Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Daily Planet Flag from Superman II

The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet
is a fictional news agency in the DC Comics Universe. It is where Superman meets Lois Lane.

In Superman II 1980 the flag of the Daily Planet can be seen.

The Daily Planet Flag
Superman II 1980

The flag of the Daily Planet is composed of four colours - navy blue, white, light blue and brownish orange. The background is navy blue and a geographic globe of the earth is at the center. Around the earth is the name of of the newspaper 'The Daily Planet' with seven white stars nearer the bottom.

In the 1980s news still had a hardline professional element - as things of great importance were printed in black and white. The 1980s was the final heyday for newspapers - since the internet was still a loose network or hardcore gamers and government agencies.

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