Tuesday, July 17, 2012

US flag in Top Gun 1986

The US flag makes several appearances in the movie Top Gun 1986. In 1986 the Cold War was on and Soviet Union was running into a karmic blood bath in Afghanistan - a karmic boomerang that returned due to the covert reversal of war tactics from Vietnam.

US flag painted on wall
Top Gun Students in the lecture room

The composition of this picture seems like an artificial pose as if they are standing still - like a painting? Although scripted this still shot captures a natural flow stuck in a patriotic American pose.

Notice that each person is facing a different direction, which reflects the aspect that a good fighter pilot must be aware of all the spaces around his aircraft.

US flag on the beach hill

Odd that Maverick would look back directly into the camera breaking the ultimate role of movie acting. But so effective - in a trans-dimensional way he is looking look to the now of 2012 from 1986.

Gooses' little kid with US flag
At the Fighter Pilot Bar

Yes son, a fighter plane is basically a flying gun with lots of buttons.

Graduation Day for Top Gun Pilots with US Flag

Although not voted the best, his cohorts know that Maverick deserved to be 'TOP GUN,' but issues held him back.

Maverick with Rebel Stripes behind him

A rebel with original rebel stripes.

US Flag on the USS Enterprise

During WWII USS Enterprise fought the Japanese Imperial Navy at Midway in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

And yes, the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry was a fighter pilot during the most epic of world history battles. Additionally 'Scotty' got one of his middle fingers shot off while fighting the Nazis.

US Flag in Hangar
notice extra sub-unit flags hanging off the bottom

USA, USA, USA! And one to grow on USA!

Close up of US flag with Mini Flags

If you know that these flags are please post it here, and let us know!

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