choose to go forward and time travel hijinx is the result with historic proportions.

In Sandimus 1989 the US flag is flown with the Spanish flag

Ted and Bill are fated to unite the earth in peace and harmony so people-kind can get true meaningful contact between extraterrestrial and house hold pets. With their cosmic grooves the Nations stop fighting and people chill. But before any of that happens, the boys must pass their oral history report on great historic figures in the past.

The result - an out of sight gimme more input presentation and an A+. This shows that even the smallest seemingly most mundane of things can have great consequences.

Big hair, rocking music, and wild mind expansion on the learning historical front. History effects us all.

Is it so hard to be excellent to each other?

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