Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spingfield Township, Pennsylvania Montgomery County Flag

USA - Top Flag
Springfield Township - Middle Flag
Tree City USA - Bottom Flag

Three flags appear in this photograph. The upper is the federal flag of the United States of America. The lowest flag is the US Tree City Flag. And most uniquely in the middle is the Flag of Springfield Township, Pennsylvania of Montgomery County.

Montgomery County was originally a part of Philadelphia County - but as the American Revolution started it was separated from the 'original revolutionary' capital of 1776.

The flag of Springfield Township, Montgomery County Pennsylvania is a horizontal tri-bar with two shades of blue. The fly and hoist fields are cyan blue while the central field is indigo blue. In the central position is a township seal.

Here is the Springfield Township Police HQ. It is next to the township library and firehouse. Most people are aware of the state and county government, but township and municipality geographic knowledge is usually overlooked. Basically townships are like mini-states of the county.

It can get confusing but the level below county often has cultural borders and different orders of communities. In the rural country it is not so pronounced, but in suburban communities that form around a city with a rich financial center and skid row ghetto, suburban township cultural variability can be remarkable.

Crossing over a township line in lower Montgomery County, PA is often like crossing an international border in the pace and type of culture. But my experience in Springfield Township, PA has been rather magical. There must be something positive and charming in the water?

Close up of Springfield Township

A close up of Springfield Township, it features a shield with two hands shaking in the chief. The lower portion is divided in half with a sheaf of wheat on the left and a shovel and pick axe on the right. The shield of arms rests on a tree with a ray of sun beams is bloom, via the lines. The date 1681 appears by the trunk and is cut in middle by it. Around the central seal is a ring where it is written "SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP" on the upper half and "Montgomery County, Pennsylvania" on the lower half, with two acorns acting as dividers near the horizontal middle.

Rumor has it the great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather of Bart Simpson, Mart Simpson, was in the Philadelphia Militia. But when a mule kicked him in the head - he thought was in Indian and ran off into the forest jabbering about sunk meat. Apparently a Mart Simpson was raised by one of the local tribes.

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