Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flags from Overboard 1987

Overboard is a classic 1980s romantic comedy for all classes of Americans from the middle to the extremely wealthy and the working poor. Starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, Overboard is the classic trading places movie with a strong stroke of humor and romance. Overboard is another heartwarming Valentines Day Essential, surely a remake is overdue.

Goldie Hawn stars as a snooty, high strung rich multimillion dollar heiress whose country club yacht makes a port of call in the country port of Elk Cove, Oregon for repairs. After a work dispute with a local she falls overboard and ends up with amnesia. She also ends up under the work detail of the carpenter she stiffed 600 dollars and whose tools she destroyed.

Jack of Joanna's Yacht

The jack of the yacht is a typical pennant shape. A red star sits on a white background with one horizontal blue stripe that divides the field at an angle.

City Badge of Elk Cove, Oregon

Elk Cove, Oregon is a fictional town as of 2012. Perhaps one will exist in the near future?

US Coast Guard Flag

The flag of the US Coast Guard makes an appearance, note that it's only flown on 'water' flag which has stripes that go up n' down rather than left to right.

US Flag with Kurt and Goldie
Overboard 1987

The story arc is two parts Cinderella, three cups of Groundhog Day, stirred with a sprinkle of Trading Places bitters, and baked with 1980s humor.

But in this version of America's 1980s Cinderella, a wicked spoiled 'witch' is humbled to find her own inner Cinderella.

Rich People Can be Heroes
when fate steps in

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