Monday, August 6, 2012

Smallville Pennants from Superman III - 1983

Superman III
notice the Smallville Pennants

Perhaps the most unique flag in Superman III is the Smallville Pennant. The livery of Smallville are maroon and gold. During the class reunion Clark Kent helps his old high school crush Lana clean up afterwards.

Superman III 1983
Smallville Pennant

Who knew the humble and generous Clark Kent would grow up to be such a stellar person? Clark didn't even know himself who or what he was until after high school.

Clark Kent had the capacity to become a super star athlete but his wise parents knew this would lead to no good and would be a waste of his extra ordinary talents.

Richard Pryor next to Smallville Pennant
Superman III - 1983

The makers of Superman III were keenly aware that computers can be used for good, profit and stealing - especially from within. Here Gus Gorman is hacking into Websco Company - nearly a decade before the 'web' became a household word.

Smallville Baseball Pennant
Superman III - 1983

Smallville apparently supports its own small time baseball league. Here Lana in calling from a wall phone and on the kitchen wall is a Smallville baseball pennant.

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