Friday, August 31, 2012

In honor of the 2012 Blue Moon - The Blue Moon of Iraq Flag

Blue Moon Iraqi Flag

In 2004 a US government in conjunction with the Iraqi Occupational forces decided that Iraq need a new flag. It was sorely rejected by Iraqis for several reasons. It was unpopular since had an remarkable similarity to the flag of Israel. It purposely broke away from the traditional pan-Arab colours of red, green, black.

Nonetheless it a short lived blue crescent moon. It is in effect a kind of American Battle Flag for Iraq, now forlorn like many other flags that have lost the war.

It does bring up the question why there are no modern flags with blue crescent moons on it? There are many flag repeats many times over, but no flags with blue moons! Did you ever wonder why? Yes there are a few in history, but none on the modern day flags of the now in 2012.

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