Thursday, July 12, 2012

Indiana Territory State Heritage Flags

Indiana State Flag

Indiana Territory existed for 16 years from 1800 unto 1816. Although Indiana is a small state, Indiana is an older brother to Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In honor of that time period when those states were ruled by 'Indiana before graduation' - here are a few Indiana Territory Heritage Flags. They combine elements of the elegant Indiana State flag with the other states.

Illinois-Indiana Heritage Flag
The Illindianois Flag

For nine years from 1800 unto 1809 Illinois was 'schooled' about the American Way from Indiana. Although Indiana may be smaller than Illinois, Indiana is the classic familial oxymoron - the little big brother through Illinois' eyes.

Wisconsin-Indiana Heritage Flag
The Wiscindiana Flag

Wisconsin is also a part of the 'Indiana Territory Alumni Association.' But Wisconsin was in closer social status to big brother Illinois. They went their own way in 1809. In 1809 they formed their own territory - Illinois Territory. Wisconsin was basically a chip off of Illinois's shoulder.

Minnesota-Indiana Heritage Flag
The Minnesodiana Flag

Only the north-eastern portion of Minnesota was able to hang out with Indiana Territory. Thus only those parts of Minnesota can fly this flag. With regard to the twin cities - St. Paul can fly this flag but Minneapolis can not. Minneapolis didn't do the 'Indiana Territory U' - so to speak.

Michigan-Indiana Heritage Flag
The Indamichigana Flag

Michigan oddly has two Indiana Heritage histories that fracture in 1805 and merges in 1816. After Ohio became a state in 1803 all of Michigan fell into cahoots with Indiana.

But in 1805 the lower peninsula skipped out on 'Indiana Learnin.'

The upper peninsula of Michigan mostly continued to be 'Indiana's Bud' except for the very tip. Basically the part of the upper peninsula of Michigan that is due north Indiana didn't ditch Indiana and stayed for Indiana's graduation.

In 1816, Indiana 'graduated' to become the 19th state of the USA.


  1. imaginative flags - it is interesting to note that the state of indiana had no official flag until after its centennial in 1916 when paul hadley of moorseville won a contest to design one.