Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Washington Territory-State Heritage Flags

State Flag of Washington State & Territorial Seal

Washington Territory existed from 1853 unto 1889. Up until 1863 several future states made up parts of this territory - Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. They were united with Washington Territory for different amounts of time.

Nonetheless since all have a common Washington Territorial Heritage - here are Washington Territory Heritage flags that honor of their time in the 'Washington-Womb' so to speak. These flags are to be flown over land that was once Washington Territory - so only the western Pacific waster-shed of Montana, a small northwestern corner of Wyoming, and anywhere in Idaho.

Idaho-Washington Territory Heritage Flag
The Idawashingho Flag

For a decade northern pan-handle of Idaho was one with Washington, from 1853 to 1863. The lower part of Idaho or rather 'just the plain pan' joined a little later in 1859. Reason being, Oregon became a state and gave her left overs to Washington Territory.

Southern Idaho has four years of Washington Territory Heritage, while Northern Idaho has ten years . Think of it like this - the panhandle of Idaho earned a PhD. in 'Washington Territory Studies' while 'just the plain pan' of Idaho only earned a Bachelor Degree from 'Washington Territory U.'

The of seals of Washington Territory and Idaho mix due to common history. The man on plow with horse is missing and the big tree is replaced with the 'territorial' cabin trees.

The Montana-Washintonton Terriotry Heritage
The Washontana Flag

Only the western side of Montana has Washington Territory Heritage and like Idaho it lasted ten years. But the nose tip of Montana came late, like southern Idaho.

Again the seals merge with a 'territorial' lady in pink and the word's 'AL KI' which is an Native American word for 'By & By.' She is also facing east towards Montana.

Wyoming-Washington Territory Heritage Flag
The Wyoshimington Flag

For four years a small eastern triangular section of Wyoming was a part of Washington Territory.

The central seal of Wyoming is completely replaced with the Washington Territorial Seal.

Washington Territorial Seal Source

PS Isn't it fun to jumble up the state names - if feels so funky!

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