Thursday, July 12, 2012

State Michigan Territory Heritage Flags 1805-1837

Michigan State Flag

From 1805 unto 1837 Michigan Territory ruled over sections of the other states from time to time.

Michigan Territory was originally split off of Indiana Territory but only consisted of a big peninsula and a wee portion of the upper peninsula. But in 1818 Michigan Territory expanded over what was to become all of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the eastern half of both Dakotas

In honor of that connection to Michigan, here are Michigan Territory Heritage flags that are to be flown. But only over the eastern side of North Dakota and South Dakota.

North Dakota-Michigan Heritage Flag
The North Michikota Flag

For 19 years east North Dakota was schooled by Michigan Territory.

South Dakota-Michigan Heritage Flag
The South Michikota Flag

Eastern South Dakota was also in the womb of Michigan for 19 years.

Iowa-Michigan Heritage Flag
The Iowichigan Flag

Like a college - Iowa developed for 19 years under the tutelage of Michigan.

Wisconsin-Michigan Heritage Flag
The Miwisaconchigan Flag

Wisconsin like all of her neighbors belongs the 'Michigan Territory Alumni Association.' Whereby by courts of law, land deeds, deaths, marriages, and births all took place under 'Michigan' law.

Yellow was chosen for two reasons. First it can already be found on the Wisconsin Shield. Secondly it is the most popular colour for cheese.

Minnesota-Michigan Heritage Flag
The Minnechigota Flag

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