Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christmas in August, anyone?

It's the 25th again - the 25th of August. And it's time for some holiday cheer, without the shopping frenzy and rizzile-razzle. The flags featured in this post come from 1994 in the Holiday Christmas Classic starring Tim Allen - The Santa Clause.

Santa at a Soccer Game
The Santa Clause 1994

The kids intuitively know that Santa is at the game but the adults have trouble believing. In the background behind mom is a red soccer boundary flag.

Lakeside Police Arms
The Santa Clause 1994

The police are seem to have trouble believing in Santa but after seeing they start believing.

The Santa Clause 1994

The E.L.F.S. are an elite squad of elfs with rocket backpacks.  They are called into service whenever Santa gets in trouble. Here they have come to Lakeside, USA to rescue Santa with a jail brake.

The E.L.F.S. badge features a golden sleigh facing dexter on red with three golden stars above it.

Santa's Workshop
The Santa Clause 1994

Like most ships, bars, and some restaurants naval signal flags are present. The letters M, H, N, T, and 7 are visible.

US flag in the Santa Clause 1994

The US flag appears in the Santa Clause when the police are called on to look for Charlie Calvin.

Finally, as it was once said to strangers in the 20th, 19th, 18th, and 17th centuries in America - "Merry Christmas!"

I know it's August but hey it's the 25th and that's the perfect excuse to spread some Christmas Cheer.

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