Friday, August 24, 2012

Nebraska Flag in Starman 1984

Nebraska Flag
blurred in the background of the Truck Stop

Starman 1984 was science-fiction romance akin to a mature version of E.T. This film starred Jeff Bridges as the 'starman' who comes to earth at human request for greater understanding yet is treated with fear, paranoia, and as a prize by government officials.

The only state flag to make an appearance in Starman is Nebraska at BOWDARKS BUS STOP. Although its cameo is short and very blurry. Without a doubt it is one flag well known to Nebraska officials.

Mansfield Nebraska Police Badge

notice Nebraska state emblem

Nebraska is something of a junction in American Consciousness. Most people were passing through to get to the West Coast - likewise in Starman the visitor from beyond Earth passes through Nebraska on a west bound destination.

But little do most people know, that many of the yummies that fills their tummies come from Nebraska. If Kansas is the Heart of America, then Nebraska is the All American Tummy. If you can make Nebraskans happy you're basically 'rubbing the tummy' America. And if you do it well, the USA will roll over and waggle its legs.

Scene at Bowdarks
just the lower corner of Nebraska's flag is visible

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