Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Overalls & Jeans Pants Flags - My Little Pony & Steven Colbert

My Little Pony
Witches Jeans Pennant

Jeans have often appeared as flags in art as jokes and by accident. In the original My Little Pony a pair of paints flies on the main mast of the witches boat upon a sea of smooze. Smooze is a semi-sentient purple substance that feeds off of negativity, jealously, and fear. Here the smooze has been summoned by the witches in the volcano to attack the Little Ponies Dream Castle.

Steven Colbert with Overalls Flag

Here Steven Colbert's art department has made a pun on the overalls as being a flag. The neat coincidence is that both Steven Colbert and the mean witches in My Little Pony often summon up negativity against their enemies - cute ponies and some times cute donkey democrats.

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