Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Flag in the Mars Attacks - Card #49 The Earthmen Charge

Long before the Garbage Pail kids there was a bubble gum trading card series known as Mars Attacks from 1962 - the year the United States launched a man into orbit one year after the Soviet Union.

Earthmen Tank Flag - Mars Attacks 1962

On card number 49 a small flag can be seen on the counter attack of humans upon the Martian home world. The flag is barely noticeable on the Earthmen Tank. It is a red and black horizontal tri-bar pennant - with black in the middle.

The artwork is a mix of war time WWII meshed to the early space age 1960s.

The Back Side of the Card

Here is the other side of the card with story explanation. This unique format of a 'book' revealed by trading cards made it like an archeological game where bits and pieces of the story came to the readers in a non-linear fashion. This type of 'trading card book' with a strong focus on art is a rare type of media. Considered not a comic book but yet a cherished media that stirred the imaginations of many a American Children.

Wondrously it is attached to Solarian Heritage. Solarian is an all inclusive politically correct term for beings native the 'Terran/Sun' system.' Thus persons from the Moon, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Deimos, Phobos or Mercury are all considered 'Solarian' yet differ by native planet such as Lunatic (considered an insult on Earth), Earthling, Martain, Cerisian, Deimonite, Phobo or Mercurite.

This series of cards will certainly become priceless artifacts of 'Martian Heritage' when 'humans/cyborgs' from earth successfully colonize Mars in the next 200 years - maybe in the year 2222. Certainly in the next 50 years people will have 'cell phones' directly implanted in their skulls.

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