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Lesser Britain and the Isle of Man "Union Flag"


Lesser Britain ya' see?  Since much to do'aboot that Great Britain, there must'a beein a need far a flag of wee Lesser Britain.  Indeed, id possibul to combine a flagg for Cymru wit'tha flagg of Kernow an Ellan Vannin.  An win ya' do, here be what you getin!  
The flag of 'Lesser Britain' is composed of three flags: a Welsh Flag - St. David's Cross, a Cornish Flag - St. Piran's Flag and the flag for the Isle of Man - the Triskelion colours.   The yellow cross of St. David is fimbrated with the white cross of St. Piran's Flag.  The field of the Isle of Man's colours appear as a saltire. Also the colours of the triseklion are preserved yellow, white and black.  The spurs of the triseklion are yellow as is the undergarment visible at the back of the knee.  Likewise the armor is white with a black outline. 
St. David's Cross - Wales
The nation of  Wales is an essential part of the United Kingdom.  In fact Wales was the original part of the United Kingdom, almost 360 years before Scotland officially united the British Crown.  Historians unto this day always overlook the annexation of Wales as the first step in making the 'Original United Kingdom.'  Arguably the Welsh Kingdom united with England some 400 years before the Scotland was.  Finally, no aspect of any Welsh flag is included in the national Union Flag.  There have been modest attempts, but these feeble creations are laughable and treated with disdain or as a joke. 

Note the 'nation' of Wales has two flags - a heraldic and vexillologically 'good flag.' The heraldic flag has a red dragon on a field of white and green. The other flag is St. David's cross which matches in pattern to the flag of England but has a yellow cross on black.   Famous Welsh include C.S. Lewis, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones

St. Piran's Flag - Cornwall
An even smaller distinct part of the United Kingdom that was incorporated in Great Britain with a less than official function was the 'nation' of Cornwall.   The Cornish have a distinct language and culture of Celtic Origins.  The flag of Cornwall is similar to the lesser flag of Wales - St. David's Cross. Famous Cornish or rather 'Corny' people include the drummer of the rock band Queen, Captain William Bligh of the Bounty, and a discoverer of the planet Neptune - John Adams

Isle of Man's Flag
Finally a word about the Isle of Man.  In this flag it symbolically takes the place of Ireland as it does in the official title of "Great Britain and Northern Ireland." In a way the Isle of Man is the 'Lesser Ireland' so to speak.  Famous Manx people include the Bee Gees and Sarah Holland.

Finally some flag space for Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man.  Lesser or Less Britain is the natural counterbalance to the Great Britain.

Why a flag for "Lesser Britain?"   The flag of "Great Britain" only includes symbolism for the English, Scottish, and Irish.  So what about the Welsh, Cornish and Manxish?  Also note that lesser in this manner does not connote a negative meaning.  It's basically a play on 'Great Britain,' lest you never forget there have been many a great non-English, non-Scottish, and non-Irish Brits from Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man!

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 Flag of Less Britain
For the record this flag is only for the smaller nation like regional parts of Britain - a union flag of Wales and Cornwall without the Isle of Man.

pardon my fake Welsh Accent

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