Saturday, July 14, 2012

International Maritime Signal Flags in Back to School 1986

Thorton Mellon
Back to School 1986

Rodney Dangerfield is singing Twist and Shout on stage in front of an anchor light. Coincidentally Ferris Bueller's Day Off used this song as well. And both movies were released two days a part. Isn't it odd when Hollywood movies do that?

During this scene, international maritime signal flags are shown. These flags are often popular decorations, especially at bars that have any kind of maritime clientele.

Maritime Signal Flag
Back to School 1986

Along the upper archway are international maritime signal flags. Starting from the flag that looks like France it spells out "T-O-E-7-U-U-T-O-E-7-U." Apparently these flags are mere decorations rather that attempting to say something.

Maritime Flag for 'S'
Back to School 1986

Here Chas Osborne with a 'sister' at the bar sit in front of the maritime coded flag 'S.' Chases' little Greek sister is making a face because beer has spilled on her during the fight.

Flag for 'Yankee' or Y & other school pennants
Back to School 1986

Behind Rodney Dangerfield's head is a yellow and red diagonally striped flag. It stands for the letter 'Y' more commonly known as 'Yankee' in flag code.

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