Saturday, September 1, 2012

California Republic Flag with a Chinese Twist

The Chinofornia Republic California Heritage Flag

Instead of a grizzly bear we have a panda. Likewise the red star has gone yellow in the wake of a Red China Star field.

The origin of Yin and Yang ideas stem from China. Yin and Yang deal with that seemingly almost ever where notion of things popping up in pairs. For example there is male/female, up/down, left/right, charm/strange, sun/moon, electron/positron, etc...

Thus is makes perfect sense that there be two China's perpetually polarized to each other. The other China is an island in the Pacific Ocean - Taiwan, also known as Formosa.

Since it is much smaller than mainland China it gets the more petite red panda instead of the Giant Panda. Biologically speaking according to Fundamental Biologinistas the red panda is not really a panda. However from cultural point of view it is a bona fide panda, period

Taicaliforniawan Republic California Heritage Flag
the yin outsider nerd china

On a political side note, it was probably a good thing for the United States that continental China went RED in the 1950s.

Otherwise the Chinese Economy would have already overtaken the world and the US with it? Basically Communism slowed down the economic engine of China.

The Red China really was a proverbial blessing in disguise, for the West and United States that is.

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