Monday, September 17, 2012

Five Ways to Demonstrate Pride through your Flag

Guest Blogger Today!
by Max Miller

When we see the flag, we are reminded of our country's abiding promise of freedom and liberty. We see the American flag in public places - on the flagpoles of schools and libraries - and those are great places for their prominence. Some of us have a holder on our front porches in which we display the flag on special occasions, such as Flag Day, the Fourth of July, and every four years on Election Day. The problem is that the flag is not always displayed in a manner that best expresses that freedom through imaginative new demonstrations.

There are more ways to exhibit pride in our country through the American flag than just the usual displays. The following are five unusual new ways to consider using the flag to demonstrate pride:

1. Create a prominence for the flag in your front yard
Why limit the visibility of the flag to your front porch when your whole neighborhood can see it on any given day? Building or purchasing a pole for your front yard is not as expensive or as time consuming as one would think. It can also be ringed by cement or a grouping of stones that you can purchase from your local hardware store. Get the flag up higher and you can even purchase a larger flag to express your neighborhood's patriotism.

2. One word - bunting
When we think of bunting, we think of the World Series. That is because the World Series is one of the few traditions left for bunting. Did you know that bunting was once the most frequent use of the flag in this country? Homes with large porches used bunting to cover the faces of the porch, and this included the homes of Presidents. Bunting is a way to decorate the exterior faces of your home without soiling or improperly using the traditional flag.

3. Indoor display
Why limit the flag to outdoor use? The flag can be on display in your home with dignity and respect. We sometimes put sports memorabilia and art in places of distinction; why not the American flag? The flag can be on display on your wall, as long as it is not pinned or stuck to the face of the wall. Using nice mounted clips is one idea for allowing the flag to hang freely without sticking to the wall. If you have a high ceiling, the flag may also hang from a holder in the beams above doorways or exposed areas.

4. Take the flag with you
You can display the flag from the open bed of a truck as long as it is securely fastened to a pole and not making contact with the truck. The flag will then flap in the breeze as you drive to your destination. Just ensure that you don't drive so fast that it would become detached and fall to the ground.

5. More is better
Why limit yourself to just one flag? There are no limits to the amount of flags, large or small, that you can put on display. A number of smaller flags, placed equidistantly along the walkway to your door for instance, would prominently display your pride in your country.

Don't limit the American flag to ordinary uses; use your imagination to craft dynamic, new, and prominent displays for the symbol of our liberty. Always follow flag etiquette and never allow the flag to be soiled. It should always be displayed in a manner that demonstrates respect.

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