Friday, August 24, 2012

Flags and Emblems in Starman 1984

Flags at the UN on the Voyager Probe
Starman 1984

Starman was cosmic romance between an Earthling woman and a 'male' alien who took the corporal form of her dead husband. Very strange indeed, but in the tradition of Star Trek this film is very much a social commentary on the human condition and human heart.

Wide Load Flag
Starman 1984

The orange automotive wide load flag is often overlooked as flag. But it is an important communicative flag. Not a red flag to symbolize social revolution, but a reddish flag of warning.

Orange Wideload Flag
Starman 1984

The wide load flag appearing behind the 'Starman' played by Jeff Bridges. The show would touch many hearts in America and even spawn off a short lived television series. The Starman TV show apparently took place in a parallel dimension relative to the original movie.

North Carolina Tar Heels School Pennant
Starman 1984

Here our heroes spend some time at a Holiday Inn in Nebraska. Apparently the Tar Heels from North Carolina have just stuck it to Nebraska.

Native American Flags
Starman 1984

Notice the Native American vexilloid at the Arizona gift shop near the famous Barringer crater near Winslow, Arizona. It was 50,000 years ago that this cosmic landmark was made upon the Earth. But in 1984 it became a temporary home for Hollywood movie makers.

Arizona Police Badge
Starman 1984

The police badge of the Arizona troopers is reflective of the state flag.

US Flag
painted on a bus

The US flag appears on the side of a bus during the Starman's encounter with some Arrogant American Bozos.

76ers Emblem
Starman 1984

The emblem of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team makes a quick cameo in Starman 1984. The Sixers are dodging the bullet rather effectively. Eleven years later the Washington, Bullets would change their name to the Washington, Wizards in 1995 due to the association of bullets with gun violence.

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