Saturday, September 15, 2012

International Maritime Nautical Flag for Pi or 3.14

Flag for Pi or 3.14 equals this

Pi is the ratio of the Diameter to the Circumference.

Coincidentally this flag is made up of the numerical elements of the international nautical code that are reflective of Pi. The flag is based upon the flag for the number three which looks like a the French Flag for the whole number three. In the center of the white section is a red disc similar to design to the flag for the number one, which looks like the national flag for Japan. Finally within the red disc is white cross on red which represents the number four in interntional flag code - which is also like the flag of Denmark.

It makes both logical and illogical sense that the accepted flags for three, one, and four harmoniously align as a 'Good Flag' to represent Pi - 3.14 and coincidentally combined to show us a circle with a diameter that is accidentally cut into a shape of a four sliced pizza pie.

Also the international nautical flags for one, three, and four naturally express those numerical values. For there is one red dot on the flag for one. Three parts make up the flag for three and four can be found quarters for the flag of four.

It really is dumb luck (or amazing destiny) that any of the international number flags also have circles. Also note that France, Japan, and Denmark are natural international leaders of our free world and when working together, can solve problems on a multilateral front with a more rounded point of view.

I suppose a multilateral team of Korea, England, and the Netherlands would counterbalance the national team of Pi?

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