Friday, July 6, 2012

South Carolina State Heritage Flags

Flag of South Carolina

The following flags are based upon a mesh of various states with the theme of South Carolina. Soon after independence South Carolina like most of the other colonies laid claim to lands west to the Mississippi River. Back then it seemed a tiny sliver of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi was gonna' be a part of South Carolina.

At least until 1787 - during USA version 1.0 under the Articles of Confederation. After 1787 South Carolina learned to make due with her relatively small size.

So in honor of the short period from 1776 unto 1787, when SC had a western claim, I have created state history heritage flags for states that have become a forlorn twinkle in South Carolina's eyes. These flags are to be flown over the parts of the modern day states that should'a went to South Carolina, but didn't.

Georgia-South Carolina Heritage Flag
The South Carolorgia Flag

The northern crown of Georgia once belonged to South Carolina. But since all the original 13 colonies were giving up their Mississippi shore front, South Carolina had to follow suit. One for all and all for one? Or is it monkey do monkey see?

Mississippi-South Carolina Heritage Flag
The South Carolississppi Flag

Back in the 1780s, South Carolina was fixin' for an international border. Only if, if alternate forks of history were to'a of been done.

Some people even say you still hears ol' South Carolina prospector ghosts walking around the tippy top northern portion of Mississippi.

Tennessee-South Carolina Heritage Flag
The South Carolinessee Flag

Just'a wee nibbly spickle and speckle of southern Tennessee were'on track to be parts of South Carolina.

Alabama-South Carolina Flag
The South Carolabama Flag

The crescent moon and pine tree were doubled in that fancy Nancy heraldic like fashion to keep it balanced.

Map Credit SOURCE
Kmusser, between 1782 and 1802 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

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